Tuesday, August 31, 2010

..what's left of us..

i was home for the weekend
i pushed nuzul quran holiday to monday
plus independence day on tuesday
i got to stay home a bit longer
yay for that

i was told by ira
malam had moved her babies
after jojo died
she was left with rou and bo
i don't know where she'd taken them
nor whether the kittens made it
*they're suffering from some disease (scabis i think its caled)~ it killed most of my kittens~*

ira also said
she had a hunch mr.charlie is dead
that gave me quite a shock
mr.charlie is one of our earliest batch
she was mine
she hadn't been home for a few months
i thought she fancy a nice freedom for her babies
*she was pregnant when she left*
i never think she'd gone
but just like kiva's case
i'd acknowledge their death only when i saw some proves
until then
they're just roaming free
*wishful thinking ain't i?*

which left only lil caramel at home
i pity him
i wish i can do something to help him
like get him a stroller like the one nutsy wear in the backup plan
and cats diapers to go with
then he'll be able to be independent
*start searching neko!!*

i got a chance to visit padang balang
alpha, beta and love is pregnant
ash is still annoyingly cute as ever
theo and simba still very shy
gecko still loves attention
pagi is still like pagi
taurus's diesease have gotten worst
he's in critical need of a vet
hold on taurus, working off my butt here

snowboy is gone
*someone could have taken him in since he's such a charmer, plus he's white*
kimora is gone
*someone could have taken her in too since her fur a bit different than others*
neyo is gone
*i think he died of the disease*

for a cat lover
this is such a break down

p/s: scott asked for a cat for to him to care~ i wish i can give him one~ but my cats all have scabis~ and they're not fixed~ can't give him that can i~ what will that makes off me? have to say no, i hope he didn't take it the wrong way~ i mean peace for all of us~ you could just adopt those cats in the alley or in the shelter~ they need home~ =) hee

Thursday, August 26, 2010

..being a hardhead..

i read from a friend's status

she suffer from diarrhea because she ate kerang
*apekah kerang dlm bhs inggeris ye?
nguu~tak datang plak~ neway, moving on*

some of her friends agreed

that kerang do give such effect

i take note
but today

out of hardhead-ness

i bought kerang

since dah lame tak makan

and my!!

my oh my oh my!!!!


i got diarrhea


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

..aqxeru's challenges..

i forgot to update about aqxeru
i tried a few times trying to revive him
but failed
i asked chichi-ue to do it instead
maybe i missed out on certain functions
but to no avail
aqxeru's stiff as a rock
(just a matter of speech)

i'm so depressed
aqxeru can't be revived
chichi-ue reckons the hardisk had crashed
i had to get him to a technician
but haven't been to any computer shop in malacca
i just had to braced myself and enter one
but still
any recommendation is welcome

i brought tweedledee to a computer shop in kl
i asked how much is the service to scan him
they charge around rm30 per 10GB
what the hell!!!
*astaghfirullah~ mencarut bulan puase ni~ =_="*
that is too expensive!
because tweedledee has around 215GB storage!!!
i stated this to the shop owner and that stunned him
so i said
only a few more than a hundred is occupied
*as far as i can remember that is~*
with that he put his bid up
"rm120 but we need a day to scan it"
i don't know whether it's a good price since i never did this before
can anyone advice?
since i'm heading back to malacca the next day
i dismiss the offer
i'll bring tweedledee around when i bring aqxeru for a revival
wherever that is
whenever it's gonna be


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

..miss my twin sis..

this picture explains everything

(full view!! full view!! ^__^)

it's a clip from facebook page
a friend asked a question
my twin sis and i replied on the same time
answering with exact words
when we're miles apart
(she's in usm, penang)

it just made me smile
i just have to 'like'
love u kaklang!!

p/s: we're not exactly twins; we're a year apart~ ;)

Monday, August 23, 2010

..revised resume..

these days
my days were colored mostly by miss goh
since i spend almost every second with her
this post was inspired by one of our many little chit chats

things i should add in my resume
(some of these were coined in by her)

