Saturday, May 01, 2010

..first award..

i got my first blog award
i guess i have to thank thee
for this award

*beautiful ke? hee*
*anyway, accepting this award means that i agree with its terms and regulations~ yeah, whatever~ ;p*

so here are the rules:
Thank & link the person that gave you the award.
okay, done~ ^^
Pass this award onto 7 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic
pass this to SEVEN bloggers?!!! oookaaayyy~
i would like to dedicate this BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARD to...

1. kaklang - even if the entire nation were too blind to see it, she's one of the most stunning people to date! mwahahahaha!! disagree? i'll take you anywhere anytime!!
2. jack - she always mesmerized me with her wit and humor~ very entertaining thus very beautiful indeed! XD

3. wani - it's one thing to find a person who can stuck with you for so long that you declare yourselves BFF, it's another thing to just met a person but feel as if you've known each other forever~ it was the latter with wani i guess~ since i always find myself spilling more beans than i intend to and it wasn't because of any provocation~ ^_^

4. ....
ok, i'm stuck~ i don't really peek into other people's blog~
i read some but not actually follow them~ having said that, i'm a more active follower in deviantArt~ please visit my gallery~ ^^
hee hee~

Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won the award
i'll inform them later la okay~

State seven things about yourself.
what with you and SEVEN??
since i can't award this to 7 person
at least i can state 7 things bout myself deshou~
ok, here goes~

1. i write my blog in short sentence~ i used to write in full sentence with paragraph and all but then i went to one of kaklang's journal and find it easier to read it this way~ i was influenced by her style~ but i love to keep it in the centre~ it implies balance in my mind which is very important to me~ 

2. i used '~' as my full-stop~ because i write the way i speak~ and when i speak i don't put staccato (that's how '.' implies to me) on the end, instead it went with long wavy like~ somewhat childish but that's me~ ;)

3. i used '..title..' for everything i titled; posts in this blogs, blogs name, albums, masterpiece, etc~ why? because for everything i created it started somewhere and it will continue to somewhere else~ for every item has their own history and also their own future, of where it may lead to~

4. i love to appear tough and capable in public and act childish and immature towards my friends and family~ neither of those behaviour are fake~ everything come naturally~ that's why people always have 'arrogant' as their first impression of me~ i'm happy with that~

5. i listen to japanese songs mostly~ some korean songs and a bit of english songs~ i love to listen to music~ no matter when the song ignites some silly fantasy or even when it remind me of terrible memories, i'll appreciate it~ because it's the only way to let my emotions flow~

6. i love to read english novel~ used to read malay novel while in secondary school but i've grown out of it~ just finish reading Jodi Piccoult's Nineteen Minutes~ i feel as if the writer were talking bout me~ sigh~ might as well made a post about it~ later perhaps~if i have the courage that is~

7. i don't fancy revealing my weaknesses nor my rudeness to public~ means i don't speak my mind~ i have a razor sharp tongue that was due to hurt someone as i speak and i would not like them to use my weaknesses against myself~ i was raised to care what people say~ i don't really give a damn, really, but my parents does~ thus~

okay, done~
again, thanks wani
for seeing me as beautiful~
though i prefer cute! ;)

jya mata~


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