Wednesday, March 31, 2010

..kaachan, i love you..

as the previous post stated
i'm facing a malfunction with my respiration system
it took a good 2 or 3 hours till i finally drifted into sleep yesterday
and at 0700 sharp kaachan woke me up
i have a routine
of mantaining the house hygienity from my cat's disposal
but kaachan, i just got a few hours sleep
and it will take another good 2, 3 hours to continue them
i was angry
i remember throwing a tantrum at my plushies for a few minutes
but i got up anyway
washed my face and headed straight outside
i wash the cement
*beta and the kitties had made huge mess*
i put the kitties back into their cage
i retrieved charlies's kitties from the outdoor store and put them in another cage
*charlie is kinda nomad, she loves to move her kitties whenever i'm not looking*
i refill their food
i change their drinking water
i prepared the kitties cereal (kitties' food + water = softer food)
i did the laundry
and i wash the outdoor store cement
*charlie's kitties made quite a mess*
and finally when everything is done i sat quietly in the living room
(i'm very accustomed to silent tantrum)
kaachan urged me to take breakfast with her since i have to eat before i can take my medicine
but out of ego and being rebelious i ignore her
and as hardhead as i can be i sat still with my chest rising and falling
trying to regain my normal breathing
anger attached
i tried to shift my attention to the tv
willing to let it go
the chores are all mine to say the least
while i'm watching tv
kaachan slowly approached me and put a mug of hot nescafe in front of me
"drink while its hot"
and without further ado she reached for an ointment (cap kapak) 
and rub tenderly on my back and on my chest
in a  blink of an eye
anger, depression, sadness, ego, anguish
everything got washed away
just by her gentle touch
and slowly i reached for the cup and sip a mouthful

at that time
i haven't got a clue of what it represent
but as i wrote it down i'm overwhelmed by the love she offers
that's what mothers do right
kaachan, i love you

..Diet Day 74 (30 March 2010)..

a few sips of nescafe

half rice
seketul ayam dara
a few spoons of kuah asam
3 ketul kecik daging kari kawah
a few cubit of ikan bakar
1 mug of orange flavored tea
a few ulam

i took a long nap from 1700 until 2100
(it was raining)

1/5 rice
2 ketul ayam dara
seketul kecik daging kari kawah
a few ulam
a few spoons of kuah asam
1 egg tart
1 chocolate doughnut
1 sousage+mayo+cheese pizza-bread
2 packet of neslo

p/s: this is not the first time i felt her love but it was the most recent one~ ;)
kaachan daisuki!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

..get better or get rid of them..

the title is exactly what kaachan said to me
"get better or get rid of them"
*them = cats*
i know she can't help it
she did not intend to black mail me
she just loves her daughter more
the thing is
my health is getting worse by the day
i have sinus and i'm overweight
having 18 cats had caused my breathing to malfunction
i have trouble breathing
coughing all the time
and since i have sinus i've been having flu continuously
i'm already accustomed to the flu
but the coughing and the hard breathing
really put me on the edge
i've encountered these symptoms before
that is before i moved to melaka
and in melaka my health increases splendidly
i'm back to my sinus minus the coughing
but ever since i returned home my health...
and kaachan is really worried
these couple of days i had trouble going to sleep
i can't sleep since it's so hard to breath
but i don't want my parents to know the critical-ness of my health
so i've been controlling my breathing in front of them
which is really hard actually
but then
this evening while lying beside kaachan
she heard my hard breathing
and that's where she said those words

i don't want to get rid of them

it's not even a year since i started having a cat
and it's not my fault the number grow so much
i love them
and kaachan knew
kaachan loves them too
i remember her crying when one of them died
i have to get better

dear Allah, please let me get better

..Diet Day 73 (29 March 2010)..

1 mc'd quarter pounder burger
1 mug of orange flavored tea

a few nasi impit + kuah kacang
a spoon of shishi-ue laksa
1 slice of bread (egg+mayo+seaweed)
2 spoons of ira's claypot-mee-her-style
1 packet of instant nescafe
a bite of mc'd fillet-o-fish

i can't move much today
can't do the normal chores without having to stop every 3 minutes to regain my breath

Sunday, March 28, 2010

..a lil test..

