Saturday, July 24, 2010

..around and around..

hello ya'll
today i was given a task
to buy meself a safety boot
for a beginner
i know nothing bout where to get it
and worst of all
my friends are taken
all in all
i had to find it all by myself

after zohor
i met makteh
and i asked her whether she knew where to get one
she doesn't though
i got into squirt
and drove away

i went to alor gajah first
since my boss took me to one shop before
but they didn't have a nice looking one
but i have to start somewhere aite
i drove and drove
got to alor gajah
but didn't stop anywhere
i drove along some village road towards lendu
it was very nice
greenssss evrywhere
nice for the eyes!!
then i got myself back in alor gajah
and decided to stop at one particular hardware shop
i'm not the type to observe every store there is
so i got mine in there
a safety boot!!!

then i went to tesco cheng
by myself
and bought some bread
and some other things
and drove home
i intended to buy makteh some kuih
but then stomachache kicks in
and i got to get home quickly

got home
park in front of the house
"business" done
and re-park the car in front of makteh's house
stopped by makteh's house
chat for about 45 mins or so
and got home

for starters
who never gone out by herself
i think
i did quite good
and the best part is
i enjoyed myself!!
the bad part is
got to visit gas station soon
not really bad actually
since it is expected


Sunday, July 18, 2010


well here's alil updates of what has happened since my last post

first of all
most of my cats
except for Malam, her three baby kitties and Caramel
the others are now safe and happy
in Maklong's yard in Padang Balang

we didn't take them to SPCA because:
1. they charge rm50 per cat regardless of age or size
(i got more than 10, that would cost a fortune!)
2. all cats with infectious disease will most likely be put to sleep in order to prevent them from infecting the other pets
(all mine were suffering from these diseases, i can't pay rm50 just to get them put to sleep, can i!)
3. they did not suggest any other ways of locating my pets.
(thus for the last resort)

thanks to maklong, ablong, kaklong, chichi-ue, mak, kin and ira
we manage to transport them to pdg balang
and provide them with comfortable playing ground
according to kaklong
they're enjoying themselves
running wild in the yard
though i haven's got any chance of visiting them since i left them

i am currently living in Melaka
continuing my old post as Architectural Technician
at the same place as before
the same renthouse
the same workplace
the same environment
though with a different company
then again
one has to live

kaklang is in usm
kin is in um
which left ira to do all the chores at home
i hope she'll survie

that's it i guess
later then


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