Wednesday, September 29, 2010 lucky charm..

its an air freshener actually
but its SUPER DUPER CUTE!!!!
i LOVEsssss it so MUCH!!
it even looks like a lucky charm in the picture
with the sunlight greedily charms her whole body

and here's another pict
now it looks like she's sitting on my bag
she's gonna put a smile on my face
everytime i'm down

my cutie little deemai
that's her name ;p

..before and after..

date: September 28th 2010
venue: office
tragedy: excessive snacks


item 1:

taken before lunch
item 1 displays snacks kak af brough from home
the tedious works of a draughter always invite stress
and snacks resolves them
fair enough

this is where item 2 came along
item 2:

item 2 was captured after lunch
(lunch is read as mee goreng)
shows snacks escalation
plastic bags consist of a pau and some banana fritters

this is obsession
and we dare ask ourselves where these spare tires came from

get a grip of yourselves!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

..kaachan no namida..

this happen a few weeks ago
a few days before i came back to malacca

in my last few days of raya holiday
my temperature rise
i cough flu
and coughing all the time
i took medicine
the one we always have in store
but the symptoms remain

at last
under my parents' suggestion
we went to the clinic
kaachan came with me
i expect the norm
the lack of antibiotics
nothings else

but the doctor confirmed
i suffer from asthma
she said i should go to the hospital
to get the proper treatment
for the time being
she gave me a cant-remember-the-name treatment

i followed the nurse to a room
and put the thing on my face
and breath in

kaachan came
as she looked at me
i noticed a tear fell
she wiped them off
and sat next to me

i never thought asthma is bad
until i saw her tears
and this picture

it looks as if i'm suffering

i debated with myself
whether to get an inhaler or not
i decided not to
i'm not giving in
i refuse to depend on it
i don't think my condition is that bad

that night
the number of pills i have to take
is the most i have taken in my life
6 of them was for asthma (per day)


in the end
the only thing i remember that night was kaachan's tears
it makes me feel guilty

don't worry mum
i'm gonna take very good care of your precious daughter
i love that word
i love my mum
sooooooo much!!!!!!!

..weekend planning..

thinking about this weekend
thinking of dropping by stadium hang jebat
to get a glimpse what motor gp race is all about
thinking of going to botanical garden
for a bicycle ride

then miss goh's word got to me
she's thinking of getting kak afra and i
to take cha for a tour around malacca
decisions has yet to be made
its just for heads up
since he's alone here
and miss goh's going back to penang tomorrow
and since he's english is bad
and our thai is worst that his english
and since we're the only companion he has here

ah well
decision is in miss goh's hand
i've already made a mental note of places to go
if we do have to show him around
but unless there's black and white
my weekend is reserve for me and my chores
which is not a selfish statement


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

..foggy day..

yesterday morning
21 september 2010
was a very foggy morning

can't even see the building clearly
kak afra said
its a sign of the end
i haven't pay my dues yet
please let me have the chance

p/s: drivers should not take pictures while driving
unless you drive very slow and you put it on auto-snap ;p

..dear road criminal..

 dear driver 

 i pity your BFE **** car 
 to have such reckless driver behind its wheel 
 who puts its life on death alert 
 everytime it was with you 
 (i hope it was not every time) 

 i pity your wife if your have any 
 its good if you haven't got one 
 you won't have to put her under great tense 
 having to expect the worst everytime you're out 

 i pity your kids 
 it's heaven if you ain't got any 
 you'd do a great charity for the world 
 keeping us from future drivers like you 

 and alas 
 i pity you 

 each one of us 
 must have a family 
 a dad 
 a mum 
 and maybe siblings 
 who cared for us 
 and even someone who was not granted such luxury 
 would be blessed with someone as similar 
 might not blood related 
 but a family indeed 

 you might not have the chance to be raised properly 
 you might have not the chance to feel loved 
 to know the importance of keeping your own safety 
 you might never have learnt the knowledge 
 and the courtesy of driving itself 
 you must have not realized the agreement you signed 
 the day you acquire your license (if you had any) 

 an agreement 
 to keep other people's safety 
 for when you're on your wheel 
 the life of others lies in your hand 

 you might have not realize that 
 for that 
 i pity you 

 i'm glad though 
 and thankful because 
 Allah loves me 
 Allah loves my family 
 Allah loves my mum 
 Allah saved me from a might be terrible crash today 
 a crash that could be caused by you 
 Allah saved my mum from a very bad news 

