Saturday, February 27, 2010

..yet another tale..

this happened long time ago
not that long ar
it happen quite recently la jugak
while kaklang and kin was home
it was yet another obaka tale bout kaklang
earlier that night we went to pasar malam
then we bought lots of air kelapa
after dinner i filled the air kelapa in our usual container for clear water
*the container is like a mini mug*
i did this clearly in front of my sisters
in front of kaklang, kin and ira
we were chatting like usual
then suddenly
kaklang grab the container
and pour a bit of the contents on her hand!!
and i was like
"air kelapa la kaklang!"
which made her scream and rush straight to the sink
kin, ira and i howl our hearts out at the table
kaklang had this one habit
she's so lazy to wash her hand at the sink she usually use the clear water instead
and today her habit betrays her
for even when she knows the content is air kelapa
her hand automatically moved towards it
so silly
i want to keep the memory here
in case i forgot them one day

..straight up..

..Diet Day 41 (25 Feb 2010)..

a bowl of cereal (honey star+cookie crsip)
some  bites from kaachan's cake
1 peanut butter-ed bread

kaachan's kuey tiew goreng!
i ate bout 2 plate kot~
some kaachan's cake

..Diet Day 42 (26 Feb 2010)..
for lunch kaachan and kin made spaghetti!
the one yg sauce de kaler putih~
what's it call eh?
i dunno~
i know bolognaise je~

1 and half plate spaghetti
1 peanut butter-ed bread
sgt yum yum!!

after maghrib kin and i headed to jj wgsa maju
tp tatau nape sgt byk kete queue nk msuk parking
so ktorang cancel and went to c4 instead
kin bought a workout dvd~
she's been exercising with her um frens every evening
so de terase nk eksesais gak kat umah
then before blik umah kaachan soh bli dinner sbb ade guest kat umah
lepas guest balik i look at what was left and

half plate char kuey tiew

ablong ajak main bowling td tp i rase cam malas2 ayam o decided tamo g~ kin ngan ira sgt excited je~ i dunno why they love bowling sgt~ even kaklang~ its not really my thing~ but its still fun bile kua ngan dorang~

i didn't realize today is my weigh in day until i open my blog
i'll weigh tomorrow la ek


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

..goody goody news..

good news!!!
ira and i've retrieved malam and her kitten's from their lair!
turns out it's not some budak bujang's house
i supposed its a family house
but we only met the uncle
so i dunno who else might live there
malam got 3 kittens
they're already somewhat almost 1 month old kot
by the look of their size
they're super kawaii!!!
let's welcome
*ira, kaachan n i came up with these*
charlie's kittens are still nameless since ira said x nmpak sifat lg so x dpt pk name yg seswai~
their names will be updated later
super happy

..Diet Day 38 (22 Feb 2010)..

some fried fries
one fried egg
some peas
some carrots

some fried fries
some kaachan's cake

..Diet Day 39 (23 Feb 2010)..
maggi kari
some fishball
some fishcake
some taugeh
some cendawan

2 packet instant nescafe
2 packet oat biscuit
some kaachan's cake

..Diet Day 40 (24 Feb 2010)..
2 senduk nasi
suku hiris ikan tenggiri goreng belada
kaachan's cendawan+lobak+udang mix
rm2.50 worth kopok lekor

some kaachan's cake

so not healthy at all~

Monday, February 22, 2010

..hide and seek..

may i remind u, my diet is still on hold

..Diet Day 37 (21 Feb 2010)..

woke up at 1100 kot~
before anta kaklang i took my lunch

2 packet chocolate waffle/biscuit~

then before g duta kaklang nak mc'd
nak tapau for her journey
all the way g duta

a few sips of coke
a few spoon of chocolate sundae

while waiting for kaklang's bus

4 cucuk of fishball2 alah tu
a few sips of ira's ice blanded corn

lepas kaklang da bertolak, kitorang headed to pdg blg sbb nk drop maklong and since sume org lapa, singgah bli makan jap and makan kat pdg blg

mee kari

pas makan ktorang blik umah
while at home

2 bungkus nsi lemak
1/2 kaya+peanut butter waffle
1/2 sardine sandwich

i ate a lot kan~
entah bile nk resume diet~
hua hua~

neko updates!!!
ira had decided to call love's kitten PAGI
lets give PAGI a warm welcome! yay!!