1. high tolerance of bladder

2. great sense of directions

3. good common knowledge

4. mange time very well

5. can draw cartoons as requested

6. understand english jokes

7. possess a serious facial which may be in use in debates

8. silent while working

9. good memory

10. doesn't have a boyfriend thus doesn't need extra time for dating purposes

11. computer illiterate

12. a good driver

13. well organized

that's about it i guess

if you think there's more to it
please let me know
i'll update the list


Thursday, August 19, 2010


i got up too early today

then miss goh got up also

i must have woken her up

feel sorry about it

but she doesn't seems mad at all

instead she swap into her cheerful mode instantly

and start mentioning about a video we saw in facebook

this video

then she said its the same in chinese society

but not as much as malays

malays keep asking whether she's married or not

or have kids

then we got into disloyal husband topic

and she said

"that's why i tell u, find a rich husband~ 
 coz the poor husband may cheat on u too~
i rather being cheat by a rich husband than a poor one~
at least i'd get something valuable in return~"

"those materialistic girls~
you can't blame them~"

i totally agree

its the men who made us think this way


but to start with

i don't want a disloyal husband

rich nor poor

and of course

we can only pray we don't end up in that situation

the prayers of the loyal is guaranty to be answered

so to get my prayers answered

i have to very loyal to Allah


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

..field trip with miss goh..

the original plan was to spend tuesday night in melaka
depart for seremban on wednesday morning
drive her to lcct on friday afternoon
and back in kuala lumpur by break-fast

the plan backfired
of course
everything in Allah's will

tuesday night was spent in rembia hotel
its a new hotel
everything new
but there's no electric kettle
no hair dryer
no wardrobe
no instant coffee set
just the basic of basics
though there's a very nice view of the greens
and the taukey is very funny
(he even calls me sayang)

miss goh treated me
nasi putih+sayur campur+telur asin+asam-pedas-in-claypot set
(i don't know the set name)
epal susu ais
a roti canai that we shared
the claypot asam pedas is superb!

since mr.qs didn't call for any problems
regarding of the drawings
miss goh said there's no reason for us to there
but i decided to spend the night with her regardless

she brought me to hallmark hotel
we drop our bags and she took me yet to another placa
she took me to
Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Centre Melaka
where i learn about her charity habit
it gave me a shock to be honest
suddenly i felt lucky
i felt blessed
sympathy was all over me
these parent-less children
being disabled and being unwanted
and strangely enough
i began to think of of stray cats
as i made my first charity donations
i made a mental note to donate some to spca
and of course
by time i would return to donate here again
miss goh's words (again) struck firm in my head
"i buat duit di melaka so i might as well give some back"
and probably make a habit out of it

then we got to dataran pahlawan for break-fast/dinner
we went to us pizza
while she orders i rush out to find surau
it was so far from the restaurant
and it was so small
sooo tak propotional!!
for the megamall that BIG to have the surau that SMALL
but that's normal ain't it
still until we declare that this is NOT normal no one's gonna do anything about it
the food was good
but i miss papa john's butter garlic sauce

we got back to hallmark hotel after miss goh bought some fruits
this is a well provided hotel
for a rate lower than rembia it provides more
we got hair dryer
we got electrical kettle
instant coffee
shampoo and shower gel
and even dvd player
but we got the room that face the back alley
and this hotel is 40mins to work
since there's A LOT of traffic lights along the way
we're leaving at 7am
good gracious!!
(in rembia we left at 745am)
which is the better choice?

back to the plan
since we're not going to seremban
i'm going back to my rent house tomorrow
and take my car to office
and leave for lcct in the afternoon
(the last quarter of the plan is still on)

can't wait to be home

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

..wonderful dreams..

this morning
after sahur
i continue to sleep
and i dreamed about my cats
i met caramel
he was so cute
meowing as usual
i met ash
climbing on my shoulder
the way he usually did
i  met malam
with her usual cuteness
and a few of little kittens
whom i understand as malam's kittens
i met beta
with her usual sense of pride
being so arrogant towards those kittens
and alpha with her mellowness

i miss them all
miss them so bad

i hope you guys are well

..series of unfortunate events..