 Allah gave me another chance to strengthen my iman 
 i'm eternally thankful for that 

 and you 
 if you have a mum who cares for you 
 if you have a dad who'd be there for you 
 if you have a family to come home to 
 Allah have given you another chance to change 
 learn the responsibility of a driver 
 if you too dumb to learn 
  gave in your license  
 and stop driving 
 that would be great 

 please be reminded 
 even if your life a complete null 
 even when it matters not to you whether you make it home or not 
 i have an obligation to come home safely 

 thank you 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

..haven lost..

its easier to sympathize
when someone lost a child
or miscarriage
than to feel sorry
when someone lost a cat

people rush to offer condolences
to lend a shoulder to cry on
to give a helping hand
supporting through it all
when you lost someone

but they simply
don't know how to act
when you lost a cat

when in fact
for people like me
the pain
is just the same

they are my precious
of course
you may say
that i haven't got any child
to compare the different feeling
but all the same
you don't love cats the way i do

i'd appreciate the warmth
i'd love the consoling words
i'd wait forever for the comforting hugs
but they never came

and i
can't help to feel lost
when my cats died
no one to share these emotions
no one to understand
am i really a rare species?

while at the office
kaklang called
she thought i would have known by then
but i think
my mum don't want to bother me at the office
kaklang bombed the news
without the consent of letting it flow slowly
i was beyond shocked
i can't believe my ears
i had to text my mum
since i can't bear to hear the news the second time
caramel died

i tried not to cry
i'm at work
i should not interfere personal affairs
but the truth is just too sad to bear
a tear flow slowly
but i manage to cover them up
miss goh noticed though
but she too don't know how to react about it
in the end
i fake a smile
and continue my works as usual

its a wonder how loneliness can emphasize a lost
i cried the whole way back home

mel, send my regards to the others
if permitted
we'll be reunited

my baby caramel
he used to be a very active kitten
before the dogs got to him
he survived the attack
with paralyzed both hind legs
the vet warned that cats attacked by dogs don't survive long
but he did
even if he's uncapable to look after himself
i refuse to put him to sleep
why should i provide death
when he survived
but i guess
Allah loves him more
he must have suffer a lot while in my care
when i'm unable to provide the best of everything
i'm sorry

i love you


its hard to believe
that these so called adults are not adult at all
i guess the title have lost its meaning
even a kid like myself
no, wait
i am only a few months in the industry
a baby then
i rephrase
even a baby like myself
can understand the need to communicate
have the knowledge to communicate
know the importance of communications
and can actually communicate better than most of you!
so what should i consider you as?
a senile maybe

here's an open email for you
a reminder

dear you,

technology exist to ease the workload
if you don't know how, learn
if you're busy, take some time
if you refuse to learn, ask someone with the knowledge to do it for you
you're the boss anyway, that shouldn't be hard
one step can make a difference
a BIG difference
for one thing
i wouldn't have to write the angry email to you
and what's more
i got my boss' permission to send the email
learning is never a hard thing
you just need to want it
in this case
you need it
at least
learn from your mistake

i am a very petty person
next time
if i  found you make the same mistake
my email won't be as nice

best regards,

then again
some of them adults are okay
but these few really gets on my nerve
"if this is how adult acts, i'm proud to stay as a kid"
cheers! advertisement..

kak afra, miss goh and i made job ads video
the idea was for all of us to talk
but it seems like no one else want to continue
so i just take the cue
and continue till the end

it's a bit crazy
but fun and enjoyable all the same
it was published first in my facebook
just wanna keep a tab of it in here too

to you who happen to come across it
bon apetite~

Monday, September 20, 2010

..tummy explosion...

ate a lot

last saturday
there's wedding ceremony in front of the house
nasi minyak for sure
daging, ayam, bubur,
you name it
they got it

i accompanied kak zah
to her friend's houses
5 houses to be exact
two of them offered lunch
twice we ate rice that day

kak afra and i went to tesco for lunch
then we bought some bread
after work
miss goh, diyla, cha (new Thai guy) and i
went to kak afra's house
ketupat, rendang, kuah kacang is a definite
got mihun sup some more
tembikai, kek batik, kuih
when i got home
makteh offered some more
but i have to decline
my tummy can't take it anymore
in the end
i just take a mug of teh
and jamah a few kuih

have not eaten my bread yet
i'll take them for sahur
planning to start syawal fasting tomorrow

some random pict at kak afra's house:
*that's the thai guy in the middle*

*dila, mengira kalori kah? ;p*

*rendang ayam!!! yummss!!*

p/s: kak afra and i made a deal to wear baju kurung to office today. i thought that deal already gone down the drain so i wear my usual attire. resulted in kak afra being gadis melayu terakhir for the day. hee. but i'm glad i didn't wear kurung, i'd steal her limelight. she looks so so totally cute in baju kurung! especially when she sew the baju herself!
here's a pict for prove!