*guilty giggle*
got this from deviantArt
copied from a friend's journal
and decided to give it a try

ツンデレ Tsundere (Harsh Outside-Gentle Inside)
[X] You come off as sort of aloof to other people.
*to most people especially guys, yes*
[X] In public, you intentionally refrain from showing much weakness.
[ ] You have a secret obsession with something cute.
*it's not a secret~ ;p*
[X] You pretend that you hate your crush even though you really love him/her.
[X] You blush when people point out your sensitivities.
[X] You blush when people tell sexual jokes.
Total: 5

ヤンデレ Yandere (Gentle Outside-Harsh Inside)
[] You’re very sweet and kind in public.
*to my girlfreinds only*
[ ] When romance becomes a topic of discussion, people say your personality changes drastically.
[X] You know some sort of martial art, swordplay, or otherwise
*i lurvvvee martial arts*
[ ] You have a crush who you’d literally kill for.
[X] You have a pet-peeve that makes you snap.
[ ] Schizophrenic?
Total: 2

メガネっ娘 Meganekko (Girl/Guy-with-Glasses Character)
[X] You have glasses.
[X] You are/can sometimes/always be clumsy, ditzy, or absent-minded.
[X] You are always very polite in your speech.
[X] You are fairly intelligent in some field.
[X] You take discipline seriously.
[X] You have some sort of fetish for something.
Total: 6 (i think we got a winner here)

突っ込み Tsukkomi (Angry Guy)
[ ] You have friend(s) who often make dumb or embarrassing remarks.
*i'm the one who make dumb remarks~ ;p*
[ ] You smack/beat up this friend in some way.
[ ] You do your best to maintain a calm facade, only to be thwarted by this friend.
[X] If you & your friend were a yin-yang, you’d be the “yin”.
*it's dark inside*
[ ] You swear a lot.
[ ] You try to bring out the more serious side of your ridiculous friend.
Total: 1

ボケ Boke (Dumb Guy)
[X] You often make silly or embarrassing comments.
[X] You like annoying the heck out of your best friend.
*especially sisters~ mwahahaha!!*
[ ] You often get beaten up by your friend in some way, but you take it in good stride.
*they can't beat me, i learned martial arts remember~*
[ ] If you & your friend were a yin-yang, you’d be the “yang”.
[X] You are normally very laidback and carefree.
[X] You try to bring out the happier side of your angry friend.
Total: 4

大和撫子 Nadeshiko (Perfect Wife)
[ ] You are always, almost overly, polite.
[X] You love traditional Japanese culture.
[ ] You often wear either a kimono, yukata (summer cotton kimono), or apron.
*i love apron but i dun wear them all the time*
[ ] You’re an excellent cook.
*almost~ not there yet*
[X] You are hardly ever angry.
[ ] You have really long hair.
Total: 2

Sexy Character
[ ] Your bust/package is...formidable.
[ ] You like making sexual innuendos.
[ ] You encourage trips to the beach, pool, or onsen.
[ ] There are some sexual things that you are ignorant to or need explained to you.
[ ] You’re an expert cosplayer.
*why being an expert cosplayer leads to sexy character?*
[ ] You like the taste of alcohol.
Total: 0

Loli/Shota Character
[X] You like sweets or chocolate.
*especially lolipops*
[X] You adore cute things and/or the word “kawaii”.
*my most favorite word*
[X] You use Japanese suffixes like “-chan,” “-tan,” “-sempai,” etc... (hand me a bucket...)
[ ] You add unnecessary suffixes to the ends of your sentences, like “nyo,” “nyu,” “un,” etc...
[X] You are considered gullible or naive.
[ ] You have a tall/powerful friend who protects you.
*i protect myself*
Total: 4

meganekko (girl with glasses)
with a hint of tsundere (harsh outside-soft inside)
and a bit of
boke (dumb) and loli/shota character

i'm pretty satisfied with the result~

..sunday binge..

today is sunday
and on sunday
there are morning market (pasar pagi)
which sells varieties of food
kaachan asked me to go there today
she ordered lots of stuff
i went there with erma-neechan
we spent a good one hour touring about

1 nasi lemak + kerang + daging
(how to translate that in english? urm~ banana leaf rice + kerang + meat)
*what's kerang in english?*
a few cube of nasi impit + kuah kacang
(nasi impit = cubic rice? mwahahahah!!)
(kuah kacang = nutty soup? mwahahaha!!)
*what nonsense rite? ;p*
half of erma-neechan's mee rebus
(mee rebus = boiled noodle? XD)
*i know i shouldn't translate it word-by-word but it sounds so funny!*
3 pieces pf butir nangka
(or is it bunting nangka? a kelantan traditional dessert which i have no idea how to translate it~)
1 mug of lychee syrup + a few lychees

i'm so bad at this
it will be better if i had some pictures
but sadly i don't
hope you can imagine the massive-ness of my meal
later updates for lunch and dinner



aroud 1500 aniki and erma-nee invited ira and i to join them
they wanted to watch a movie
so we got ready and left
but we went to padang balang first
since aniki and erma-nee needed to change
*they live there with my aunt*
while we were there

quarter rice
seketul ayam masak rendang lemak
sekor ikan kembung goreng balada
*sorry, can't translate the dishes name*

aniki went to his office first while we waited there
he got some works to do
then at 1900 he returned
we went to mid valley
and watch Alice in Wonderland!
yay! i'm super happy
since fantasy movie is my cup of tea
and i adore johnny depp