i have long think about it
i thought i have already master the life's rule of thumb
of how to live
how to make decisions that would not backfire
 then again
accidents happen
my perfect plan would never guarantee anything
everything happen in Allah's will
i knew that
i understand that
i believe there's a reason for everything
 that's what makes me mellow i guess
the skill and the gift to accept and adapt

chichi-ue bought me a brand new hp last april
after a month it went haywire
and got to get it repair under warranty
after 3 weeks i got it back
a few weeks later
it went hell again
again it was sent to be repair
but this time i asked then to check it thoroughly
so i got to get another phone to use
i've choseN to buy a cheap second hand phone
people kept saying that second hand will easily broke
but i assure them
i'd rather found my second hand cheap hp broken than a new one
brand new doesn't guarantee its lifelong doesn't it

i've been using aqxeru since my second year in usm
he's compatible with acad
he's compatible with photoshop
he's perfect
since i got lee-kun to do my work with
i kept aqxeru at home
he's there for my leisure hour
when i want to watch japanese videos
he was never outside
the only connection he has
were the internet server, my pendrive and tweedledee
and yet
out of nowhere
he crashed
but thank goodness
lee-kun stay strong

squirt is my first car
he's second hand but the previous owner had cared for him
he still functions very well
i drove him to work everyday
and everyday i will make sure i park him comfortably
so that he has space between him and other cars
and yet
out of nowhere
yesterday his co-pilot window got smashed
while his neighbors were all ok
nothing were taken
(nothing was in there in the first place)
i believe it was an accident
but i despise the culprit for not coming up front

there are a lot of misfortunes in our life
but please keep your eyes open for the prosperity it brought along

this event brought senses to my head
i realize the main point of having a handphone
to differentiate needs from wants
i don't need the multiple functions
as long as kaachan can reach me is enough
and it makes me see how calling and informing kaachan of my whereabouts is important

it gave me reason to go home
before this since i'm saving for raya
i decided to stay in melaka all weekends
eventhough i really want to go home
aqxeru is my reason
you see
aqxeru is a need
there are things that only aqxeru can do
even lee-kun can't help it
so i have to get it fixed
and to get it fixed i got to go home

i am very much in shock when i receive the news
i was also just as shock to see the name on my phone
we had been in an awkward state before
well, awkward for me at least
i was unsure of what we are
this incident helps me a lot
i got to hear her voice again
i never knew i missed talking to her
i hope she has forgive me for anything that i might have done

you see
there's a silver lining in everything
just keep your inner eyes open

ms. goh said this to me yesterday
"when you got hit by a poisonous arrow
don't ask where it came from
or even bother about who did it.
look for remedies first!"

she said its a chinese saying
i like the saying very much


Monday, August 16, 2010

..a day in sunday..

i worked until 1700 yesterday
kak liza and i were doing yet another overtime
those drawings were to be submitted today
means we have to get it done pronto
whether we like it or not
it was actually whether I like it or not
kak liza were asked whether she's willing to
since she's from another department
but she learned fast
i'm glad she's here to help out
if not my OT sure continue till midnight

later after work
kak liza accompanied me to Alor Gajah bazaar Ramadahan
i'm so grateful!!!
i would never drop by if i were by myself
i don't fancy walking around by my own
rather starve
call me weird if you have to
i'm used to it
and i love being called weird
it makes me feel special

but don't take me wrong
it's not i'd starve to death
if i had to
i will go
but unless it's in that state
i don't really bother

i do feel a bit twinge of jealousy and regret
whenever i see people throw their leftovers in the bin
i'd feel sorry for them
for the haven't learn the value of food

the price is cho takai!!!
*even kak liza agreed ther were expensive*
rice = rm1
paceri nenas x 2 = rm3
patin masak tempoyak = rm4
seketul ayam madu = rm3
kueh x 3 = rm1
cendol = rm1
roti + soya kotak = rm6.40
for one day i spent rm19.40!!
i should rethink about going to bazaar
on my way back home
the cendol i bought kept rolling under the seat
and all i say was
"cendol, ganbare! gaman shittekurezou!!"

then as i got home around 1830
i decided to take a shower and proceed with chores
i need to do my laundry
the dirty clothes have become a mountain
not a pretty view at all

when i was about to activate the washing machine
the water kept leaking out
and i thought to myself
and decided to wash by hand
and just rinse it with the machine
*it's an old version where everything were set manually*
i wash a few tshirts first
and let them soak in softener while i went to chat with kak zah
and i asked her about the machine
she ended up examine it for me
and what do you know
i've set it to DRY
no wonder the water won't full
i must be too tired with this 7 days work
thankfully i only wash a few
the machine could finish the rest
lucky neh!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

..aqxeru crashed!!..

