Saturday, January 30, 2010

..surprising yet pleasant news..

today is saturday
as usual i woke up at 1100 (anak dara ape ni?! kul 11 bru bangun!)
i actually re-set my alarm for 0930 after subuh
i got up at 0930
but only to turn off the alarm

anyhow, i did nothing today
just watching some kat-tun videos
and downloading some more

around the evening
i decided to play around with my phone
it means i call people up
from there i learn

my brother took my sis-in-law, and my sisters (omit kaklang coz she's in usm) to karaoke!!! omg, so sabishii la~ i felt so left out~ it's so so so so tak aci!! if i knew, i would gone back to kl this week~

kaklang watched Lu Pikir La Sendiri The Movie for the Tayangan Amal and she said it's not even worth it~ i was beginning to feel sorry for her time lost but she was also on her way to pizza hut for dinner!! pizza?! and here i am fighting the urge to eat luxuriously~
ngu nguu~

i thought the world could not be any crueler....
*cruel as a matter of speech ok~ don't go over emotional for my retort*

guess again




*this is actually a very very happy news*




*meniru teaser wani*

hee~ i called kak kilah~
it's been a while since our last updates~ it was so refreshing to talk to her! i miss her so badly! and so we chat~ talk bout her baby khalif who's now 7 months old~ talk bout her motherhood~ bla bla bla~ you know what happen when girlfrens talks~~
then she said
"ime bile nak kawen? kak kilah da nak msuk anak kedua dah ni"
did i hear correctly?!!
"kak kilah nk msuk 2 dah ke?!! da bape bulan?"
"ha'ah~ baru 2 bulan camtu"

Oh My One Piece!!! (terkejut versi otaku)
*One Piece ialah manga karya Oda Eichirou sensei yg sangat best!!*
yeah, i heard her right

*happy mode on!*
*i bet it turn your happy mode on too! for those yg knal kak kilah that is~*
yeah! kak kilah is pregnant! her second!! and here i am still no progress in that section!! gyabon~!!!
pastu sempat perli kate nnt dtg my majlis bwk 5 anak~ aiya~
walopun ultra jealous with you
i'm also sooooooo happy for you!!! want to see you badly!!
camner nih~~
ngu ngu nguu~~

think bout that later

..Diet Day 16..

2 packet neslo in one mug
*memula nk amek sepaket je tp nnt air kne setengah mug~tak puas~hee*
2 packet oat biscuit
2 limau kechiks
1 ferrero rocher
extra note: guess total calorie for my lucnh~ its over 500~ dasat kan!~ i actually check the nutrition facts td, sepaket oat biskut 110kcal and sepaket neslo 124kcal~ i dun know bout limau kechiks tp i ate chocs some more~ nguu~

after asar prayer i exercised for 30 mins
i tried shuffling
and later regret it
sebab now my knee da bertambah painful
ngu nguu~

1 packet oat biscuit
1 apple
*to balance my over lunch*

estimation of clear water intake:
i'm not sure tp maybe da 7 mug~ tp nape sy haus lagi? nguu~

..Vocab Checku Shite..
ichi - one
nii - two
san - three
sabishii - lonely
sensei - teacher or name suffix for respective people

Friday, January 29, 2010

..mood: unknown..

today is my last day working as KKA's draughter
but i was so busy
i didn't had time to leave properly
no goodbyes, no thank yous, nothing
which makes me sad
and i didn't manage to get a picture with scott
i actually had borrowed diyla's phone before i depart to his room
but as i got there i only gave him the stuff he requested and said nothing
i didn't have the courage to ask
now i felt dumb
gambar je kot, tu pon nk takot!!
and disappointed
i don't wanna be a coward no more
no more hime!!!! no more!!!!

..Diet Day 15..

