Sunday, October 31, 2010

..movies outing..

on friday
kak afra and i met as at gurney plaza
we decided to watch a movie
we watched
 The Other Guys
source: google

it was fun
crazily hilarious
very suitable to release tension
and laugh along with the crowds
i love mark wahlberg
he's so cute!!
love him since the italian job
"i'm a peacock, you gotta let me fly"

we decided to watch another movie
this time azura tagged along
since the poster was really inviting
(and since as refused to watch sammy's adventures)
we decided to watch
source: google

*spoiler alert!*
it was very unexpected
from the movie i learn
don't judge a movie
by the poster
or by the captions
10 seconds into the movie i already doubted our decision
i wanted something more
more than a one-man show
more action
rather than waiting for death with Paul
we waited all this while just to see him die?!
what a depression!
it was a very turn down
i didn't prepare myself for this
some people might like it
but it wasn't my choice of tea for that time being
(sammy would have been better)

it's a tie
one win one loose
i never heard of those two movies
i don't read newspaper
nor do i watch the tv
but i can guess the genre
 i chose to watch them basically by the genre and the posters
my favorite style
of course
there are some movies that are on my watch list
movies that have grabbed my attention months before their release
such as
Harry Potter (since i love the book)
The Incredibles, Despicable Me etc (since i love animations)
Alice in Wonderland, Narnia etc (since i love fantasy)
but my favorite is to gamble
based on the poster, genre and actors

i longed for the excitement i got from
source: google

my sisters and i decided to watch A Team
when all the movies on our watch-list are full
we have no info of the movie
we gambled and we striked
it was awesomeness!!!
murdock rawkssss!!! XD
i longed for that
i hope i strike next time
till then

Monday, October 25, 2010 penang..

i'm in penang!!
very very excited to be back here
currently staying in miss boss's gorgeous house
with the view of the sea
gonna witness the sunrise i love so much in penang tomorrow
(i always enjoyed sunrise in my room in usm those days)

plans for the week
need to tidy all those mistakes the qs spotted for us
need to tidy those sectors per papa bear's markings
want to pay a visit to usm
want to take kaklang out to movie or something
want to have a get together with gg
planned for a picnic at bukit hijau or sedim this saturday

here's another thing
i bumped into syikin just now in gurney drive
we were in perlis matriculation college together
she was from penang
i was from kl
then i was accepted to usm, penang
and she got herself into ukm, bangi
later i got a job in melaka
while she found one in kl
and better yet
she live near my house in kl
fate has gotten our locations all switched up
we rarely met
but we met here in penang
and we're both here on bussiness trip
that's just amazing!


gonna spend every breathing hour
the best way i can
its a rare chance to be here
hope to make it worthwhile

ps: kak afra, excited yet?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

..done with mercy..

another jodi piccoult book done

i have 4 novels by her
i was intrigued by the caption they put in front
ending them with a question
"what will you do?"
what do you call those things?

the first one i read was
Nineteen Minutes
 can you read those captions?
"your sons say the bullying was unbearable"
"but his revenge was murder"
"what will you do?"
 in nineteen minutes
the life of all the people in school
change dramatically
next one i read
The Tenth Cirle
 "your daughter says she was raped"
"but the man she accused was her boyfriend"
"what will you do?"
i don't really like this one
i blame the daughter for everything
i only love the comics they inserted since the father is a cartoonist

i keep up with
Keeping Faith
 "you don't believe in god"
"but your daughter is talking to angel"
"what will you do?"
it goes way over the edge of imaginary friends
her daughter perform miracles
became the topic of the world
and since her view of god is different than all the religion we have now
it created a stir
a single mom fight to protect her girl from the world
and also from the girl's father

last night i finished with this
 "the love of your life"
"ask for your help to die"
"what will you do?"
in this case he do as she asked
the wife was suffering from cancer
it has gotten to her brain
she simply refused to live like that
out of love
out of mercy
she asked him to kill her
how will you convict this man?

all those issue were not normal issue
it digs deep
it shows mistakes
it shows guilt
how it happens
what makes them happen

but one thing about the books
i kinda hate the same third party issue
most of them have a husband who cheats with another women
or wife who cheats with another guy
it pissed me off
i tried to understand what the writer try to explain
but understanding doesn't change the way i feel about it

they're good books to get your brain moving
but i think i'm gonna take a break from her stuff
all these are making my brain go haywire

i'm starting cecilia ahern's the book of tomorrow
happy happy


 i thought i have grown out of them
out of grief
out of sorrow
out of pain
but when my tears fell as i look at their pictures
i knew i was wrong

all these while i had them in this folder
a 'to upload' folder
but they never made it
(now they do)

 pagi and gecko on the starfruit tree

 pagi glancing down with a view of caramel's bobtail


 gecko and caramel enjoying the view from the top

 taurus wins hand down


 snowboy enjoyed sleeping in the drain
he used to scare me to death with his sleeping style

 alpha resting on beta while breastfeeding jiggly

 caramel weird sleeping style

 how can he be comfortable there?

 warming up while raining

sharing heat


how and when can someone overcome one's grief?