ira and i rescued charlie n her kittens from the mainhole
charlie has 5 kittens!!!
which are still no-names~
since all the names i came up with got rejected by ira~
the names will be updated later

ira and i trace malam's usual path n we finally found malam's lair!! it was ira, she spotted malam under those boxes! yay ira!!
malam got 3 kittens (as my eye can see)
can't retreive them yet since they're in someone's backyard
by the look of it, they're in rumah bujang's backyard
how shud i start the conversation?
"ah, sy nk amek kucen~ de branak blakang umah korang~"
klaka nye~ hee
but i have to get them! the kittens are so cute!!!!
ok, till then~

p/s: tjuk post ditaip secara random~ hee

Sunday, February 21, 2010

..extended time..

hello~ ^^

..Diet Day 34 (18 Feb 2010)..
it's kaachan's birthday!!! yay!!!

a few slices of kaachan's cake
mihun kungfu
we went to wangsa walk mall
i bought a few dvds (shiawase~)
*tp otomen tak kua lg~~ huhuh~ furui!! princess sara da kua da!* 
and again we got into a&w
tea brekkie:
1 a&w meat beger (x ingat name da~)
1 a&w regular float
some bites of my sis' burgers
1 crunchy peanut crepe

lamb chop 
oren juice suam

some junk food~
*living with my sis means tdo lmbat n bgun lmbat
alaa, bkan slalu pon~*

okeh, moving on!
..Diet Day 35 (19 Feb 2010)..

let see
what did we do today eh~

a few nasi lemak
*courtesy of maklong, it means maklong masak =)* 
1 slice telur goreng dadar
5 slice timun
some ikan bilis
2 senduk mee gemuk goreng

tea brekkie:
a few more nasi lemak

 then i drove kin to um
holiday de da abes
kaklang, ira and maklong followed
 pastu g stesen duta plak sbb kaklang nk bli tiket
kaklang blik ahad nih
sedeynye ye~
but it's a must
ganbaru yo

a bit nasi lemak
some mee goreng gemuk
some spoons of kaachan's cake
 1 bottle of nestle yougurt drink

etc etc
ahahahahah~ eahh~

..Diet Day 36 (20 Feb 2010)..

ah, i forgot to scale smalam
so i scale arini
as expected my weight naik~ tp tak sebanyak yg i assume
i thought it wud be somewhere btwn 102 and 104~
but tak sampai pown
for this morning my weight is

*walopun naek 2 kg but tak naek as much yg i assume~ happy*
 which means my diet is still on hold
ngeh ngeh

i got up early today at 0930 sbb alpha (she slept with me smalam) meow mcm gile
ingatkan lapar tp rupenye saje ngengade
saba je la
so i had to take her outside and seeing makanan dorang da licin i add some more
maklong already awake and ajak g bli breakfast
so i in my kain batik bagai just pakai tudung n my sweater silat n out we go
pastu abes bli trus g mandi tp since tak lapa lagi i dun take brekkie

cecilia ahern's the gift
*nih novel ye~ i read while others had brekkie*

abes bace ngantok la plak
i slept for 2 hours kot
ho ho ho

1 tosei 
1 apam ape ntah 
 *brekkie ari ni maklong n kaachan tringin mkn indian food~ but it's not my cup of tea~ so feeling lapa n incomplete........*
1 bungkus maggi asam laksa
1 telur

senaman arini merangkumi rescue mission of love and..... her kitten!!!
neko updates!!
love actually got 1 kitten
kitorang tak prasan pon!
comey gile!
so kitorang rescue (more like move je) dorang from kotak kat stor tuh masuk dlm sangkar~
and ktorang ushar sarang charlie
charlie got 4 kittens yg i can see
tak rescue lg sbb tak cukop sangkar
nk g amek sangkar kat pdg blg dlu
malam nye je tak ushar lg
so excited nk bg name!!! hee~

1 bowl of cereal (honey star + cookie crisp)
1 anlene yogurt
some air limau

ok, abes updates
my bro and sis in law came to amek maklong
dorng bli nasi ayam by the look + smell of it
i'm full but i can't promise i won't eat~ hahahah~
tgk ar eh~

p/s: chichi-ue's pc da kene virus~ nguu~ tak bleh online~ i online gune kaklang nye nih~ tp de nk blik dah esok~ yare yare~~


oh, i used one new vocab td kan
 ..Vocab Checku Shite..
furui - unfair

Thursday, February 18, 2010

..where do you stand..