2 packet of instant nescafe in one mug
2 packet of oat biscuit
*biskut senang nk makan, tayah sesusah nk prepar, bukak n kunyah~ ^^*
tak sempat eksesais
tapi tak rase rugi pon
truskan membace...
hari ni di ofis:
gots lots of stuff to plot
got to see lots of people
so the whole morning i was running around
to the plotter
squatting and getting up for countless of times
*there goes my calories ^^*

1 ekor ikan smilang goreng
1 hiris ikan tenggiri masak asam pedas
sejemput sambal sotong
selonggok taugeh goreng campur
sedikit lauk labu
sedikit cabai
*saye tau makan byk sgt ni~ ikan smpai 2~ tp sbnarnye tak prasan ade ikan smilang~
lpas amek tenggiri tu bru prasan~ and~~ baiklah, sy tak patut bg alasan~
da telan da pon~ kuu~~*
teh tarik

sekembalinye ke ofis:
still got stuff to plot
but not as much
but it makes my mood down
since i didn't have time to amend drawings
dok plot je keje
*i'm not a plotter!! i'm a draughter!!!*
at 1600 trus malas dah
stop layan acad and main origami
da siap wat kura-kura, kami ke surau
and eksesais bersame same
as we got home
sedang sy bersandar kat krusi dlm bilik
diyla came and said jom berpeluh
exercise for about 15 minutes

1 epal
*since td da makan byk gile, tdoay tak mkn cokelat*

estimation of water intake:
5 mugs~ gonna take 6 mugs je rini since da minum nescafe ngan teh ais
*wani, u shud tell me earlier!!! skg tpakse kuarkan water fat ini~~ kuu~~*

Thursday, January 28, 2010

..queries and queries and queries..

it's been 13 days of my dieting
though since i dun have a scale
i am very much thinking that my weight hadn't decrease at all
but wani and diyla told me to have faith
i trust you guys
keeping my finger crossed

i've been extra-cute for a long time
lots of people had suggested diet so many times
and all of them seems to have their own idea
sgt bercambah2 that i make my own diet recipe
but it's time to clarify things
since i got wani observation
hee hee
*mempergunakan wani cepat!
yah! yah! yah!*

here goes

..Query 1 : Water Intake..
drink lots of water akan tgkatkan metabolisma badan
so that de akan burn fat
but what kind of water?
if i drink 8 mugs of varieties of air manis (cth mcm nescafe, fresh oren, sirap ke)
is that enough? or do i have to drink clear water also?

..Query 2 : Food Intake..
i just learn that it's better to take small portion meal repeatedly
than have 3 main meal
so that metabolisme trus steady membakar
question, how often shoud i eat then?
what should i eat?

..Query 3 : Workout..
my sister in law kate for extra-cuters like me
i have to loosen up the weight first b4 work outs
means kurang makan etc
if not all the exercise will turn the fat into muscle instead
should i lessen my routine?

..Query 4 : Girdle..
ok, this might be new to you wani
i wear my kaachan's girdle everyday
i take it off after i got home from work
and it seems that my knee-ache was from it
according to this it said
"In most cases, tightlacing in a straight-front corset caused lower back pain, breathing difficulties, and knee problems (through hyperextension)."
should i stop wearing them? tp kalo tak pakai prot gelebey~ ;p
any ideas?

..Query 5 : Calcium..
for the knee-ache thing, i think i really need calcium
but, how much should i take per day?
should i get it from yogurt or milk
or take supplement?

..Query 6 : Supplements..
speaking of which, does taking supplements play any role
in my diet?

that all i can think right now
please help me clear my mind
a big thanks in advance!!!!

ah, anyone else who wants to share their opinion is also welcome =)

..funny thing this boss of mine..

yesterday diyla and i left 2 ferrero rocher on anand (our boss) laptop
with a note 'sharing is caring wat~'
then today
he said he need a certain drawings to be plotted in A0 size, 3 sets (O.o)
in a childish mengade-ngade mode i said
"belanje pizza dlu~ ktorang da bg ferrero rocher smalam"
*please imagine anand's blurr face*
"mana ada" he said
of course we were shock
"ade la~ kat atas laptop"
*anand's face brighten*
"ah! yang 2 bijik tu ka? awat tak kata biskuit ka, cokelat ka, mana aku tau"
*2 biji biskuit??*
omg! my dear boss, u are so funny!!!

ok, moving on!
..Diet Day 13..