Friday, October 22, 2010

..tidak seperti biasa..


awal pagi
akan ku bangun seperti biasa
lebih awal beberapa minit dari jam loceng
seperti biasa
akan ku terus mengirim SMS kepada emak
"emak, da bngun"

lantas selepas bersiap
sedang memanaskan enjin kereta
emak aku telefon
"emak, kakngah nak pergi da ni"
kami akan berbual seminit dua
tetapi yang pasti
izin bergerak ke ofis akan sentiasa dipohon

selesai meletakkan kereta di tapak parking
emak akan ku telefon lagi
"emak, kakngah da sampai da ni"
dan tanpa gagal
emak akan menjawab

pabila sudah ingin pulang
sedang memanaskan enjin
emak sekali lagi aku telefon
"emak, da nak balik da ni"
emak tidak bosan menjawab
"elok-elok bawak kereta"

setibanya di tapak letak kereta kawasan perumahan
aku telefon emak lagi
"emak, da sampai"
soalan wajib emak
"tak singgah beli makan dulu?"
aku akan meleret menjawab "tak~"
akan ku dengar emak tersenyum
kerna emak tahu benar perangai anak nya ini
begitu segan tak kena tempat

antara jam 8 malam hingga 11 malam
emak menelefonku
akan ditanya perihalku
"makan ape hari ni?"
"tak basuh baju?"
tengah buat ape?"
akan diselingkan dengan cerita adik beradikku
"ablong pergi memancing"
"kin nak pergi shah alam"
"ira ade seminar kat um"
"kaklang stress dengan cikgu de"
paling lama setengah jam
paling pendek 5 minit
tetapi panggilan itu tetap wajib

sebelum aku tidur
akan ku kirimkan SMS kepada emak
"emak, nanite"
tetapi bila terasa mahu bermanja
ayat jiwang akan ku utus untuknya
"emak~ kngh nk tdo da~ mak jaga diri tau~ sayang mak sgt2~ muahx"

tetapi hari ini

tidak seperti biasa
aku tidak bangun lebih awak dari jam loceng
maka SMS tidak aku kirimkan
lantas emak menelefonku
membangkitkan ku dari tidur

tidak seperti biasa
aku tidak menefon emak ketika memanaskan enjin
aku cma mengirimkan SMS
"kngh pegi dulu"

tidak seperti biasa
setelah sampai
aku tidak menelefon emak
aku mngirimkan lagi SMS
"emak, da smpai"

tidak smpai 30 saat
emak menelefonku
"kenapa hari ni sumer sms je?"
aku terdiam dan terbatuk
emak sangkakan batukku semakin teruk
aku cuma diam
tetapi aku sudah belajar dari kesilapan

petang sebelum bertolak pulang
aku menelefon emak
menerusi panggilan itu
mak berpesan
"elok-elok, melaka tengah jerebukan"
"pasang lampu kalau gelap sangat"
aku tersenyum dan menjawab


alangkah besarnya kesan bila aku sedikit lari dari kebiasaan
lantas membuatku berfikir
kerisauan seorang emak

aku cuba membayangkan
andai emak
tidak menelefonku seperti biasa
tidak mendoakanku seperti biasa
tidak aku dengar suaranya seperti biasa
tidak aku ketawa bersamanya seperti biasa
tidak mengizinkan ku kerja seperti biasa
bagaimanakah aku?
air mata manjawab soalanku

ya Allah
panjangkanlah umur emakku
pulihkanlah kesihatan emakku
murahkanlah rezeki emakku
redhailah ketenangan buat emakku
utamakanlah doa-doa emakku
moga emak sentiasa senang berada di dunia Mu
moga emak mendapat tempat di sisi Mu

hanya engkau yang satu

tiba-tiba ingin menulis dalam bahasa melayu
agak janggal sedikit

Thursday, October 21, 2010

..can i ever keep it up?..

 for no obvious reason
it seems like i was on a diet

i take nescafe at home
while at work
kak afra offered some of mak jah's fried mee
miss goh offered some grapes

since no one mentions bout going out for lunch
and since i was immersed with work
we didn't take lunch
miss goh went to the canteen
and bought kacang hai (perisa istimewa)
kak afra still have a pack of yesterday's snack
we live through sharing them

since i was impressed with myself
i decided to stay with it
as i got home
i skipped 50 times
for someone who stumbles almost everytime with skipping
(my record: in 10 times, i'll successfully skipped TWICE only)
50 is A LOT (please do count in the fail ones)
i danced to three songs:

1. perfume - chololate disco
*it was in Himitsu no Arashichan, i was tagging along as they teach Arashi the move~ just for the chorus part though*

2. beast - breath
*i was merely do a free-style while trying to copy what they're doing*

3. beast - shock
*since i still remember how to dance to the chorus, it was more 'civilized' looking than breath*

i took a shower
and for dinner
i took 2 packets of nesvita
that's it

please allow me to be SO PROUD of myself today

then again
as the title goes
can i ever keep it up?


as usual
everytime i got online
i'll definitely go to the dashboard
as i click at the same tabs
it brought horror to my life
dashboard, yes
but not mine

its kaklang's!!
*insert beast song here ;p*
i was flabbergasted
my first thought was virus
typical non IT people ;p

but being reasonable and logical
i traced back my activities mentally
and i remembered using her google account
and that's where the system kicked me out
and take her in
i didn't realize google and blogger are connected
all this time logging with google account
silly neko

no worries
everything is under control

bikkurishita : shocked!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

..think green..

miss boss
kak afra
and i
wore GREEN
purely coincidental

it was just kak afra and i
then we made a bargain
if miss boss also wears green
we'd make it into green building day
means we take photos with the green book

i'd like to make it into a wallpaper
but haven't got photoshop installed
it will

keep the earth green
its our responsibility
ecewah~ ;)

Friday, October 15, 2010

..we're blessed with it..

it wows me
to see the understanding we share


i only need to read two lines
and i knew by instinct
of what you're talking about
to whom do you intend it for
the overwhelming warmth while you wrote it down

i only need to glance it once
to break the code you made
able to read between the lines
and instantly understood the trouble you're in

i only need to hear your silent breathing
to know you're crying
i would acquire the knowledge
about the situation
of who when and how
everything is in my hand
without having to ask
without even having the conversation

i only need a glimpse of your face
to know what you're feeling
even when you're a world class actor
underneath all those protective layer
your genuine emotion
were display on these eyes

i don't mind you're lying
i don't mind you're raising your voice
i don't mind your silent tantrum
i don't mind your intolerance
i don't mind your scissor sharp retort

i don't mind
for i know why you did them
for i understand the condition you're in
for i strongly believe
there's a reason for everything

even when we quarrel
had a big row
i know by instinct
it won't take long to see us shake each other's hand

just can't live
without another

i believe
i don't have to say it out loud
i believe
you already know of whom i'm talking about


it wows me
to feel the existence of this bond

Thursday, October 14, 2010 just couldn't get any better..

i admit
i am just a human
a human who enjoys being complimented
enjoys the tender care
appreciates the warmth

it could have been a lie
but the tone
nor the facial expression
never suggest as such

it could be my ignorant thingy again
unable to differentiate one another
and yet
i am completely content with that

if they were lies
keep lying
cause they sound so real
i can't even tell
and i rather not know the truth

if they were indeed the truth
you're such an angel!
thank you!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

..pond and pizza..

our dear big papa bear
usually mentioned as SB
hosted a house warming party last night
all in all
there are six of us who attended
it was meant for just us anyway
the somewhat csa team

the first thing i notice was of course
his pond!
his hand-made, self-design pond
and it was magnificent!


then kak afra and went snooping around his house
i was not behaving my age
i guess that's why

and then we eat
there's pizzas as main dish
and lots of snacks
some fruits
papa bear's home made chili
and miss boss' tomato juice

we chit chat until 2200
and left
leaving all the junk for papa bear to clean
poor papa bear
maybe that's why he's not so well today

i'd like to visit his house again
just to play with his cat
he haven't got one yet yesterday
but soon he will
till then

jyukyu sai iwaremashita ne
nanka ureshii
sugoku ureshii nandeskedo
wakai na kimi
ototo mitai

Monday, October 11, 2010

..weekend with kak afra..

went home around 2100 friday night
usually kaachan would never let me drive alone in highway at that hour
but this time
kak afra's with me
she decided to come after i begged her

arrive at 2300
a few chit chats with ira and ifa
and we off to bed

went to jaya jusco

enjoyed ourselves at the arcade
i bought a couple of novels
Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom
The Book of Tomorrow by Cecilia Ahern
both are my favorite writer
i've been bargaining with myself when to get them
and i finally did
haven't read them yet
i got to finish Jodi Piccoult's Mercy first

next we got to mydin
kin got some stuff to buy
and we went straight to padang balang
maklong had cooked for us
maklong's cooking never fails us

i had some time expressing my love to my cats
trying to understand
i wish i could take alpha with me

congrats love for her 6 kitties!!