this morning
since lee-kun is so slow in xref-ing
 i thought i could give aqxeru a try
but first i need to re-install acad first
so woke aqxeru up
and began removing some of unwanted program

i've removed
1. acad (since its not working properly and i intend to re-install)
2. microsoft power point
3. yahoo! toolbar
4. yahoo! messenger
5. yahoo! updates

okay then
now it's 'clean'
it's time to get those acad in tweedledee
suddenly it hang!
i've waited but there's no response
so i log out and log into different username
it's ok
but when i tried to defrag the disk
again it hang!
this time i can't log off
so i had to force shut down!

this usually works when aqxeru hang
so i re-strart
and the screen shows
windows HAD crashed!!
oh man!

which means i have to format
but all the discs were at home
how am i going to revive aqxeru!!

and to think
does that affect tweedledee?!!
is tweedledee good?
are the filesssss in tweedledee still accessible?!!
if i plug tweedledee to lee-kun
will that affect lee-kun?!
how am i going to check?!!

patience neko patience
its ramadhan for goodness sake
keep your head

breath in
breath out

i still have lee-kun

Saturday, August 14, 2010

..wallpaper for lee-kun..

i got up at 4:30 AM this morning
kaachan woke me up for sahur

last night
i told kaachan
i wished to skip sahur since i'm a heavy sleeper
it would be hard for her to wake me up
but she said i have to
or my headache won't ease
i've been having headache for a few days now
i don't know why
but i'll have it everyday
miss goh said it was jinho reaction
kaachan reckon because i didn't drink enough
so she asked me to drink something hot for today's sahur

i ended up taking nescafe for sahur
since nescafe the only one i have
out of nescafe's reactions
or maybe because i slept early last night
i can't resume my sleep after that

and since i've downloaded a lot of fonts last night
i decided to make a wallie for lee-kun
*again, lee-kun is my office lappy*

i like it very very much
its in my fav shade of blue
credits to font author and brush designer
(can't recall where i got 'em~ sorry) 

till then

p/s: i'm having my headache while i wrote this down

Friday, August 13, 2010

..my first OT..

just as titled
will be my first OT ever
i had to go to office
to finish some works
that was due monday
and if i didn't manage to finish them
i have to come on sunday too
there goes my weekend
i literally blabbering to my dear miss goh
on how she treated me
forcing me to work on weekend
but then again
now when i think about it
i don't mind

i don't enjoy weekend on my own
i have to be home to enjoy weekend
now here
i would just sit in bedroom
all day long
(like potato couch)
drawing and sketching
reading novels
learning mandarin
though i actually enjoy doing those things
its my leisure hour
but i love working too
i love feeling needed
i guess i am easy to please

so tomorrow
i'll be doing ACAD with kak liza
i'll be able to see her true colors
i hope she picks up fast
so that we don't have to come on sunday
then i could do some sketching
gotta go to bed now
need the energy for tomorrow
*good night*

oh yeah
happy ramadhan minna

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

..the light of my darkess hours..

best friend forever
let's start with something small
what is friends

"a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations"

a bond of mutual affection
so best friends would mean
someone you have great affection with
is that correct

have you notice
as you grow older
the list of people you you call best friend
or even friend
start to decrease
and at the end
you were left with only a few
and to some cases; none

i wonder what became of us
we were best friends
sharing everything that can be shared
those memories live within me

then life to start to take its form
we found our clique
instead of the happiness we shared
we started to voice opinions
and slowly the differences showns itself

then came the destiny path
where we departed to where our destiny brought us
we got separated
and in the isolated space
we found solace in someone else
and that bond also grew bigger
as ours barely maintain its shape

in that hecticness
we found someone to hold onto
someone so dear
some of us even forgot about their friends
but some of this significant other understand about friendship

later on
reality kicks in
works become demanding
we soon can't even keep up with each other
you're too busy with your own world
as i with mine

soon later
as our family grow bigger
with kids to tend to
and in-laws to care
we will slowly

i will not let our bond go that way
i will treasure you
i will find time to call you
to ask about you
to make you matters in my life
to make you feel important
to ease your worry
i will never put you aside

at the end of the day
if i count truthfully
the number of people whom i can call
without hesitation
whenever i'm down and hopeless
don't even reach 10
but the one i'd do anything for is kaachan

yes mum
as much as you're a teacher to me
a mother is always gonna be her daughter best friends forever
as you are mine

Monday, August 09, 2010

..source of energy..

it's not a secret that i love cats
or my miss goh puts it
i'm obsessed with cats
i admit
so what
as long as i limit obsession
as long it doesn't effects me in a bad way
it's ok rigth

today i want to share my desktop wallpaper
so cute!
you'll be blasted off your shoes!!