 1 packet oat biscuit
1 mango yogurt

  my usual morning routine was cut in half
sebab we depart earlier today

1 cucur badak kak liza bg mase kat ofis

nasi seciput
*trrr...hehe... da lame tak makan~ tetibe ngidam~ tp sgt seciput je smpai adik yg kire tu pon tanye ni ade nasi ke tak ni? hee*
sehirirs ikan merah masak kari
*kari daisuki!!*
sotong masak-ape-ntah
sayur kacang buncis
sayur2 campur
papadom skeping stengah
limau suam (i ate the kasturi~)

seketui asam as
*asam kecik je*
sket kacang kak liza

usual routine in the surau
kak liza taught us some new moves for thigh area




as we got home
i did 10 mins routine together with diyla

1 epal
1 jambu air
1 oren kechik
1 mango yogurt
1 ferrero rocher
*gomen~ tabechatta~ guu~*

estimation of clear water intake:
stakat ni baru 5 mug~ jap lg smbung~

..Vocab Checku Shite..
tabechatta - da makan

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

..scott daisuki!!..

i was very happy today
this morning scott suddenly came to our cubicle and hand us a paper bag
and he said
"what could it be?"
i was anxious
*diyla and i had requested for ferrero rocher chocolates a few weeks ago
for the sake of our productivity~hee*
could he really bought it for us?
i took the paper bag and glanced at him
"what could it be?"
i peek into it and there it is

a box of 30!!!!
i was so shocked i almost cry
i felt really thankful for his generosity
somehow it makes me feel appreciated
but being so happy is not that great either
i can't seem to do my job
he he he

my little squeal makes someone realize of the scene
*it's just like studio here where people got hyped because of food*
thankfully only a few people notice
and these people don't blurt it out to everyone
but diyla and i had to share this choco with our friends
and scott did mention that we might have to give one to him
so, in order that it's kept a secret
i took my knife and try to get it open in my drawer
it was hard
got plastic, then sellotapes somemore
i accidentally cucuk my finger
and it bleeds
but i got it open at last =)

ohh!! the smell!!!
so we gave one each to as and kak liza
and two each to dear scott and our dear boss, anand (with a letter ;p)

you can see the choco wani
you can guess what happen today
prepare to be surprised

..Diet Day 12..

2 packet oat biscuit
2 packet instant nescafe

as usual, i did my morning routine

mee bandung
*tried not to eat telur but i ate abes licin~ suppose to feel guilty but since it's my only real meal per day i think its ok~ hehe*
sesudu bihun kungfu hasrina
*sedap bihun nye*
sesudu nasi goreng paprik kak liza
*tak sedap sgt~*
limau suam

i think i should mention this
every time i order limau suam
i will definitely without a doubt eat the limau kasturi also
please take note (eceh~ hee)

regular 5mins routine in the surau

time balik
api bought coconut shake for diyla and i
i was so touched
*why people love to treat me kindly
i will be dazed by this kindness~ huu*
but i had to turn it down
then he said
"aiskrim seskup je kot"
*seskup?! aish, seskup da cukup to make all week go to waste*
but since nampak sedap and kene la rase org da beli
i said i want sesedut je from diyla




i lied
i took 5 seduts
so yummy!!!
hu hu
but that's it!

usual 15 mins evening routine
people said dun mandi lepas makan
that's why i make sure i eat after mandi

1 epal
1 jambu air
2 limau kechiks
1 ferrero rocher =)
*had to~ sorry~ but i'm gonna take it on alternate days*
*both diyla and i got 12 pieces*
*this will take a month?!!!!*
we'll see~ hee

estimation of clear water intake:
8 mugs =)

since now i exercise regularly (eceh, bangge dowh~~ ^^)
my knee da start sakit
seems like can't handle the pressure
thinking of taking anelene
wani, please advise~ thanks~~

p/s: just after dinner, i ask diyla to go to JJ~ wanted to buy a cardigan (to match with a dress i bought long time ago) and a present for kaachan~ we went and i bought them~ though i had to suppress the urge to buy food~ isk isk~ but i got what i need~ thanks diyla!!!