*ayu gile dowh!! suke sangat!*

Sunday, September 19, 2010


a lot happened this weekend
but i don't feel like typing them down




i'm gonna let them be


Thursday, September 16, 2010 visit in a dress..

i've decided to wear a cute dress
only to find out we're having a site visit

there's me and kak afra
in the middle of piles
the piling work is progressing
good to know that we're going somewhere
rather than only have them on my screen

and i caught this
be very surprise

our lovely miss goh
had a very bad hair day
so funny!


while i was at home
i had the chance to hold to the astro remote control for a few minutes
(it was usually in kaklang's hand)
with that
i browse through the channels
i'm systematic
i don't skip channels
unless if you count the one we don't subscribe
my ear caught on a beautiful distant voice when i skimmed thru astro oasis
it makes me go back
and i stunned
i began to read
and i listen as closely as possible
the most beautiful asmaul husna i ever heard
in an instant
i felt peaceful
subhanallah breaks my heart..

things happen for a reason
can't really tell you how i feel
just can keep on ponder and wonder
how you will feel
you'll be surprised
i guarantee

let it flow
learn to accept
and let it go

breath in
breath out

revenge is never an option

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


this year
will be my first year to start giving
instead of receiving

i will miss being on the receiving end
but i hope i can bring the emotion
i once found
in receiving them

"tangan yang memberi lebih baik dari yang menerima"

one thing is
i'm starting small
can't give as much as i want
can't give to everyone
but being me
i know
the amount won't register with Allah
its the thought that counts
the nawaitu
may it be in the right path

selamat hari raya aidilfitri
maaf zahir dan batin

..crushies overdosed..

i'm so happy
yesterday i was invited to nenek burok's house
for break-fast
with every policy stored 7 feet under
i ate like a hungry lion
can't stop it
everything's delicious!
two thumbs up!!!
you betcha!!!

i got to bed yesterday thinking of my luck
of the blessings
and of course
of squirt's sudden injury

i was kinda sleepy throughout the morning
was keener to listen to SB's and GCL's gossip
rather than facing my incomplete staircase
especially about the dialogue GCL had with certain someone
some grownups have missed the point of being an adult
being unable to differentiate business from personal

as the time ticks nearer to four
i began to feel happy
first because miss goh's treating us break-fast today
second because i'm going home tomorrow
i thought i was already happy beyond wonders
that is until they came around

mister AC came around four to our office
without any particular reason he greeted me
that alone makes me smile
the first thing he asked was whether i can speak chinese
out of nerves
for being greeted so suddenly
i replied "siki-sikit"
i quickly translated it to english
my mandarin ain't any good yet
then kak afra and i left to pray
when we're done and came back to the office
we bumped into him at the entrance
and again he greeted me
*kak afra slips swiftly behind my back*
with a bit of courage i asked what is he doing here
he caught a cold and was even wearing mask
he said something about the cold making his voice sexier
for goodness sake
"hui chia pa~" i said
it means go home la
behind the mask i notice his smile
he was weirldy friendlier today
i had to remind myself
there's a possibility that i was the one who triggers the friendliness
in my yesterday's work-related email to him
i added a get well soon wish
could that be the reason?

*while break-fast
miss goh said her instincts told her that AC have noticed
my crushes on him
hee hee
is it that obvious?*

then later after that brief moment with AC
i found mister LV in the office
discussing with GCL
mister LV was my former crushies
before AC came along
i usually liaise with him of the tool layout
but he was absent for quite a while
he's a charmer
he charms people
i think that's his full time job
he talks about AC today
since they're both kinda in charge of the same thing
though they don't see eye to eye
he stopped abruptly when GCL mention i adore AC
and quickly redirect
saying that *spats* actually a compliment from where he came from
yeah right
i enjoy his jokes
and he's easy to talk to
i don't have to repeat myself
or re-construct my sentence to make him understand
unlike AC
*but that's what makes AC so cute!*

these encounters with my crushies made my day
love the anxiety
love the adrenalin rush
love the probabilities lie in it
crushes makes me kinda giddy isn't it
i'm lovin' it