*spoiler alert for alive in Wonderland*
the movie is awesome to me
though i want more of the magical creatures
 *picture from here*
can't get enough of tweedledum and tweedledum
they're fricking cute!!!!!!
the dormouse is different from the disney's movie
she's so heroic and courageous
and the one in disney's always sleepy
anyhow the ending disappoints me a bit
i would have love to see the interconnection between the 2 world
*i know she greeted caterpillar-turned-butterfly in the end but i was hoping to see hatter there*
anyhow, i'll give it a three and a half

half of large caramel popcorn
1 cup of orange sunkist
1 mc'd chocotop
1 mc'd mudpie flurry

anyway the movie somewhat inspired me to read the original story
i've found the text but haven't read it yet
i'll post a review after i finish
until then

Saturday, March 27, 2010

..policy reset..

honesty is the best policy
it has always been my policy
but i don't want to be honest anymore
my honesty tends to make a wrong impression
an impression i have now got tired off
people often took me as ignorant no-good inept person
for my honesty produce childishness
i love being childish
but being childish won't get me the respect i deserve
for that reason
i have decided to drop that sweet part of me
but only with those people
i shall always be the inmature kid in the family
the happy clown among friends
but to those people
i'll be a sphinx
where you could never think of contradicting me
and won't ever try to change my mind
i made my own mind
*a phone call yesterday started this~ sigh~ dun want to think of it no more*
oh yeah
another thing
kin's camera broke
mine broke ages ago
so now we're out of cam
i want to take alpha, beta and honey pregnant picture
this might be the last time any of them gonna be pregnant
*according to kaachan~ ;p*
my mobile can't upload pict
so does ira's and kin's
kaklang won't be home until may
so how?

..Diet Day 70 (26 March 2010)..

ikan tenggiri masak sambal
sup tohu + crab stick

1 bungkus maggi sedaap
1 telur
half nasi
ikan tenggiri masak sambal
sup tohu + crab stick
1 limau

workouts: everyday chores~ he he he~

..Diet Day 71 (27 March 2010)..

1 packet instant nescafe
1 slice peanut buttered bread
2 slice butter+suga-ed bread
2 anggur

later will update for today's meal~ ;)



1 mug orange juice
1 mug watermelon juice
half ABC
mihun goreng
sesudu nasi pataya ira
sayur2 tom yam kaachan

i drank a lot

Friday, March 26, 2010

..some news..

sangat sudah lame tidak memblogging
stakat post diet progress (like the one i did) sgt tak bley di-classify sbg blogging
what to talk about?
ah, have u read bout my cats introduction?
(neko shoukai = cat introduction)
best kan?
but wait
there's more
*iklan smartshop*
(be prepared kaklang, you won't like this)
alpha beta and honey are pregnant!!!
 i know
its gonna be hell
kaachan had started talking bout selling them
imagine this
kaachan: ira tanye la kawan2 kat skolah. spuloh ringget je. he he he.
ira: name pn kawan, sure nak free. tp..emm.. ade kot sorang yg mebi nak.
they din bother to ask me first
even ablong pon suggest jual
seriously tak sanggup
any advice/reason yg mampu menyanggupkan sy?
lets keep that aside
what else ar?
i'm watching american idol
my fav so far are crystal and siobhan
and of course ellen!!
she's so cute!
 ira influenced me to watch glee
watched an episode of it
seems like fun
but i'd like to watch it from the 1st episode
watched heroes season 4 the other day
can't tell what happen
it got so messed up
since i din't follow it closely on the previous seasons
this has become more like a journal
*my tv journal*
need to stop that
i'll "speak" more in my next post

..merely diet updates..

i've becoming more occupied of the house chores and the
need to watch tv that i've failed to keep in touch on what i  ate.
been less committed to my diet than when i'm in melaka.
sorry bout that.
i also can't promise i'll commit myself better.
later then

..Diet Day 57 (13 March 2010)..
nasi teriyaki egghouse
3 big apple donut
sket jambu batu

..Diet Day 58 (14 March 2010)..
1 maggi goreng
1/4 kuey tiew goreng
1/4 mee goreng
1 caramel
1 nasi pattaya
sket sup ekor
sket jambu batu