are you a hypocrite? 
do you say what you want to say?
or simply say what people want to hear?
i say what i want to say but only when they are what people want to hear
usually i stay silent
i don't fancy speaking my mind
when they differ from others
i'm an assumer
i'm an observer
i'm a thinker 
i'm also very much understanding
for example 
when someone state their opinion, of which differs from mine
i will automatically look at it in his/her perspective
 the world is subjective
it depends on the eyes of its beholder
though thanks to my gift i can look at it from any eye i want 
at the point where i see your point, i can also see why you had it in the first place
of why that point suits you the most
then i will calculate how much explanations i've to give if i were to share my point
from the way you talk
from your hand gestures
from your facial expression
i will estimate the type of person you are
the type of understanding you have
the cockiness of your nature 
if it needs more than 5 mins just to encourage you to see it from my point
i will drop the case
you might saw me as accepting your point
but the truth is just the opposite of that 
you are not worthy of my words 
does this mean i'm a hypocrite?
or does it make me tolerable?
i often wonder the differences between these two
and it seems there's only one fine line between them
one can easily mistaken as another
i used to be tolerable
listen to the reasons
accepting other's words 
etc etc
but i've realized
that it had turned into hypocritsy
just like before
i listen to their reason
but i wont accept it
listening to it was part of my upbringings
*jaga hati orang*
but i can't accept it no more
it differs too much from my view
everything differ so much from my view
and eventhough i can assume why
i refuse to understannd
i've quoted before
"understanding kills"
 i've limited my understanding to minimum
i ain't wanna die again 
and here i am
very much a hypocrite
and yet
absolutely fine with it 
but rest assure
i chose my victim carefully
*** on hold..

mwahahahah, it's so fun when all my sisters are home
we had great fun
so tanoshikatta i forgot about blogging
and also dieting~ ngeheheh~~
frankly speaking
i am putting my diet on hold
i don't tahan myself from eating no more
and i don't exercise as regularly
i feel very much guilty but happy at the same time
some weird way my head works
will make it up to those carbs i ate one day
when i resume my diet
and since i dun online much
i can't really recall what i ate
so, i'll wrote down whatever i remember
 what did i eat ar?~

..Diet Day 32 (15 Feb 2010)..
mee kari
some yong tau foo
2 popia basah
lots of air kelapa
yogurt anlene

..Diet Day 33 (16 Feb 2010)..
mee kari
fish and chip
yogurt anlene
coklat cadbury sket
anlene milk
limau mandarin

..Diet Day 33 (17 Feb 2010)..
*we celebrate kaacan's birthday mase midnight* 
some nasi
sambal sardin
fish and chip
anlene milk
limau mandarin 
kuey tiew tomyam
ikan bakar sket
limau suam
1 slice kaachan cake

tomorrow, on the 18th (kaachan's bday), we plan to eat out somewhere
can't blame me for that
i'll contnue my diet later okay
sore jya
mata na

Monday, February 15, 2010

..heavenly heaven..

sorry for its been forever since my last post
my sisters are home
updates, updates!!

..Diet Day 29 (12 Feb 2010)..

4 or 5 cucur goreng adabi yg kaachan buat

half nasi lemak
beberapa cubik kari ayam
1 limau mandarin

tea brekkie:
teh ais

1 tart telur
4 biji takoyaki jaya jusco
1 limau mandarin

clear water intake:
7 mug kot sbb panas~ so slalu haus~

around 1800 i went out and do some skips, about 50 je kot~ then i played with my cats~ main kejar2~ sgt sronok tgk honey yg sgt lincah! then afer a while chichi-ue muncul tetibe bwk surat khabar lame~ pastu ajak tolong bakar rumput2 ngn ranting2 kayu~ so i sapu laman, kumpul2 sampah and jaga api~ sambil2 jaga kucing so that dorang tak burn themselves~ curiosity kills the cat kan~ semangat gile main tepi api~ saba je la~

..Diet Day 30 (13 Feb 2010)..

3 cucur adabi basi smalam
1 tart telur
2 limau mandarin
1 mug air gas

bihun tomyam
bebrapa sudu nasi goreng paprik kaklang
1 limau mandarin

clear water intake:
4 mug kot

lepas dinnie, menari2 ngan adik2 mengikut lagu dlm mp3 kaklang~ so byk la re-creation of dance moves especially lagu2 korea~ sbb my sis sgt hafal je chareography~

..Diet Day 31 (14 Feb 2010)..
mee rebus
sesudu lontong kaklang
sesudu laksa johor kin
beberapa sudu nasi goreng cina mak smalam
beberapa sudu tom yam abah smalam
1 tart telur
1 limau mandarin
1 mug air gas

1 chicken sandwich a&w
1 root bir float regular a&w
fries a&w
half waffle+ice cream a&w
3 doz strepsils

clear water intake:
5 mug

trr hehe~ erm, we went for bowling at 2300 until 0100~ of coz la pegi ngan ablong kalo tak sure la kaachan tak bagi~ and macam da jadi rutin kalo kuar bersame2 sure akan amek gambar melompat~ so workouts arini merangkumi bowling and melompat2 amek gambar~ hee hee

these few days sgt byk minum carbonated drinks~ huhu~ kne stop nih~ pastu mcm vaccay je rase~ kne workout yg byk utk burn sume2 bendasing ni~ ganbarimasu!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