oh yeah, ferrero rocher pict courtesy of diyla~ ^^

..Vocab Checku Shite..
dewa - formal frm of jya

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 natural face = scary..

something happen while in the office today
i can't remember the exact time
i was just stretching my body and i let my body slump in my seat
*a total potato couch scene if you could imagine*
then my dear boss walks in
as i saw him
as i saw his eyes
i knew he got works for me
which makes me feel kinda worried as i assume the loads waiting
but he didn't saw me as worried at all
as he approach closer he said
"janganlah pandang macam nak makan saya"
wth? do i look angry? am i not worried?
ain't he supposed to say
"tak banyaklah, sikit aje"
later as i got home
i looked in the mirror
i recall my worried face
and i stunned
nandesuka kore?!!!
i look scary
i do look scary
because it's not a really worried face
just slightly worried
which makes it somewhat evil?
so much for trying to express your moods
gonna stick to expressionless/serious moods after this

..Diet Day 11..

i ate at home
after meal i walk around and do step ups

1 packet pumpkin flavored oat biscuit
1 strawberry yogurt
1 pyramid of toblerone
*first time it took a whole week to finish chocs~ usually it was gone in one bite~ hehehe*

*thanks wani for the approval*
4 potong daging kmbing masak kari ^_______^
*it's not a big potong~ just lil chunks je*
1 kerat ayam msak merak
*i love kulit ayam~ can't deny it, sorry*
udang + kacang panjang masak ape ntah
3 senduk sayur campur
teh tarik
*indulge byk sgt~ da abes makan pown still rase cam nk makan pau ngan aiskem~*

i only jog for 3 min in the surau
and do a bit of easy exercise
feel a bit malas today
must be the kambing~ but it's super yummy~ craving for more

i exercised like usual at home
and as usual
i dine after i showered

1 apple
1 jambu air
2 limau kechiks

estimation of clear water intake:
7 mugs~
anshinshite~ another will come later~

i didn't manage to watch movie yesterday ;(
want to watch today

p/s: i love to pretend-kick when i'm somewhat pretend mad with friends
my usual kick is about knee high but today
as i pretend-kick at one of my colleague
my kick reach thigh high!!! a normal-effortless-kick! thigh high!! yeah!!!
thanks to me taekwondo kicks routine that i did every time i got home! ^^

p/ss: wani lost another 1.5kg~ *sorry for the moodless expressions*
i'm super jealous~ and of course proud of her~
can i even lost a kg kanaa~~

..Vocab Checku Shite..
nandesuka kore - what is this?
 anshinshite - calm down/don't worry

Monday, January 25, 2010

..burning inside..

this is a rather emotional post
so if you already have burdens of your own
i advised you to skip this one
and let me indulge myself in my own fantasy
i did another personality-based-on-birth again
usually it required your birth months only
this one requires the month and the date

my result:
22nd of May

:: Idealistic and need a reason to be happy::
 *i need a reason to be happy? this is rather sarcastic~ but then what the heck am i talking about~
my Allah who created me is Maha Mengetahui~ surely He knows i will need to find a reason~
just one reason that can hold me in place~ one reason is all i need~ and surprisingly~ as i ponder on my happiness,
kaachan, your face pops into my head~ for you, the one who had sacrifice a lot and gave her all to raise me~
i have a responsibility to live to the fullest~ for you~*

:: Strong Family bond are important to them::
*this is not a surprise at all~ i can never doubt the need to have strong family bond~
but somehow we're losing it~ in spite of all the actions we take~sigh~
we've taken the wrong path~ and no one want to admit it~ everyone living they're best trying to be happy~
and i can't bring myself to say "that's wrong"~* 