..Diet Day 59 (15 March 2010)..
2 big apple donut
semangkuk laksa nyonya
6 slices of pizza hut's pizza

..Diet Day 60 (16 March 2010)..
1 chicken chop
few fench fries

..Diet Day 61 (17 March 2010)..
1 mangkuk yee mee sup

..Diet Day 62 (18 March 2010)..
2 packet milo+cereal
1 slice of bread
1 pisang goreng
nasi goreng usa

..Diet Day 63 (19 March 2010)..
4 slices bread (butter+sugar)
1 packet nescafe
1 packet seaweed

..Diet Day 64 - 67 (20 March - 23 March 2010)..
so malas nak ingat
and mase try ingat pon sgt kabur2 je

..Diet Day 68 (24 March 2010)..
nasi ayam + extra ayam
1 cendol
sket ira's mee udang
1 kuey tiew goreng

..Diet Day 69 (25 March 2010)..
1 packet neslo
1 packet iko oat biscuit
1 packet lexus peanut butter biscuit
1 bar of kit kat
1 mug of boh orange-flavored tea
2 packets of nescafe
4 piece of cream cracker biscuit
a few grapes

p/s: i've tried denise ape-ntah 30 min fat-burn dance and 10 min mat pilatte.
halfway through the dance je da mengah~ memalukan~~
ira yg dok melihat ditepi plak berlagak de bley wat smpai abes~ 
*de tak bley wat time tu sbb senggugut yg menggile-pity*
mat pilatte pon wat tipu2 je~ ahahahah~ sbb tak bley stretch leher lelame~ makes me feel ultra dizzy~
stand pilatte tak try lagi~

neko, ganbare!! hait!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

..neko shoukai..

ladies and gentlemen!
the time has come for the cats' introduction!!!
*warning: this is a very long cats-only post*
let's roll!!!!

it's all begin with this neko
it was kin who found her and usher her in
next thing we know we're givin her name
but its not our fault
you'd do the same if you hear her
she'd won the most sweet meow hands down fo'sho!
give your all for..........MALAM!!

on OCT 2008 thanks to MALAM we got four more
SORA can't make it long
she died at 72 days

KIVA was the only male
it was devastated when he went missing

and so we was left with two
one of them got MALAM's fur
ablong call her MALAM JUNIOR
but since she's mine
i got to name her
let me state clearly, the 'mr.' is totally on purpose
she's so small even when she went into motherhood
the image of her with big tummy is so adorable
let hear it for..........MR.CHARLIE!!
(i call her charlie; omit the mr.)

the other one is just as adorable
but for different reason
since SORA died, she kept most to herself
i wonder whether it involves her self confidence
she has one wobbly hind leg
makes her walk weird but totally her
but she seems okay now with the other cats
maybe because her new baby
way to go..........LOVE!!
later when JUNE 2009 arrive MALAM surprised us
she was bless with another four
KIVA JR. couldn't last even a day
GAMA followed next due to her inability to eat
thus left us with anothe two
the first one has grey-colored fur
she has a sad face
the kind of look that will sure to arouse symphaty
she love to nudge her head onto everyone's leg
kak erma wanted to call her pucat
maklong cut it easy and call her cicak instead
but again the veto power rest in my hand
let us welcome..........ALPHA!!
(sometimes we call her FAFA or ALFAFA)

she was lucky she has persian fur
makes her the jewel of the family
but the cheekiness somehow grows with her
though no matter how her attitude is
she's very adorable and love being spoiled
she's the opposite of ALPHA
ALPHA will come to you asking for love
this one will stay still in one place
cause she knew you'd come for her
meet the royal..........BETA!!
(sometimes we call her BETATA or just TATA)
*kaklang blames me for i gave her that name*

later on AUG 2009 after ALPHA and BETA was born
MR.CHARLIE graduated from virgin-ville
she present us with four single-colored kittens
black, white, orange and grey
unfortunately PEPPER (the grey one) died after few weeks
let us meet the rest
the orange is the only female
she's very poised
unlike her brothers
she won't come asking to be spoiled
she'd come close and sit still
we used to describe her as a lady
nowadays she'd climb onto every windows
trying to find gaps that'll led her into the house
she's a lady and yet a very tough one
let me hear u howl for..........HONEY!!
the white one looks like a prince
but he acts more like a spoilded kid
his hobby is climbing particularly on human
he loves the attention
but since his fur as white as snow
he gets dirty easily
one accident where a motorcyle ran on his tail
put him in trauma
give ur best support to..........SNOWBALL!!
(that's his full name but we call him SNOW or SNOWY)
the black one surprised me the most
being black i hoped he'll be macho
the kind that sits quietly and aroused mysteries
but he ended up being the loud one
as soon as he saw someone
he'll deffinitely meow like crazy
he got a lot to tell
but i cant understand half of what he wants
no matter, love u still..........ASH!!