..sudden hatred note..

i thought of browsing my facebook after i update my blog
and i did
everytime i browse
i will read the status msg
i love reading updates bout my friends
what they've encountered
what they've got to share
but today
it makes me vow never to read statuses again!
never ever ever!!!
it might leads to never read anything again!
damn you!!!
why in the world would you include spoilers in ur status?!!
and without a warning!!!
i've condemned a local magazine before because of their insensitiveness bout this
suke-suke hati reveal spoilers!!
we read or watch at our own time!!
please respect that!!!
so what if u know wat happen?!!
simpan sorang2 cukup la!!!
tak perlu kot nak update kat public space!!!!
what kind of anime/manga fan are u kalo spoiler warning procedures pon tak tau konnayarou!!!
now look at the damage!!!
ok fine, there are some people yg tak kesah pasal spoilers
but there are also who DOES!!
ko ingat best ke kalo da menunggu episod tu kuar bagai nak mati pastu ko senang2 je blurt out the storyline?!!
ape gune tunggu?!!!
ape gune follow cite tu?!
bodoh ar!
sorry ar kalo ade yg terase but if one thing i hate the most is insensitive people like u!!
spoilers come next!!
but hey i bet u don't even care!!
damn you!!!
go burn in hell!!!

..false alarm..

it's a false alarm
today as i got out to feed the cat
there's charlie jogging tergedek-gedek with her boyot tummy
*i call her charlie boyot these days~*
aww~~ so cute
but still, her m.i.a smalam membuatkan de menerima bebelan yg panjang
hilang suke2 hati lagi
sabar je lah

..Diet Day 28 (11 February 2010)..

as i got up, shower and all
i headed for the weigh scale
and my current weight is
drumroll please


another kg lost!
*but i'm too malas to update my ticker*

today i woke up late again
but earlier than smalam thankfully

3 senduk bihun goreng
sos tomato sket
kicap sket
cabai mak sket
1 biji epal

tea brekkie:
3 slice jeruk mangga

1 senduk bihun goreng
cabai mak sket
1 senduk kecik bubur jagung
half mug aiskrim soda+root bir cordeal+air masak+ice

clear water:
6 mugs (way to go!)

for workout i played with my cats
i did some skipping first
pastu main kejar2 with those cats yg syok sgt tgk i skip
sgt penat main ngan dorang
i did crunches here and there whenever i got chance

again, hoping better for tomorrow
kin's gonna be home esok
and kaklang will be home the next day
and the knights of round table will be united!!!
want to play obaka sports game with them!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

..i want my tools..

it's a good thing being home
but i forgot to take my tools with me
hu hu hu
so now i can't draw
i can draw on those random papers but i don't have my pens and pencils with me
how am i supposed to render them???
ira don't have much pen either
i want to draw
i even left my pendrive in my tool case
which means anything i made in my laptop can't be upload
because no one else have a pendrive in this house
*i online thru chichi-ue pc*
hu hu hu
i'm so sad
i regret i left my tool case behind
i regret i left my file of certificates behind
now if i got interview i got nothing to show them
baka neko!! baka neko!!!
hu hu hu

even without my tools i still got full schedule
my everyday routine includes:
do the laundry (sidai tgh hari, angkat petang)
sweep front porch and the lawn (bile over rajin je, :P)
feed the cats (three times a day)
play with the cats (minimum twice a day)
practise playing the piano (my fingers had really stiffen)
yawn while watching tv (honestly, the tv s**k big time! wanna buy new dvds!)
5 - 10 min workout in the evening (my only workout per day, pathetic isn't it?)
3 -5 min crunch excersice b4 bed
*now that i list them out, full schedule la sgt~*