wait for it




here it comes!

wallpaper grabbed from here

my cute desktop
the source of my happiness
every morning
as i switch lee-kun on
*lee-kun is my office laptop*
a big grin will be plastered on my face
neko daisuki!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

..well let see..

last monday
(now its getting worst
instead of yesterday it went far back to last week)
i made a list
things i have to do
this weekend
not really have to
but there are reasons why i have to do it by today

the list goes as follow:

1. play with photoshop
yeah well, i used to be very addicted to photoshop
i love editing pictures
and coloring some of my art
but then i haven't open photoshop for a month now

2. sketch in sketchbook
here's another thing
i love to draw
but the last drawing i sketched in there dated last 3 weeks ago

3. update blog layout
since i'm already bored with my all-blue layout

4. practice writing chinese characters
since i'm self-learning mandarin now
i might as well get started with memorizing the characters

5. read comic
i bought one last 2 weeks ago and still haven't got time to read it

6. watch tokujo kabachi
its a japanese drama
we bought it in june i think
and until now it have not yet unwrapped

7. watch mr. brain
another japanese drama
since my sisters have watched it

8. wash squirt
squirt is my car
and everyday routine to the site
have made him very dirty

9. ride bicycle
i don't know why
but i really really really really want to ride bicycle

and out of 9 of these items
i only manages to complete

-blog layout-
its colorful now!
what do you think?
i think its nice

-watched mr.brain-
and i really like the story!

-wash squirt-
squirt is clean!!
yay squirt!!

these are still pending:

i'm halfway through
i'll finish it today!

-practice chinese character-
slowly going on

so if we count in percentage
this weekend
i've only fulfilled 44% of my goal

that sucks!!!!
gonna do better next weekend!
i'll ride those bikes in botanical garden!

..basic of perspective..

(haha~ again about yesterday~)
my lovely sister
asked me a question
on facebook
on how to draw perspective

i said
"use perspective line~ it helps"
and she replies
"perspecive line? where can i get it"
isn't she the cutest!!!
where can u get perspective line!
it makes my day

so in order to make her understand
i made a quick sketch for her
using paint
(my ACAD crash or i could make it quicker)

the first one
is the most basic one
with only one blind spot

the second one was made after gg requested
"made the 2-point perspective next"
of course
merash doesn't have any idea what that means
so i whipped paint out
and did this

then this morning
when i kind of thinking of posting those images here
i thought
i might as well sketch the 3-point perspective as well
which usually used when drawing high rise building

i love to draw
but i hate lines
so usually for perspective
i would always do it freehand
with the perspective lines formed in my head
instead of being drawn on the page

 some perspective i made long time ago

happy happy

Saturday, August 07, 2010

..i want to go cycling..

(i always start about yesterday
can't help it
so bear with me)
i got home late
went to that jinho place with kak liza
and then went chit chatting with mak teh and nenek
i arrived at my front door around 2045
and that's only because kaachan had called kak zah (my housemate)
regarding my wherebeing
my phone was dead again
i didn't inform my mum bout my whereabouts
after lots of things going through my mind
of the problems and the mistakes
i can't take it anymore
and went straight to bed
with my work attire still on
i slept until 0700 this morning
stretched around a bit
and get a shower
on my way
i bump into kak zah
and we agreed to leave for botanical garden for a cycle

we leave at 0900 if i'm not mistaken
on our way
we had a glimpse of water theme park ayer keroh
i love theme parks
but not so much for the water side
so not really tempted to visit it
when we got to botanical garden
the bicycle booth was closed!!!!
i'm so saaaadddd
then we thought of renting a buggy
but that too ain't open yet =(
sssooo sssoooo sssaaaadddddd
finally we decided for a walk
and end up in kampung buku
read a few books
and continue walking back to the car
and went straight to mydin

here's the deal
i did not dress properly for a mydin visit
this morning
since i thought we were just going for a cycle
i had wore my selendang in an experimental way
which is not my usual way
of which i have little confidence in
but decisions made
we ain't going home just to change our clothes so that we can go to mydin are we?
so i braced myself
and got there
i bought some stuff
(i noticed lots of person stared at my weird way of wearing selendang but what the heck! i pretended i don't care~ hee)

before we got home
we drop by a stall for lunch
oh yeah
kak zah bought a doughnut for me
thank you!!!
she's so nice

okay, report ends for now
got to go wash the toilet

kaachan = that's wha i call my mum ;)