mid OCT, this one kitty was found lurking in the lawn
i though it was HONEY but there's a slight different
as i focused i realized he's lost
wanted to take him in but he's terrified of human
under firm determination and ablong's help
we cornered him in the drain
and put him in the cage
slowly we make him feel comfortable with us
later the clan accepted him
once a street cat always a street cat?
we'll see bout that
say hello to..........SUGAR!!
(he's full name is BROWN SUGAR~ i intended to follow charlie's kitten name theme - fur-color name)

kaachan said this was enough
though since i deliberate taking them to the vet
for ovulation purpose
FEB 2010 marked the historical month for me
early FEB 2010
MALAM produced 3 more
since i wasn't there to observe
i don't know how mane she miscarry
the first one used to be very fierce
he'd declined any hospitality when first brought in
though while being fierce
he's a total cutie!
assumed to be the most active among them
howl away for..........SIMBA!!
(yeah, got it from lion king ;p)

this one was assumed to be quiet
since he stay still when first brought in
he didn't object to anything
neither gave interest to anything
but now he's the most explorer among them
whenever their out of the cage
he'll be the first to go further away
i witnessed him living thru his name when ASH encountered him
watch yourself for..........TAURUS!!
(he was LENG CHAI for a moment, before kaklang insists we change the name that is)

the only female of this batch is a girly girl
seems very much fond of the camera
and no one denies that she's a beauty
her true personality is yet to be develop
i present you..........KIMORA!!
*it does NOT refer to anyone whatsoever*

mid FEB 2010
LOVE surprises us all
we thought that she'd miscarriage
imagine how we feel
when she was discovered in a box
with a kitten!
we were pleasantly shock
*some of us presume that LOVE kidnap him~ hee*

he has a sweet face
and used to be very shy
though now that he's the only kitten in the house
*the others being kept outside in a cage, we dun have enough cage for 3 mama, so the one with least kitten got to stay inside*
he's being very loud and active
and can't sit still
i believe he'd tour around the living room already
i hope the fact that he's the only kitten inside
and his mama is social-less cat
won't be a barrier between him and the others
all the best..........PAGI!!

end of FEB 2010
MR.CHARLIE present us with 5
most of us were shock
that's a lot!
and since they're little
i can't determine their sex yet
all the genders mention below are just assumptions
one of them have SORA's fur
his eyes are like ALPHA's
those sad sad eyes
and he's very quiet
grow well..........CARAMEL!!
(kak erma gave him the name; we call him MEL)

the next one has black fur
he also as quiet as CARAMEL
though he's a bit more active that him
he was the first one to receive his name
on the first encounter
when i look carefully at him
the name pop into my head
may you be just as cute
walk tall..........THEODORE!!
(yeah, from th chipmunks since he's so cute! we call him T-yo)

she has almost like her mother fur
the colors are the same
except that she got more black
plus there's streaks of brownish around her eyes
unlike the previous brothers
she's a talker
and pretty loud too
so unlike her size
we named her specky first
then changed to kabuto
*as in kamen rider kabuto, but ira was afraid that someone would drop the 'ka'*
are you ready for her
meet the petite..........ZORRO!!

the last two has the same fur
brown color with a lil hint of white
they're almost twins
the first one has long straight tail
and a companion of ZORRO
both of them howl with fury
wanting to get out of the cage
he wasn't like this before
he started this aggressive behaviour after i named him
make an entrance..........GECKO!!
(yeah, i got it from the lizard~ the next thing i know he started climbing on the cage)

GECKO's twin has a short tail
her short tail is just like CARAMEL's
unlike GECKO she's very quiet
and pretty passive
she loves sitting around and stare mindlessly away
i gave ira the opportunity to name her
since she loves to ambush her brothers
and smuggling between them
howl away..........MOMO!!

there you had 'em
23 wonderful adorable neko
4 have moved on
one mysteriously disappear
which left me with 18
we'll stay happy
i'll leave you with the neko tree

Friday, March 12, 2010

..long absences..