ah! a few update about my cats!!
*u might want to skip this if u don't have basic knowledge bout my cats coz i ain't intoducing them again~ done that before in my friendster blog and in my facebook notes~*
i didn't mention before
malam, mr.charlie and love were pregnant
now? hee~
malam da bersalin
tp since de bersalin somewhere outside the house
i don't know how many kittens
love probably da keguguran
since prot de da kempis and she bleeds all the time
make me worried but we don't have no fund to go to the vet
sorry love~ i'll get a job soon!
skang ni de over manja and i wonder why
she crave all the love and can't bear being alone
slalu meowing panggil org teman de kat luar
sian love~ i love u, u know~
mr.charlie mase pregnant is super ultra cute!!!
sbb de ain't that big tau
but her tummy is soooo huge
macam ade bola dalam prot
exactly bulat!!
wah! sgt cute! tp xde kamera nk amek gambar~
and she da 2 hari tak balik umah
i assume de pegi bersalin
but dunno where
so, like malam's case, i dunno how many kittens
i will follow malam n mr.charlie to their lair one day and retrieve them kittens
this is their home afterall
*walopun chichi-ue kan marah sbb according to him kucing da byk sangat*
*but according to me~ wahahaha!! the more the merrier~ but i have to get a job! kalo tak nnt chichi-ue campak dorang kat pasar~~ iyada!!!!!*
other than those 3 (malam, charlie and love)
there's 6 others
3 male (ash. snowball and sugar)
and 3 female (alpha, beta and honey)
so overall ade 9 (tak campur new kittens lg)
banyak ke? tak kan~ hehehe

ok, da penat membebel~
..Diet Day 27 (10 Feb 2010)..

again, i woke up super late
*neko! please change ur habit!!!!*

1 banana
1 limau mandarin

no tea break today
i did 5 min workout je ari ni
since kat umah eksesais pon da malas
*neko!!! wake up!!!!dont throw ur diet away!!!*

2 packet instant white coffee in 1 mug
8 piece of biscuit
1 banana
1 limau mandarin

estimation of clear water intake:
haha, 2 mug je~~ (gelak sarcastic kat diri sendiri)
alahai neko~ since balik umah  ni, anda....... *speechless*

i know
i should be responsible for my own actions
*this is actually ira's advie*
semalam i said to her
"kngh nk makan daging boley?"
and she said in a very dull voice
"ira da malas da nk cakap~ sendiri kene btanggungjawab la ngn ape yg kngh nak buat"
*are u really 16???*
anyhow, to update smlam nye assumption
i tido petang for almost 2 jam and i ate seketul daging for my dinnie (plus the assumption smalam)

u can nag at me if u want
coz even if u don't i will deff nag at myself
i will try my best to improve my lifestyle at home
come neko!!!
we (it means me alone, it just felt right to use we~ hehe) will fight!!!!!!!!!

p/s: esok weigh in day~ takotnyer~~~~~~ ah, i've become those typical teen girls yg takot penimbang~ itsu no ma ni atashiwa konna ni yowaku natta no darou? apara, scale pon nk takot ke~ diet yappari mendoukusai ne~
ah! yabai! no NG neko!! positive ni narou yo! hait! positive, positive~ think positive~
*sila abaikan bebelan yg bukan2 ini, sekian*

Tuesday, February 09, 2010 disaster..

being at home is so heaven it bloats me up

..Diet Day 25 (8 Feb 2010)..

let see
i woke up super late, again
and as i got up chichi-ue already bought nasi kerabu for lunch
of course i did not eat it
but i ngatah the ayam masak kari
nguu nguu

a few cubit of ayam masak kari (ok, more than a few)
1 karipap
1 lepat pisang
2 lepat udang
some biscuit tiger

tea brekkie:
sebiji jambu batu cicah asam

some more biscuit tiger

estimation of clear water intake:
4 mugs

a simple 10 min workout

i slept at 0230

..Diet Day 26 (9 Feb 2010)..

since today i had to accompany chichi-ue somewhere
i woke up at 0730
before we leave i sempat timbang and my weight
da naik
102 kg
nguu nguu
so decide tamo mkn byk da
no more ayam n daging!!!!

da settle hal chichi-ue
otw balik umah singgah mamak to buy lunch
chichi-ue bought nasi beriani and rojak mamak
i dun want to eat nasi today
and i dun like rojak much

2 packet of nesvita in one mug
3 keping biskut jacob
3 keping biskut tiger
2 suap rojak irah
1 pisang
2 limau mandarin

*this is where i write this*
estimation for later:

i dun take any tea break
and for dinner, hmm, let see

2 limau mandarin
1 pisang

estimation of clear water intake:
i've took one mug baru~ so i'll add another 5 kot~ kat umah tak suke minum air~ huhu~

excercise routine:
15 min workout

i susually follow my schedule
if i didn't
i'll let u know in my next post

Monday, February 08, 2010

..a total failure..

today was a total failure
let's cut to the chase

..Diet Day 24..