Sunday, September 05, 2010 and white contest entry..

okie dokie
out of those photos i've meddled with
i'm submitting this one for the black and white contest
*follow the link for contest details*

hee hee
i love the angle
and there's no dinosaurs stealing my limelight

okay, need to tag someone
*sempat lagi meh? esok dateline*
but since its the rule
kaklang; if you're interested :)

p/s: its my 100th post!! hoyeh!! XD

..being inspired..

i've installed photoshop in aqxeru
but under certain circumstances
keygen won't run
so i have to use free 30-days trial one

i've chosen a few pictures to edit
for the previously mentioned contest
haven't decided which one to use
just want to share the before and after product
da lame tak pegang potoshop nih~

1. engagement fantasy *eceh*
venue: paklang's house (kak ain's wedding)
photographer: kaklang/kin (can't remember)

2. leader of the clan
venue: botanical garden, ayer keroh
photographer: jack

3. a long way to go
venue: botanical garden, ayer keroh
photographer: jack

4. reminiscence of the past
venue: maybak tower, bangsar (when kak erma still works there)
photographer: kaklang

5. warrior hunt
venue: botanical garden, ayer keroh
photographer: jack

okay then
time to choose

i choose you, pikachu!! ;p

Saturday, September 04, 2010 and white contest tagged..

lovely cik dila
had tagged me in a contest
thank you so much!!
its been a while since i got hyped of contest
and usually its a drawing contest
never pictures

the thing is
the closing date is sept 6th
and i just knew about it today
and of all my picts
there's none of only black and white images
a lot of arts though
but not pictures

this is the most black and white i could find
but even this have a bit red

this one used a red base
made it kind of pinkish grey doesn't it?

i have deleted the photoshop format
plus i don't have photoshop installed in aqxeru yet
so can't make a fast edit out of it

if i manage to produce one
i'll submit by tomorrow
sangat diragui ;p

..away with jack..

i spent my night in jack's house yesterday
got there straight after work
since i'm kinda afraid i'll get lost
i didn't stop by at any bazaar for a buah tangan for her family
regretted that
i should have brought some
*where's your manner neko?*
*sorry, sorry*

jack cooked
hee hee
maybe she got a bit touchy of my retort a few days back
she offered to buy the food at a near-by bazaar
but i insisted she cook
or she wouldn't be eligible enough for marriage
here's the thing
she's getting married this december!!!

it's really shocking to tell ya the truth
she's the most unlikely to get marry
i can tell you 1001 reasons why the above statement stand tall
and yet fate does have a few strings up its sleeve
who knew
it might be me next
*wishful thinking*

we spent the night browsing websites and magazines
of hantaran images
and how-to's
she's planning of making them
her engagement is in october
means she got to make some by then

it's not that hard to make hantaran
i made aniki's hantaran for his engagement and his wedding
i think i got a pict somewhere

found them!

11 dulang
*simple je kan*

but i like this one most
the wang hantaran
the most complex one

*aniki and ermma-neechan*

i'll try to get my gadgets from home this raya
all those extra beads, ribbons, flowers etc etc
then maybe
if time permits
i'll gladly lend her a helping hand

congrats jack!!!
*have to stop calling you that from now on~ ;p*

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

..revival and departure..

got good news and bad news
the good news is
aqxeru has revived!
i took him to kl
maklong suggested her neighbor’s store
the hardisk had crashed
just like what chichi-ue said
i had him repaired and reprogrammed
and tweedledee scanned
tweedledee is also alive and well
it’s heaven to hear that

bad news
its time to depart with lee-kun
we’re having newcomer
*welcoming kak afra with warm greetings =)*
so miss goh took the liberty to buy new laptop
a good one i have to admit
*i5 with ddr3!
plus with windows 7!
but when i exclaim “i5!!!”
miss goh said “apa itu?”
apekah?! ;p*
and since i’m more senior
she gave the new one to me
and kak afra took lee-kun
so i had to take all my files from lee-kun
but i had rename him in his system
with the intention of keeping his name lee-kun
*kak afra jgn tukar!!*
with that
i start anew with lee-kun II
my creativity gone down with naming things
no, that’s not it
i feel i want to keep a part of lee-kun with me
*i had a feeling miss goh will said "gila punya budak"
but who cares~ haha~*
so i had name the new laptop lee-kun II (pronounce: lee-kun the second)
thanks miss goh~

we’ll be alright


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