..Diet Day 48 (04 March 2010)..

i dun rember taking brekkie nor lunch~
erm... maybe i did..

seketul ayam kfc

at 1500 i escort ira to her school
she got kawad practice
tomorrow's her hari sukan
i stayed at school until she finished
since she's a bit sick they asked her to go home early
get rest so she can be healthy esok
before we got home
we went to kedai runcit
kaachan ade kirim barang
then bile sampai umah i helped kaachan masak

1 bowl kaachan laksa kari asam
1 anelene yogurt
1 bottle corbonate ribena
1 glass yogurt drink

late dinnie:
6 piece peanut buttered cream crackers
1 anelene yogurt
few sips of coke

i intend to sleep with beta
but when i got her in my room
she wont stop meowing
so i let her out and followed her
she went to the kitchen
"lapar ke?"so i took out kaachan's cake and gave her some
and ate some

a bit of kaachan's cake

when we're on our way up
alpha break into the house thru ablong's room
on impulse i decided to take her in my room too
i slept at 0400
i got hook up on Judith McNaught's Night Whispers

..Diet Day 49 (05 March 2010)..

i didn't go to ira's hari sukan
i got up at 0800 to alpha turning my room upside down
so i took her and beta outside
refill their bowl
and return to my room
i intended to continue my sleep
but i end up reading the novel till 1000
and later woke up at 1200
i check on my cats
and help kaachan with lunch
kaachan made usual westernish meal
that includes fried egg, french fries, salad, boiled vegies, and the sauce
the main dish is, i presume, the boiled squid
it looks yummy
but it ain't really my cup of tea
and kaachan knew
so she permit me to finish yesterday's laksa

2 french fries
6 spoons of laksa
*i'm not hungry yet*

some fries
half bowl laksa

i dun really rember what else i ate that day~ hurm~ neway, let's move on~

..Diet Day 50 (06 March 2010)..

i plan to watch movie this weekend with ira
but today got kenduri kawen kat pdg balang
so at noon we got ready and g pdg balang

1/4 nasi putih
1/4 nasi minyak
seketul ayam masak merah
5 potong rendang daging
sket arca
2 slicetembikai
2 chunks tembikai susu
air sirap

abes tu balik pdg balang and lepak2
i sambung bace Night Whispers smpai abes
(yay! but now i'm out of reading material~)
pastu ujan so ngantok, tdo ptg~

petang tu dlm kol 6 kot, pakteh, makteh ngan ika dtg
makteh bwk kuih2 sket
pastu maklong ade bli putu mayam
plus maklong ade masak nasi impit, kuah kacang n rendang kerang rini

1 putu mayam
1 cakoi
2 kopok lekor
sket nasi impit + kuah kacang

kul 8 i took ira and ika out
rancang nk blik umah to feed my babies
then ika suggest amek ifah
*ifah dok asrama kat wangsa maju*
so g fetch ifah dlu
pastu lpas singgah umah and layan galaksi smpai kul 10 blik pdg blg balik
and nk dijadikan cite ari ni sume tdo pdg balang
(b4 ni xde sape plan nk tdo sini pon~ tp mebi sbb da lame tak jumpe kot, plus esok sume pon xde ape2)
around midnite syaqilah called
she bump into some unfortunate events
i hope she got over it quick
coz i'd like to take her down the revenge lane
then kaklang called
we chit chat for a while
as always
i slept at 0300 kot, lpas tgk heroes

..Diet Day 51 (07 March 2010)..

i woke up at noon
actually da jaga awal dah tp since malas kan
layan je la golek2
then dengar la suara2 yg jeles i tak bgun2 lagi~
got up, shower and went straight to lunch

1/2 nasi
half sardin
half ikan jaket goreng
1 senduk lauk taugeh
4 keping papadom

after lunch lepak2 main kad terup ngan ira, ifa n ika
sambil2 layan american idol
at 1500 mak kate jom
then kejut la ablong nak salam
pastu ablong kate nk pakai kete
kene tunggu de mandi n siap2 dlu
so i tumpang pakteh dlu since i got to feed my babies
i got home earlier
i feed the cats
clean their cage
clean the house sket2
wash ira nye tudung skolah
get the laundry
made a jug of neslo ice
etc etc
din take dinnie today
minum je
tdo at midnite
tp since i da biase tdo lambat
somehow even da baring kul 1 tu pon x dpt lelap
even mase kaklang call at 0300 pon i'm still awake
we chat for about an hour and 10 mins
having fun discussing kat-tun btr concert~ hee
i ask her to wake me up esok since i want to get up early

..Diet Day 52 (08 March 2010)..