:: Their decisions are driven by their emotion::
*mostly~ but not really~ if i were to let my emotion decide, i won't be here now~ i won't be here
writing stuffs packed in my head~ i would either be in a jail for committing murder or dead for committing suicide~ that's the only decisions my emotion left me with~ thankfully Allah permits my mind to do the job~ emotion aside~
emotion ALWAYS aside~*

:: Like to help and take care others::
*well, this is where my mind take control~ in order to live just like before, some actions were needed~
i''m trying my best to provide everything you need~ everything you want~ i want to see you smile~ i want us to be able to smile like before~ some wishful thinking~ our life would never be the same* 

:: Loyal and a good teacher::
*unexpectedly true~ on the loyal part~ unless you're not aware, i chose to stay here
fighting along, fighting together~ i will not be the one who left~ having so much faith in everyone sometimes kills me~
i've wrote a poem about it ages ago~care to read?~

as for good teacher, i'm not sure~ i don't think i am~coz i can't set a good example for them students~ how can someone who had the intention to suicide be a teacher?* 

:: Love musics::
*there's a reason for this~ music allows me to escape from reality
even for the tiniest moment, that was enough~ but mostly, i love the Quran recitation more~
heaven knows how peaceful it make me feel* 

:: Loyal to those who are serious in relationship::
*ha-ha~ the moment i read this, this thought came to mind "then obviously i'm no longer loyal to you"
ha-ha~ pathetic! why i wonder this thought came to mind~ i dun feel gud at all thinking about it~ curses!! * 

:: Need to learn what can and can't change::
*as for this, i still have a long way to go~ because now i'm totally putting my all into believing that nothing is impossible~
anything can change~ in the will of Allah~ i just need to pray more~ hope is a strong word~ don't destroy it, even though it's for my sake* 

Famous people that share your personalities : Albert Einstein, Jane Seymour, John Denver, Meryl Streep, Christopher Columbus, Goldie Hawn.
*like i care*

i checked my sisters' and my mum's birthday too
surprisingly, i share the exact personality with my kaachan!
♫♪i'm kaachan clone~ i'm kaachan clone~♫♪ 
i'm okay
this is actually my main reason why i create a blog
to express my emotions
feelings that were left unsaid
things i refuse to share with no one

then tetibe je kene update diet progress~
thought of creating another blog but so mendoukusai!!
so people, especially dearest wani
please let me be


i've encontered this while shuffling between word of wisdoms
*i loooovvveee wisdom words*

"it takes a strong person to pretend every thing is all right when it's not
it takes a stronger person to admit its all gone to hell and ask for help"

i want to be stonger

p/s: tak sempat masukkan dlam post sebelum ni~
i draw this kat ofis tadi~ mase bosan gilerr~ use paint ngan mouse je~ but i think it turn out not that bad~ since first time~ hahahaha~


..fruity indulgence..

my monday was always dull
because my boss would check in tuesdays
but today
is the dullest day ever
from morn till dawn
i was in idle mode
internet does not suffice my need
not when lots of other division bosses were there in our cube
at 1715
when i was grateful i don't have to pretend i got work no more
the work comes
oh dear boss
why can't you call me earlier?!!!
but it 1700 already
as stated in contract i work from 8 till 5 only
that work will be done tomorrow

..Diet Day 10..
 *10 days already!! ^^*
i take breakfast at home today

 1 packet of neslo
1 packet pumpkin flavored oat biscuit
1 pyramid of tablerone
then as we waited for api
i walked around the house and do step ups
it make me sweat
which i don't like
because i smell when i sweat
had to dry myself under the fan
at lunch api came to take us to our usual spot
ikan smilang goreng sambal
sambal sotong
sayur kobis + lobak
belacan sket
limau suam
*no more chewing gum*
after office hours
due to my request
api took us to mydin
on our way
i stuff myself with fruits that api bought

tea breakkie:
*more like fruit break*
2 potong tembikai
2 potong honeydew
2 potong jambu batu

