Wednesday, April 21, 2010

..lose a few, gain a lot..

i've been very lazy lately
it's been a while since my last post
i'm busy with chores while at home
and when i'm online i tend to do other things
rather than updating my blog

some news!!
i now own 25 cats!!!!!
okay, like i said in the previous post
alpha, beta and honey are pregnant right?

alpha gave birth to 2
one died instantly
Hope died after 3 days
this is alpha and hope

beta gave birth to 4
and more, she gave birth in front of me
it was awesome to witness the labor!!
beta and her four babies

since beta is very close to alpha
she let alpha nurture her babies
they took care of them together
that's so sweet!!!
 sweet right!

honey gave birth to SIX!!!
the greatest number yet!
and six of them are alive and well!!
they're so adorable
honey's SIX kitties

my dA friend, yuurei, already named one of the orange one Gizmo
other than him, the other are still nameless
i'll update once they're named!

and on the day honey gave birth
a friend's friend's sister adopted Momo and Zorro
it was sad to let them go
but it's a must
since they're breeding like crazy
momo last pict before he was adopted
zorro last pict before she was adopted

i'm still looking for people who would love to take care of them
i mean to nourish and cherish them
not just simply feed them and let them be
people like that are limited

my diet have gone worst
*boo!! boo!!*
i am very very guilty
but since i'm a person of my actions
i took full responsibility
i dun blame anyone
lack of discipline i'd say
but i'm not dismissing my diet yet

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

..missed opportunity..

..Diet Day 80 (5 April 2010)..

chichi-ue took kaachan, ablong and i to the clinic
ablong got flu
chihi-ue took him to his panel clinic first
then we went to damai hospital
kaachan consult the orthopedic bout her knee
she got x-rayed
and the doctor advised her to diet in this month
and kaachan asked us to diet with her
*the doctor suggested the same*
obesity runs in the family
hee hee

nasi lema
seketul ayam

mee goreng
a few sudu of tom yam 
a few slices of honeydew

..Diet Day 81 (6 April 2010)..

i woke up at 0900 to my phone ringing
the agency called because they need an immediate candidate
need to start work tomorrow
therefor need to attend interview today
out of dizziness and blurry
i said i'm busy today
baka baka baka neko!!!
yeah, i know
my mistakes
*don't even have the face to tell my parents what i did*
but harm done
can only pray that he'll call me again
and of course i still need to apply for other jobs as well
and study for the ptd exam
it's only a year since my last exam and yet there's lot of changes in the cabinet
lots to read

a slice of butterscotch bread
lots of papaya
honey star + milk

half kuey tiew + mee tom yam
a few papaya
a few watermelon

current weight?
i'll weigh tomorrow~ =)

Sunday, April 04, 2010 spree..

here goes
..Diet Day 77 (2 April 2010)..

early morning before i went to bed

fried mihun
later woke up in the afternoon

maggi asam laksa
 can't remember what else i ate
so that's it

..Diet Day 78 (3 April 2010)..

woke up quite early i think
didn't take breakfast
and just ate a few bites of bread for lunch
but later for dinner
chichi-ue took us out
we dine at Restaurant Chang Mai (if i'm not mistaken)
and chichi-ue ordered a meal ofevery section

2 plates rice
seafood tomyam
ikan bawal masak sweet sour
ikan siakap masak sweet sour
burung puyuh masak ape-ntah
udang masak sambal
sotong goreng tepung
kerabu magga
ketam masak mabuk laut
sayur asparagus
hot cuppocino
tembikai laici

chichi-ue, kaachan and kin stopped halfway
ira and i took the responsibility to clean the plates
we failed though
the burung puyuh and a few of sotong were tapau-ed
so stuffed
i hope my weight x naik sgt

..Diet Day 79 (4 April 2010)..

got up at 1100
got down and wash the cement
wash their cage
and refill their food
then kaachan asked us to get ready
we departed to kenny rogers for lunch

quarter meal
(macaroni n cheese, mashed potato, fresh fruit)
a few of kaachan spaghetti
hot chocholate milk
submarine ape-ntah (3-scoop ice cream shared with ira)

later we went to giant and ampang point
kaachan, ira and kin bought some stuff in avon
i got new cardigan
kaachan buy new jubah
 kin got herself new laptop and new handphon
i bought new formal-lady-like bagpack
(so i don't need to borrow kaachan vulnerable handbags)
we bought some stuffs

for dinner
i planned not to eat anything
so that's it
p/s: ira quizzed me for the ptd exam~ she's so concerned i'm so touched~
thanks so much ira! that does helps!! muahhxx!!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

..from bad to worst ..

..Diet Day 75 (31 March 2010)..

woke earlier to kaachan's voice but too tired to get up
alas when erma-nee called at 1000 i had to get up
erma-nee asked me to resend my resume to a certain person
and called him straight after i click 'send'
so i got up
took a quick bath
as usual i manage my cats first
then do the laundry
around 1130 i send the email
and called him
the appointment is confrimed for tomorrow at 1000
i called erma-nee
asking for advise
and she said don't take my usual bagpack
nor my usual shoe
dress to impress
we'll see what happen tomorrow ok

half chocolate daughnut
1 pizza-bread
a few glass of water

i know i did not eat properly
but i'm not feeling like eating
slept at 0400
*practice my speech for an hour but can't fall asleep fast enough*

..Diet Day 76 (1 April 2010)..

got up at 0700
took a quick bath and i had decided to wear kaklang's turqoise-green kurung
put a lil foundation and lipstick on
and got down
kaachan lend me her bonia handbag
and i borrowed kaklang's gladiator heels
*wearing this stuff is as much like committing suicide--seriously*
did not take any brekkie since i'm too nervous
left home at 0830 and took the LRT

this is my most vulnerable condition
taking a handbag when the snatching crime is everywhere
wearing heels when i have to walk all the way
with my file on my hand
and no pocket on the kurung
which make both my hands occupied all the time
this is not at all functional for me!
why did this entitled as formal attire?!!!
 i hope this pay off

a few stations till my destination
a ***** guy suddenly approached me
an innocent girl i am, i thought he wanted to ask for direction
how i was wrong!!!!!
and he kept asking stuff
and during those attack i've blurted that i'm from melaka
just arrived in kl to attend interview
and currently staying over a friend's place
and i have a boyfriend
as the LRT arrived on my station he got down too
and i quickly called kaachan
and pretended she was my boyfriend
thankfully he stopped following me
what a nightmare!!!!
and now i had to add LRT to my fear-of list!!!
go back to where you came from!!!!!!!!

i arrived early for the interview
though maybe out of those sudden incident i lose my head
and the interview did not go as smoothly as i planned
i made a taboo mistake an interviewee can never do
and out of all my charisma and personality did not shine today
and he even commented on my confidence
this is all going wrong~
but i'm going to let it pass
it's another experience that's gonna make me strong
make me less amai~ sheeshhh!!!

1 mug of clear water

1 fish-n-chip
some carrot
half of kaachan fried bihun
a few spoon of fried noodle
a bowl of tom yam
2 packet of neslo

p/s: i have ptd exam in 9 days~ chichi-ue wanted me to study as hard as i can~ i want to ace this exam too but the common knowledge is hard~ i hope i do better than last time~

..Vocab Checku Shite..
*it's been a while isn't it?*
erma-nee - erma is my sister-in-law's name, nee is from anee which means elder sister
amai - usually means sweet but in this case the meaning is inmature


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