though i set my alarm at 0900
thanks to kaklang i woke up at 1000
he he he
but its early for me maa!
so i got up, shower and went straight downstairs
check my babies
do the laundry
boil water
and vacuum the house
when everything is done
i watch las vegas disc 1
(ablong suke cite ni and he bought the complete 5 season)
as kaachan came downstairs
she said "trime kasih bangun awal~"that made me feel very good
i watch 3 episode je rini
then while kaachan ngan ira prepare lunch
i sidai kain

one and half senduk nasi
1 kepak ayam + beberapa kentang masak kari
sket pedal masak kicap
sket sayur bayam+kulat
1 ikan masin

after lunch i join kaachan watch tv
then tgk mcm nk ujan g angkat kain and sidai 2nd batch kain
and it hujan~~
while hujan

tea brekkie:
2 packet milo

then lpas minum ira and i watch kamen rider den-0 disc 6
(2 disc je lagi! ganbare!)
then i naik mandi
lpas mandi i check my babies
and i got slight intention to tend to them
i peek at their medical basket and decided to give them ubat cacing and their vitamin
nsib bek tak tamat tempoh lg

1/2 nasi
1 kepak ayam + bebearapa kentang masak kari
some sayur
4 paket seaweed

these few days tak membuka laptop pon
so there's no pogress with my cat's family tree
he he he
ganbare ore!!
p/s: kaachan soh cr keje kat klcc~~

..Diet Day 53 (09 March 2010)..

alpha slept with me smalam
so i had to wake up early
since she accidentally caused the table fan to fall
one of its blade broke
*bad alpha! bad alpha!*
got up
and as usual
chichi-ue bought roti canai for lunch
i'm not a big fan of roti canai
so i dun take brekkie

2 packets of seaweed

then at 1400 chichi-ue asked me to accompany him
we went to keramat and jinjang's clinic
he collected the teeth kin required
and we went straight to kin next
we chat for a while
kin quizzed me bout common knowledge
and i failed badly
resulted with chichi-ue bebel-ing bout reading the newspaper
at 1800 we departed from um
its jammed like hell on our way home

tea brekkie:
1 botol kecik pepsi
half botol kecik sprite

2 packet of asam laksa maggi
1 egg

1 packet necafe
2 slice bread
1 packet seaweed
lots of peanut butter

i slept quite early
though 10 mins after i got in my room
kaachan asked me to come down
as she heard a cat meowed in ablong's room
turn out there's no one in there
so i checked outside
all of them are there
and since yesterday alpha slept with me
i took beta to my room
and swiftly entered dream world

..Diet Day 54 (10 March 2010)..

got up at 0700
kaachan called my phone
asking me to handle my babies
but i said i'll do it later
coz i intend to wake up early today
*just not 0700 early*just as i'm going back to sleep
a box suddenly fell from on top of the cupboard
no doubt bout it
beta must be there
so i switch on the light and called her name
until she peek at me from there
she seems unable to get down
i stand on my bed and stretch my hand
but beta still afraid of moving forward
so i over-stretch my hand and pull one of her paw
she fell-slide on my arm
out of nerve-wrack, she burn her claw on my arm
and that's how i got my new fresh 7cm and 2cm scratch
i dun blame her of course
i got down
chores all over again
chichi-ue bought nasi lemak today
but i'm not hungry

1 packet neslo

after ira got home
we (ira and i) went to the store
kaachan wanted some fruits
i wanted some stuff
after we got home
we dine together
i didn't notice before
there's mihun goreng between those nasi lemak

sebungkus mihun goreng
1 sudu sambal
1 sudu sambal kerang
1 sudu sambal sotong
2 hiri sambal peparu
1 tin air sarsi

2 packet of milo+cereal

i think that's my meal throughout the day
din remember takin anything else
though i might ate some junk food
like those seaweed
moving on

..Diet Day 55 (11 March 2010)..

i got up late today
way late than usual

1 maggi sedaap (which flavor ar?)
2 packet seaweed
some fruits

2 packet milo+cereal
3 slice of bread + peanut butter

it's a slow day
din do much
apart from the usual chores

..Diet Day 56 (12 March 2010)..

it's been a while since i weigh myself
my current weight is


ha ha ha~
its already my 56th day
and i din loose any since i left melaka
more like maintaining it
i know the problem
i din excersize
i din do crunches
i just diet
come on neko~

1 bungkus mihun goreng
a few daging masak ape-ntah
some fruits
1 packet neslo

2 packet milo+cereal
some fruits

later then

Wednesday, March 03, 2010 kl for good..