we got to mydin at 1800
i bought myself more fruits and oat biscuits
and some yogurt
it was hard shopping
since i had to restrain myself from buying mende remeh
huaa huaa
out of tak puas hati
i bought one japanese movie

starring Ueno Juri!!! i love her since Nodame~ ^^
*ade kucen summore!!! lg perlu beli!!!*
here's a trailer of the movie

balas dendam since can't indulge in food
as we got home
i quickly put my stuff away and begin exercising
took a quick shower
and dine
since its already 1927
1 apple
1 jambu air
3 limau kechiks
1 mix berries yogurt
estimation of clear water intake:
5 mugs~ i'll make sure i take 3 more before i sleep~
so today i ate lots of fruits
i hope its ok though
i heard it good to eat fruits
but is it ok to eat it a lot?
wani, what do u think?
i'm hoping to watch g-force or gu gu the cat
i still can indulge while on diet
p/s - i did my usual routine in the surau~ since it's a routine already, i won't elaborate much about it ;)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

..a very laid back sunday..

i've finished My Girl!!!!
yay me!!
i'm not posting anything here
reviews, opinion, nada! because my sisters haven't watch them yet
it'll be super spoiler for them
but i have to say
My Girl won Best Drama!!!
Aiba Masaki won Best Actor!!!
Ishii Momoka won Best Supporting Actress!!!
you can check them out here
*it's japan website though*
*thanks kaklang for the news!!*

..Diet Day 9..

just like yesterday i woke up at 11am
*what with me with 11?!!*
after rolling around
i got up and warm up a bit
jog a lil and stuff
after shower
guess what's my lunch!
*wani won't be happy~*

2 bungkus maggi sedaap (my last wani~ seriously)
2 packet of neslo in one mug
2 limau kechiks

i decided to eat maggi because i'm hungry
with the intention that i will exercised extra hard today
as usual after zohor prayer
i exercised
i intended to do a lot
but my knee started shaking after 15 minutes
and i felt dizzy
i don't know why
i did warm up before i start (unlike previous days)
maybe because i forced myself too much?
anyway, i stopped because kang pengsan karang susah
but continue with washing the fan yg sangat dah berhabuk
kire exercise gak la kan~ hee
i took dinner early today, at 1815

1 packet pumpkin flavored oat biscuit
1 apple
3 limau kechiks
*at first i though of only eating fruits, but i think my dizziness was because i took nothing healthy, so i insert oat biscuits in my dinner*

estimation of clear water intake:
7 mugs~ i'll take one more after this

except for the maggi
i did great today
and i think my cheek had deflaten a bit
hee hee

..Vocab Checku Shite..
omedetou - congratulation

Saturday, January 23, 2010 is so kibishii..

i'm currently watching my girl

it's a father-daughter story
the girl is so cute!!!!

..Diet Day 8..

i woke up late today
but not super late
i woke up at 11am
and just rolls on the mattress
too lazy to get up
hee hee
so no brekkie for me, instead

2 packet neslo in 1 mug
1 packet pumpkin flavored at biscuit
1 pyramid of toblerone

i cut my multi tasking talent today
instead i make sure i do one task at a time
so that i walk more
since my lair is one the mattress
*the mattress in on the floor*
i got up and down lots of time

then around 1615 after my zohor prayer
i exercsed
unlike the usual routine in the surau
because i still need to check into the office
since i'm at home
i do the sweaty one
and i do multi-tasking this time
i exercised as i handle the washing machine
it's a manual washing machine
where you have to move the laundry from the wash area into the spin area
then you have to press spin
and do it again since the spin area can't accommodate much
i was exercising even until the laundry was neatly hanging in my bedroom
after cooling off i took my shower
a very long one
after asar i had tea break

tea break:
1 packet cadbury hot chocolate drink
1 packet pumpkin flavored oat biscuit
2 limau kechiks

then i continue watching my girl
around 1830 i took my dinner

1 pear
1 limau kechiks

estimation of clear water intake:
8 mugs!!
*taking 8 mugs per day makes me visit the toilet often
sangat leceh
but it make my lips tak mengelupas
have to keep it up*

i hope my diet will pay off

 ..Vocab Checku Shite..
kibishii - harsh

Friday, January 22, 2010


just before we got back from work
i braced myself and went to this kakak
and i asked her whether there's open post in their company
as a result
she said i may hand in my resume to her
but later
she came to our cube bringing a requirement details of a certain post
which i don't think i qualify much
but heck
i will hand in my resume
just in case
pray for me please