we got home and spend another quality time chit chatting

we went to wangsa walk
original plan was to watch movie
but the timing and the movie don't match
we end up in the bowling alley

kak afra
unexpectedly is good with bowling
she triumphed over us all
when she admitted her usual score was around 30/40-ish
so unfair
in exchange
i finish last with only 36 points
cho heta dana!!

we had a bite at the hot n roll
before we depart for giant
kin, again, have something to but
but all of us end up buying cheap pajamas
we got home and rest

a bit after 2000
ira, kak afra and i went out to buy dinner
and some stuff

as we got home
again we chit chat
we can't help it
there's so much to share

for one thing
ira can't stop herself from convincing everyone
how similar kak afra is with yuna
i dressed kak afra
and wa-la!!

at 0000 ablong, kak ema and maklong arrived
we celebrated chichi-ue 53rd birthday!

after we bid farewell
kak afra and i went to bed
well, kak afra did
i spent a good one hour re-reading hunterXhunter

at 0630 monday morning
we departed for melaka

i had lots of fun
hopefully kak afra and the others feel the same way
can't wait for our next gathering
this time
i want all of us there
missing u big time kaklang!

mata na!

Friday, October 08, 2010


this week
original plan for BK
was to visit penang wih GCL

but then she was instructed to go to manila
that's when everything went chaos

GCL left CHS in charge
but CHS suddenly had something to deal with
he came to me
asking whether i knew any link it penang
i searched for CyL number
by doing that i got LeZ involved

finally when i got a hold on CyL
she informed that its impossible for her
with her tight schedule and all

we wait for GCL to make the call
via email and messenger
she came by with options

ask CHS take him to CyL in penang on saturday
ask DL to take him to LeZ in klang on friday
let him be

then i mentioned i'm going to kl
she came with option 4
i take him to MnG in Jelatek on friday

by the next day
and smses went a bit wild
conforming everything
and its decided to option 4

i was excited to tell him the news
but when i did
he said
'i don't want to go anywhere'

for heaven's sake
why can't you tell us sooner?!!!
surely you notice my saying your name lots of time on phone
you could have stopped me then
there are LOTS of time you could have told me

but don't worry
i forgive people easily
but for now
i resent you

Thursday, October 07, 2010

..feeling good..

it happen sometime yesterday

Dialouge One:
HCH : Do you know which one is the latest one ar?
SB : I don't know a thing. Ask Alina, she knows everything. I bet even AC don't know which one's the latest.
GCL : Ya la. That's the reason we kept her alive. Ha ha.

Dialogue Two:
SB : So are you coming to my house warming next week?
Me: Is your house easy to find?
SB : Yeah!
GCL : No no no... Eh, Alina can. She can find things easily.
SB : Yeah, she found you.
(its actually diyla found me but details aside heh~)

just a lil something something that made me smile inside
to actually hear your superiors (waayyy superiors) talk about your forte without you mentioning about them is really something
it made me feel good
very good

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

..hectic happy life..

first of all
jack’s engaged!
congrats to you!!
it’s really unexpected but i am genuinely happy for you
you go girl!

i’m planning to visit home this weekend
its chichi-ue’s tanjoubi next monday
jack accompanied me to jj yesterday
got chichi-ue a present
but it wouldn’t be perfect if kaachan didn’t get any
since i barely go home anyway
so i got kaachan a present too
gonna buy ira a wallet
gonna buy kin….hmm, what should i buy for her?
she loves cloth
but buying her cloth will make ira jealous
so, i’ll get kin a shoe? think bout it later
i want to buy kaklang a novel
but its mostly because i want to read it
selfish kakngah da ne

this is how my family goes around
it’s a learnt behaviour
you don’t buy present for one
unless you plan it with everyone else
but if you bought the prezzie by yourself
without anyone knowledge
you ought to buy a little sumthing for every body else
that’s how we were raised
slowly we adapt the skill of generosity
kaklang was the best student
she always think of others first
she always buys us stuff whenever she came home for semester break
i wasn’t that generous before
but now that i earn my own paycheck
i basically still living under chichi-ue generosity
my car was bought by him, cash
my phone bill is still paid by him
since it’s a family package or something
i think
this is not generosity
in family
if its from your parents or siblings or even close friends
we don’t call it generous do we?
it’s love
(haha, professor dumbledore would be proud)

it’s the act genuinely generated by the heart
it comes without force
without sympathy
without encouragement
as swift as the wind
it pleasantly tell your heart and mind
of what you should do
to keep the smile on their faces
that’s what i think
so in hope that their smile will always be mine
in hope to clear my debt even though I will never be able to clear them entirely
these little something-something are for you guys
you who makes me feel at home
no matter where I roam
can’t wait to be home
will definitely miss kaklang!
pity she had a trip planned for her assignment


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