first, i woke up at 1300
bad neko! bad neko!
and as i got down
kaachan already cook lunch

half senduk nasi
a slice of ikan bawal masak kari
2 senduk daging masak kicap
kepak ayam goreng barbeque style
*no sayur*
1 mug of hl milk

tea breakkie at 1900:
8 slices of jambu batu
beberapa suap daging kicap

i very much ngelat of exercising today
i did a 5 min routine
didn't sweat much

dinnie at 2300:
seciput nasi
stengah mangkuk kuah kari
beberapa cubit ikan bawal
2 sudu daging kicap

estimation of clear water intake:
3 mugs~

in essence
i lost to kaachan's curry
and to kaachan's daging masak kicap
while chatting with ira about this i said
"esok kene makan sikit je!!"
you know what she said?
she said
"that is something impossible in this house. whether you want it or not there will be food!"
*of coz i know, i live in this house longer than her maa*
kene kuatkan tenaga mental utk esok!!!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

..merungut versi ira..

senja semalam
i decided to take ira out
i want to buy her things
something she wants
a sister intuition i supposed
as ira and i got ourselves ready to go out
ira suddenly starts complaining
she said
"minggu lepas kin balik pon ajak ira shopping~"
"pastu kaklang pon call tanye ira nak ape~ nak mp4 ke? ipod ke?"
"naper korang ni?"
i was stunned
what kind of complaints is this?
hello? kakak niat nk blikan barang pon tak bley ke?
but i know why she felt as such
coz later she said
"jangan la bazirkan kat ira"
mum raised her well
i'm proud of you


missing kin and kaklang
how i wish you guys were here
seems incomplete without you two

the company didn't call me yet
so i have no idea when i will return to melaka
if they didn't call by next wed
i'll consider myself turned down
will have to collect my stuff in the rent house

..Diet Day 23..
ira woke me up at 0830
she wanted me to fetch her to school coz she got some activites smewhat
so i got up, fetch her to shcool and under kaachan request i went and bought breakfast

1/2 mee goreng
1/2 mihun goreng
1 telur goreng
teh tarik
2 slices jambu batu
2 sudu bihun sup ira

after a while i did the laundry
and i decided to cabut rumput kat laman
which took most of my energy
and i didn't even finish
just did a bit je i think tp sangat la penat
hu hu

while cooling down i watched tv with kaachan

a bite of mc'd prosperity burger (courtesy of kaachan)
*kaachan siap offer half of the burger but i had to decline*

at 1745 i got up to my room and did a 10 min routine
i read dr. slump manga while cooling off
sangat lame tak bace komik ni
best best

i took dinnie at 2330 sebab kaachan asked me to potong jambu batu

6 hiris kecik jambu batu

estimation of clear water intake:
6 mugs
ah! i took a mug of hl milk at 1900 tadi

i think i did good today
eventhough kat rumah i still control my meal
i'll do better tomorrow ^^

Saturday, February 06, 2010

..the challenges at home..

again i'm sorry
couldn't update it yesterday
seems like chichi-ue loves to online at night
so my updates while at home will be for the day before
at any rate, i'll state what day it will be for okay?
hontouni gomennasai

..Diet Day 22 (Feb 5th 2010)..
this morning (okay, afternoon then~ i woke up at 1130) i weigh myself again
since the scale is within reach
i have this urge to weigh myself every minute
this morning it reads 100.4kg
taking average, i'll use 100kg into my ticker

so my ticker from this

will look like this

awww~~~ it's nice to see the progress
ureshii ^^

anyhow, i promise myself not to weigh again until specific dates
hopefully on the 42nd day~ (every 21 day)
or maybe sooner if wani insist~ hehe~

nasi lemak 1 bungkus
-1 sudu sambal
-2 potong sotong of sambal sotong
-2 sudu penuh sambal goreng jawa maklong
*chichi-ue bought them this morning~ he always beli lebih since usually i will eat 2 bungkus~ i aim to eat half but end up finishing it all~ huu~ even tambah maklong's sambal goreng jawa yg tapau semalam~*
1 slice jambu batu

then i did my chores
i did the laundry and played with my cats for a while
so hot la today
since i'm at home kan
everytime i lalu dapo i will surely take something from the fridge or from the dining table
thankfully got fruits

2 slices jambu batu
beberapa suap sambal goreng jawa maklong
*so sedap i tell you!!*
2 potong sotong of sambal sotong
1 packet instant white coffee

later the evening i listen to ira's piano melodies
she creates a new song and taught me how to sing that song
in the end we karaoke-ed through all her songs

at 1815 i went outside to do my usual routine
we have big enough lawn for me to move
and i played with my cats again
took a shower and got myself ready
i made plans to meet syaqilah this evening
ira tag along

ira and i picked her up from her home lrt station
and then we went to the nearest jusco
bought some things and later decided to lepak dekat mc'd

1 regular ribena
1 apple pie
5 fries cicah sundae (courtesy of syaqilah of course~)
*i want to buy mineral je sebenarnye tp ira tak bagi~ u know what she said?
"mineral? kat umah bleh minum~ jgn ngengade!"
heh? so that's how i end up with ribena*

we chat and gossip glamorously! so fun to hang out with her! muahhxx!