..Diet Day 7..

this morning i manage to gulp down 2 mug of water
then while waiting for api to arrive
i walk around the house
i count my steps but stop counting when i got to 500
i think i made it to 1000 though
and while walking i did punch-up kind of move
and then i switch to
step up (where u step up and down a curb)
this curb only 6cm tall but it made me sweat
that's where i stop
dun wanna get all slimy in the morn
i take my meal in the office which is

1 packet of pumpkin flavored oat biscuit (diyla ate a quarter of them)

later while chitchating 
diyla saw my kat-tun wallpaper
this kat-tun wallpaper
and she asked
"ime lg suke kat-tun dr arashi eh"
and of course i said
"ha'ah, i me lg suke kat-tun dr arashi"
which makes she look intently of each member on my wally
suddenly she points at someone and said
"yg ni x hensem"
oh gosh!
i'm sorry nakamaru
it wasn't me
i totally adore you
regardless of your cowardice
love you yuichi-kun!!
kinishinaide ne!

lauk ayam msk kari
udang + petai smbal
sayur kobis cmpur2 ade lobak
kacang botol 1
belacan sket
epal suam
mentos chewing gum (my last gum)

and today again (really want to me it into a habit)
i exercise in the surau
i did 3 min jog, 30 bicycle, 30 knee-dip
and various of un-named move
diyla said
"surau ku, gym ku"

and after i got home
i did the same routine
maybe a couple or more various steps
just doing what i feel like doing
i dine after i shower

1 pear
3 limau kechiks

estimation of clear water intake:
8 mugs!!

i did great today
but the challenge start tomorrow
the weekend challenge
i don't have much confidence
let's see what will happen shall we

..Vocab Checku Shite..
kinishinaide ne - jangan amek hati

..the cikedis cicak tale..

i was back home
and while cleansing my dinner for tonight
i spot a very small cicak
on the wall
and as our eyes met
it fell into the sink
*am i that beautiful? hee*
luckily not into the sink i'm using
then it quickly crawl away
then as i walked to my room
i begin to wonder

*one day, years later, i'll return to this place,
and at that time, while collecting the past memories in the kitchen
i will saw a cicak on the wall
and as our eye met
it will fell
and i will smile and say
"you still haven't change~*

that's where i began to giggle
so cute the story kan~

Thursday, January 21, 2010

..blushing again..

hee hee
*blush like crazy even though hours have passed*
i feel like sharing what makes me blush
but i'm too shy!!!!
*blush again*
try spot the "blushing scene"
hee hee

..Diet Day 6..

as i woke up today
i went straight to my heater to re-heat the water
and then after i shower and got ready for work
i take my breakfast

1 mug instant nescafe
1 packet lexus cheese ciscuit (my last packet)

this is as an attempt to avoid drinking them at night
also so that i don't snooze at work~ hee
it proved to great effect
i didn't feel sleepy
very unlike usual

for lunch, diyla's mr.api came to take us to our usual spot
thanks so much!
while at lucnh
just as api got to our table after washing his hands
he asked diyla
"knai ka lelaki tu?"
"lelaki mana? yg baju hijau tu kenai la? da kawen da"
"tak, ni meja kita, ni meja kosong, ni meja depa"
"tak knai la~ awat?"
"ushar baik punya~"
*dialogue between api and diyla~ i was usharing the said table~ just like diyla, i know nothing of that guy*