Friday, August 06, 2010

..misunderstood i hope..

i work with bob
since he's the mechanical engineer
and he needs my cad skills to help him with his equipment layout
and since it's so darn colder at his place
he decided to scoot over at my place
very considerate he is
and he also took his mug of coffee with him
and put it on my table
we work until around noon
till lunch hour
when he had to get ready for his cycling routine
and he said we'll continue after lunch
lunch ended at one o'clock
but not for these 'big' guys
he came back around 1430
the layout we're working on was for a 3 o'clock meeting
i was asked to do the layout
and pass the data into scott's pendrive
that was the original plan
but since we can't finish the layout
i had to come to the meeting also
in that rush
he left his mug on my desk
the meeting ended at 1800
my working hours end at 1730
so i didn't dilly dally clearing my desk and everything
i just scoop my stuff in my back
had a quick glance
(i notice the mug but i assumed bob remembers)
and got home

i arrive with the mug still on my desk
still half full
just as i saw it last yesterday
i thought
"fine, let it be~ bob will want to drink his coffee~ and he'll take it then"
he arrived
and when the time comes for him to make coffee
he searched and found it on my desk
but he didn't take it
instead he found another mug
i didn't realize it at first
until he came over and asked
whether i like coffee or not
and it hits me
he must have thought i used his mug to make a coffee for myself!!!!
how should i explain it to him
but maybe i could just wash it and left it in the pantry
i'd do that
before i go home

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


under the influence of the lovely miss goh
and the funny kak liza
i followed them to this place
i have no idea of the services they provide
they said it's for your health
something regarding the electrostatic
whatever that means
we were greeted by kak erma
she explained a lot bout these machines
how they react
and how they do their work
i am not really confident about it
but i am a gambler
i love to try new things
so i accepted the offer
sign up my name
and in we go

we sat on plastic chair
with a wiring-thingy as the cushion
and then
she switched on the thing

i felt like a vibe ran through my veins
according to miss goh
i'm not supposed to feel anything
it might just be my thoughts
and yet
"of course it's in your head, but that doesn't mean it is no real" -Albus Dumbledore
hee hee

throughout the 30 minutes
i learned about royal jelly
i don't really pay attention to tell you the truth
my eyes and mind were wandering on the articles
those japanese articles
i can read one sentence
"which type do you belong to?"
but unable to read the type since its in kanji
need to spike up my japanese skills
after the 30 minutes
i got home
wondering slightly of when i will be able to feel the change the electrostatic brought in
i'll keep my faith
and since its free
and just across the street from my office
i might as well enjoy it
along with miss goh and kak liza

p/s: my back is aching~ i will surely let you know when i'm finally recover from this neverending backache~


Tuesday, August 03, 2010

..the fourth week..

welcome to the fourth week
what have i learn so far working here
let see
for one thing
it somewhat similar to the old days
when i work here for three months
for another
it's totally different
but still full of surprising lessons

i started working after piling
so the changes revolve around the existing columns
but even then
there's too much changes
too many last minute details to take into consideration
and also lots of plotting job

i began at the earliest of the designing progress
but it's not a entirely new design
for the concept was too mirror the previous building
at first at least
cost comes in
and every little thing that was build
had to undergo some analysis
judging of the necessity of certain spaces
do we really need this
do we really need that
etc etc etc
the never ending changes

i really am lucky
to have my first experience building factory
architecture wise
there's very little aesthetic left
i get to have an idea of working with other departments
i was told once
that i'd be a good engineer
hee hee

i guess i love working here
i have a very sporting boss
it's partly because of her i choose to return
i also have a very splendid colleagues
very awesome foreign superiors
"mat saleh gila"
they looovveee these words

i never thought it was hard to learn bahasa
until i try to teach bob how to say
"selamat tengah hari"
he even asked for a shorter version
i don't know how to reply him
we don't usually greet afternoon do we

scott was all over the'kata ganda'
"kawan is one, kawan-kawan is many friends"
"if kanak-kanak is a child, so for children kanak-kanak-kanak-kanak?"
they can really make you laugh
but what make me laugh the hardest
was when scott read an sms from his driver
(his driver intended the sms for my boss)
try imagine all the short form of sms language in american accent

i hope i'll be this happy throughout the year


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