..Diet Day 46 (02 March 2010)..

we depart to melaka kul 1100
pastu arrive kol 1300 camtu~
bought some buah2 for nenek
as kaachan n chichi-ue chat ngan nenek
i went kemas2
wah!!! my room sgt berhabuk!
it took me about an hour and half nak kemas
my barang2 so all over the place
then at 1500 siap pack masuk brg2 dah
dok rehat umah nenek jap
nenek jamah air laici ngan buah2
but i dun eat the buah, i minum je
then bile salam nenek mcm nangis
to all melaka-ians yg da byk sy susahkan
especially nenek and makteh
and of course to ex-colleague kat site
most of all to diyla n jack
hontouni arigatou gozaimasu!

we din lunch kat mlake
we went straight back to kl
before smpai umah chichi-ue singgah kfc

seketul ayam kfc
2 cheesy wedges
1 o.r beger

lpas makan i do the laundry
tgh sidai2 kaachan soh pindahkan sangkar2 malam n mr.charlie
soh letak kat area sidai bju
and since malaysia ni slalu je hujan
i went all hyped up menambah penghalang hujan kat sangkar2 tersebut
thanks to kaachan as motivator/dictator ;p
hee hee hee

late dinnie:
setengah ketul ayam kfc (lg setengah i share ngan malam and beta)
some buah

lepas makan kak erma taught how to wear contact lens
sbb in feb i order a colored contact lens sebab gatal2
it was delivered to the rent house
so arini bru bley try
i ask for brown colored tp this one somewhat green~
tp kan, without spek my dark circles lebih pronounce so sgt macam ughhh~~ ;P
anyhow nnt if i ever wear it out
and remember to take pict
i'll upload it here

..Diet Day 47 (03 March 2010)..
woke up at 0800 utk pi jenguk sangkar kucing
i have to jenguk the sangkar every now and then sebab my cats biase merewang2 kat laman~ so the mama wont be comfy sitting in a cage 24/7~ plus i dun want their 'business' in there~
lepas i let the mama out

kaachan permitted utk smbung tdo
so i return to my room
but instead of smbung tido
i sambung bace Just Take My Heart by Mary Higgins Clark
*smalam tdo kol 4 pon sbb sangkot bc novel ni*
after i finish the book (kul 1015 kot) bru smbung tido
ngok ngek nye neko!
tak pasal2 bangun kul 1400
macam biase do laundry and jenguk sangkar
since this morning chichi-ue bought nasi lemak

1 bungkus nasi lemak
sesudu lauk paru sambal
sesudu lauk sotong
3 sudu sambal
seketul auam kfc
secebis ikan sardin
1 ferrero rocher

ptg td hujan lebat gile
i hoped kucing2 slamat kat sangkar
and they survived!
yay to my penghalang hujan!! hee!
then cik udin gave kaachan a call
saying he's gonna drop by with his wife
so at 2000 lepas cik din da sampai
i help kaachan in the kitchen
lepas cik din da balik bru i dine
which was at 2200

3 senduk kaachan's mee gemuk goreng
sehiris oren
1 ferrero rocher
nescafe ice
some kaachan's cake (dun wory, da nak abes da)

before cik din balik, kak fina (his wife) ask if they can have one kitten, preferably male
i was stunned
i couldn't reply
i know for a fact that i have too much
i even have cat allergies
everyone have suggested that i gave them away
but i just couldn't

they're my babies

i told kaachan that if she wants to give them away
do it without my conscious
i can do nothing when the harm is done
i'll bear with the pain
but i hope she wont

i've captured my catties pict
later will post a special entry just for them
i'm going to finish their family tree first
please look forward to it~

Monday, March 01, 2010

..change of plan..

actually ari ni plan nk g melaka
nk pungut sume2 brg bwk blik umah
tp chichi-ue x larat
demam n seseme tak bek lg
so postpone ke esok

walopun today i woke up early
tp lepas chichi-ue kate tak jd g mlake
i smbung tdo balik
pastu bangun kul 1230
ish ish
and by the time i got up kaachan da siap masak

..Diet Day 45 (01 March 2010)..

a few sip of kuah asam
half hirirs ikan tenggiri goreng kicap
a few spoon terung goreng telur
*i omit rice ari ni*
some tembikai
some kaachan's cake

a few sip of kuah asam
some terung goreng telur
satu stengah senduk bubur kacang

2 packet of milo
beberapa peanut butter-ed biscuit
some fruit

not much~
cd aerobik kin tu pown tak tgk lg~
nnt la ek
pnat jage kucing~ ^,^"

cd to watch list:
1. hanayome to papa (tinggal disc 3~)
2. kamen rider den-o (bru disc 5~ de ade 8 disc)
3. gokuen movie (kn tgk kat laptop sbb kat player sangkot)
4. kamen rider kiva (tak start pon lg, abeskan den-O dlu)
5. koishite akuma (mcm malas je nk tgk cite ni~)
6. sister princess (ni da bertahun2 x tgk2 lg~)
7. skip beat (adik2 kate best~ tp malas nk layan)
8. princess princess (ni tgk ngan ira la)

banyak nye!! tak kire lg video yg kne tgk~ huu


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