we got home at 0100
lambat kan? but i can only do it because i'm with her kot
so my parents tak bising sangat
plus we bought them their food
hee hee hee

estimation of clear water:
4 mugs je

being home, walopun ade chores and such, is so heaven~ ^^

Friday, February 05, 2010

..going home..

i'm sorry couldn't update it yesterday
i decided to go back to kl semalam
and since i was at te office form 0800 till 1730
(diyla can't fetch me for the interview so i had to go there at the same time as she did)
and then we head straight to the bus station
and only at 2200 i arrive home
and chichi-ue was using the internet
i can only update it today

the interview went fine i guess
i had fun but that doesn't define a good interview does it? heee
here goes

..Diet Day 21 a.k.a Weigh-in Day..

1 packet oat biscuit
1 kotak anlene

i jog under the fan for a few minutes

under some circumstances we, diyla and i, didn't have a chance to eat lunch but luckily diyla have a mandarin orange, thus

3 ulas limau mandarin

we went straight to melaka central after office hours and i went straight into the bus as we reached there and straight to the lrt after i reached pudu and straight home after i arrived at my station, which means my dinner was at 2200

1 slice jambu batu
1 potong kecik betik keras
*the betik is so keras it crunch2~*

later bile kaachan ajak keluar gi bank baru teringat nk timbang
and guess


cepatla guess


my latest weigh was 107

now guess






on my 21st diet day
my weight is

99.6 kg!!!!!!!!!!

i was so ecstatic i began jumping around
i'm so happy!

before we depart to the bank i took another fruit

dinnie again:
1 apple

you should stop reading here
because i don't like what happen later
i guess you would
you could laugh at my face
go on then

after we settle the bank business
kaachan said we're going to maklong's house
"naper" i asked
"maklong suh amek nasi lemak"
maklong made nasi lemak?
urm urm urm

okay, let's skip the indiciveness moment of neko and go straight at the point

*my first supper during diet and it was a terrible one*
a set of
3 senduk nasi lemak
3 sudu sambal ikan bilis
2 telur puyuh masak sambal
secebis telur goreng
2 potong pajeri nenas
1 bahagian ayam bakar *size kecik cam drummet ayamas je*
2 senduk sambal goreng jawa
6 hiris timun
*they're so inviting, i was craving for nasi lemak, and maklong made extra for us*

i knew this would affect my weigh-in just now
so as i got home i weigh again

it ascended
it's now read

101.1 kg!!!
*naik 1.5 kg*
sedey sedey sedey

but later nature calls
so i hope it all went down the drain

i jog for 3 mins before i shower
and i hope to do some excersise before i turn in
i'm a discipline girl
i'll do my crunch

estimation of clear water intake:
7 mugs
still eventhough my weight is 101.1
i still manage to lose 6 kgs!!!!!
neko hebat! hee

..Vocab Checku Shite..
yatta - i've done it
yappari - da gak dah

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

..sudden change..

i've made my mind already!!
its not easy for me to make decisions!!!!
~down neko down~

the company called this afternoon
and arranged my interview for 1500 tomorrow
but i already plan to move back to kl
now i have to wait
wait for the interview
wait for the result
it's not a bad thing
i should be thankful
they called me
eventhough i'm not engineer grads like the ads required
they might take me in
and i won't be jobless no more
*there's always buts isn't it*


*sorry, had to use nihongo~ it would be best if you don't try to interpret it~ and if you can read it, please keep it to yourself~ thanks~*

..Diet Day 20..

i woke up at 1100 after hours bergolek-golek
and i was surprised to see diyla at home
she took the day off
tired of people chasing her tail everywhere she goes
but the one who chase her was the one who's going to be my boss
that is if i pass the interview
seeing the works they put her though
anyhow, i did a simple 5 min routine
somewhat mengelat, ngehehehehehe~~

1 packet oat biscuit
1 kotak anlene
1 mug of 100plus
*it was so inviting, can't refuse*

after hours of sakit otak due of acad and sudden interview call
and of course due to nothingness
i decided to eat

tea brekkie:
1 packet oat biscuit
1 kotak anlene

i took a nap at 1800 until 1815
*too spiritless to move*
at 1830 i did 15 mins workouts

1 packet oat biscuit
1 kotak anlene
1 mango anlene yogurt
*everybody loves milk and cookies~~ ^^*

estimation of water intake:
5 mugs~ aim to make it 6~

..Vocab Checku Shite..
nihongo - japanese
iyada - no way

wish me luck for the interview tomorrow!
thanks!! ^^

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

..i have decided..