and so we eat, thus

a set of

ikan semilang masak-yg-diyla-suke (lada hijau kowt, dila kate)
sayur kacang buncis
sayur mcm sawi~ (sawi kowt~ ^,^") campur lobak~
limau suam
mentos chewing gum
*really can't take these sayur~ i kept chanting 'mind over matter' in my head*
*i have to say, the chewing gum is only 3.3 kcal wani~ ok la tu kan?*

api ordered air bandung for himself
and then he asked whether diyla wanted to share
diyla said "tak suke pink"
so i said "kate nk kawen pakai pink"
which make api said "tamau kawen"
resulted with diyla saying "sape nk pakai pink, meh kawen!"
and as if on que
mr.j a.k.a diyla's play-play crush in office
walk pass our table
and i quickly pointed at him
it makes diyla giggle like crazy
makes her cheeks turn scarlet
api have no idea of mr.j
makes diyla giggles more

hee hee
so cute la you guys!!

after we finish our lunch
just as we chit chat bout various things
a guy pass through our table
and api eyes suddenly alert
then diyla asked "meja dia ke?"
*happy mode on!!
wanna know why
because that was mr.f's table
i'm so embarassed
what did api mean when he said
"ushar baik punye"??!!!
tp suke!!!

that did it
i was happy
and completely high at work

then after zohor and while waiting for asar
again, i exercised!
this time diyla joins in!
i'm thinking of making this into a habit

we left early today
and as i got home
i exercised!! for 15 minutes!! feel really energetic!
is jumping jack's a good exercies?
i love doing it over and over and over
it's so addictive
i let my body have they're sweat
by sitting in my closed room, fan-off
feels like a sauna
then after a few minutes
when my body feel sticky and no longer slippery
i took a bath

1 biji epal merah
3 limau kechiks

estimation of clear water intake:
2 mug~ i'll stuff the other 6 in before i turn in tonite! i promise!!

fyi, i'm going with no more meal after 8pm
that's to say
no fruits
no choco
no biscuit
and definitely no maggi
only water

wish me luck!
*still blushing*

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

..i'm proud of myself..

i think i did good today
instead of crapping on how my day went
*it went well i have to say
i was free like yesterday
only in the evening
i got some last minute work~hee*

let's fast forward to the important things

..Diet Day 5..

twiggies (i ate one and 3 quarter of 2~ diyla take the other one quarter)

a scoop of bee hoon goreng
lauk cendawan + lobak
lauk sayur kobis byk2
a slice of ikan tenggiri
*thankfully ade ikan~ i feel like gagging just as the veggies touch my tongue~ i don't like this sayur~ cho mazui!! but i finish it! yay me!*
air limau suam

then at 1610, diyla and i went to the surau
after zohor prayer and while waiting for asar
i exercise!! yes i did!!
i did wani's high plank
mermaid stretch
knee dip (i've been knee-dipping every time i got chance since it's so easy~^^)
push up (though can only do once~ X0)
jumping jacks (love jumping jack)
and of course bicycle (daisuki!!)
i exercise for only about 5min though
then we pray asar ^^

on our way home
i bought some fruits to fulfill my desire
since my stomach was grumbling like crazy
and i've only got maggi and chocs at home
and as i got home
while diyla was out to api's
i exercised again!!!
i jog for 3 minutes
did a bit of boxing (to loosen my chicken wing hopefully)
a bit of taekwondo
a bit of wani's routine
a bit of everything really
i sweat!!!! yay!!!!!
i dine after i showered

a packet of oat pumpkin flavored biscuit
a pear
3 limau keciks
*i'm trying to take caffeine on alternate days~*

estimation of clear water intake:
7 mug!!! and counting! hopefully! i'm trying to get 8 per day~

so summarize for today,
i ate healthy (in my opinion)
i exercised!!!
i drank enough water

i got to say though
i'm so jealous wani already loss 1kg
congrats wani!!
but watch out!
i'll be catching up soon!!!

..Vocab Checku Shite..
cho mazui - sangat sangat tak sedap!!
daisuki - sangat suke!!!


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