okay, it's just two days of my menganggur-ing but
i can't take it anymore
especially because i'm not at home
being here alone without not much of a task to do is killing me
kaachan and chichi-ue
nag at me again just now for not coming home as soon as i'm jobless
so it's decided
chichi-ue will come and fetch me this thursday
"i shall wait for any opportunity calls at home"
as chihi-ue put it

will have to tell diyla and jack later
also nenek and makteh
*i'm less sociable, 4 org pon da kire ramai~*
later then

..Diet Day 19..

i woke up quite early today at 0900 (w00t! w00t!)
as i got up i changed into a more suitable cloth
ate sekeping oat biscuit (half packet) for brekkie
and i did a 10min bootcamp workout that i downloaded yesterday
also some of the crunches excercise

a packet and a half oat biscuit
1 packet instant neslo
1 kotak susu anlene
1 anlene strawberry yogurt
*i dun think its much but i'm full~ rase cam nk meletup~ my tummy space da berkurang meh?*

assumptions for later, let see if it goes according to plan~ ^^
*updates at 1915*
*no need to update since its exactly as planned~ngee*

exercised for 15 mins like usual
i included those steps i learn from the workout video

1 packet oat biscuit
1 kotak susu anlene

estimation of clear water intake:
3 mugs baru~ will be 6 mugs by the end of the day~

..Vocab Checku Shite..
chichi-ue - archaic and respective form of father
tsukareta - tired-ness~~

p/s: maaf sbb ltak icon lg~ can't help it~ if u wanna blame anyone, blame wani~~ ngeee~~

Monday, February 01, 2010

..aching all over..

my body aching all over
it's been my 18th day of exercising
but i don't think that is why my body ache
it must be because of my dinosaurs activities!!
i knew it!!
because i broke my mum's pantang larang
my mum always said
"jangan suke-suke sangat"
but look
i went overboard
multi-hyper jumping on everything i can climb
but i don't regret it though
this pain is worth it

..Diet Day 18..

today is my first day of kembali menganggur
so fricking bored
 so macam hari2 day-off yang lain
i woke up at 1100

1 packet oat biscuit
1 packet of neslo

tea brekkie at 1500:
1 packet oat biscuit

i exercised at 1700 for about 15 mins

1 apple
1 kotak anlene
*thanks diyla*

estimation of clear water intake:
6 mugs~ i aim for 7 today~

okay, that's it
*icons influenced by wani~ again~ hee~ peace!*

..a day of jurassic park..

this very morning at 0700
i got a phone call from jack
*budak ni suke men ambush je tau!*
but i got up anyway~ took a quick shower and got myself ready
as soon as i got my shoes on jack was already here
at 0745 we're on our way to Taman Botanikal Melaka
"dinosaurs!! here i come!!!!"

the park is quite near je with my rent house
so it didn't take long
and since jack brought her camera along
we did not run nor did we jog
we walk all the way
it was a long walk actually before we actually reached the dinasours
and finally

here's some pict of today's activities:
climbing on those dinos is not an easy task you know!
i burn calories by doing this~ ngee~
my happy face sbb dpt men dino~

we played around for about an hour and a half (sgt sgt penat)
we played in the playground somemore
and have a look at the Kampung Buku
cho tanoshikatta!!
arigatou jack!!!

before she send me home
we took a bite (ok, lots of bites) at the Botanical Cafe

..Diet Day 17..

i managed to stuff something before we leave for Botanical Garden
1 packet oat biscuit

lunch at the Botanical Cafe
1 asam laksa (kuey tiew hokkien style jack interframe di belakang)
6/7 sudu kuey tiew jack
1 cendol
*sangat vaccay je~ heheheheh~ asam laksa oishiiiiii!!!*

and after we got home
i got so tired i did something yg sgt taboo for dieters!!!
i tido petang~~ nguu nguu~
tid yg lame plak tu
then diyla woke me up with this sentence
"ime bangun, jom eksesais"
*macam kelaka je kejut bangun soh eksesais! tp thanks!! kene burn lemak2 cendol ni!*
so i exercised macam biase
1 apple
*no chocs today*

estimation of water intake:
7 mugs

it's already my 17th day but still tak timbang lagi
wani da bising
camner nie
penimbang takde la!!
later ok! as soon as i found a scale i let u know!

summary for today:
thankssssss soooo muchhhh jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
muahxx!! muahxx!!

..Vocab Checku Shite..
kichatta - arrived
cho tanoshikatta -so enjoyable
arigatou - thanks
oishii - delicious

p/s: pictures, of course, courtesy of jack!!


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