Wednesday, December 29, 2010

..flesh burst..

was in the middle of nowhere
then i saw her
enjoying it
and i thought to myself
why not
grabbed a pen
and start doodling

idea: bursting flesh
those are some veins sticking out
and blood of course

..positive side of a downfall..

this is how life treats us
you go way down
and when you feel you can't rise anymore
helping hands come and rescue you

thank you

but still
i have my pride
i can't forever hoping for your helping hands
i need to stand on my own two feet
you need to let me stand on my own
it's not that i don't appreciate it
but you gotta let me fall

"people won't learn unless they fall"

that's how i usually learn

let me learn
you may lend your hand while i'm climbing
but when i fall
make sure to watch carefully
i'll show you how high i can bounce

..sweating in the valley..

you remember me talking bout the valley before?
follow the link if you haven't

prepare to be blown away
cik diyla and i have conquered the valley!!!
welcome to the valley!!
please enjoy our indulgence moments

here's diyla jogging

and here's diyla doing imaginative skipping

i'm too busy expressing myself, hee ;p

superb isn't it?

diyla doing yoga i guess, hehe 

enjoying the breeze

thinking of her future

what is this lalang called? anyone know?

sweating = lose weight = two happy faces :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

..azam tahun baru..

such an irony post title
for people who knows me
they knew i stopped making new year resolution ages ago
i make resolutions
but mine does not have time constrict
i'm free to make resolutions any day i want
and the don't have to take the whole year to be achieved

the title is kinda an inside joke
to those who understands
keep it to yourselves
to those who doesn't
you guys ain't missing anything
this girl just got giddy again



Monday, December 27, 2010

..haywire all day long..

it happen a few weeks back
a colleague who sits in the same cubicle
lost her wallet

it's been quite a trend really
have been missing these days

that's why all the people gone haywire that day
especially she's also under security department
checked everywhere
but the wallet was nowhere to be found

the next day
she said her boss found it in her laptop bag

lesson learnt?
you really have to check thoroughly

with the colleague i'm talking about ;)

..too cold to work..

for no obvious reason
the office temperature is colder than usual
i don't know why i'm always destined to have my space near the air conditoner
since i work for fab3a until now
my spot has ALWAYS been the coldest spot
and yet i tough it up
i set my mind to cope with it

but i have my downfall
i have sinus
so when i get too cold
i'd sneeze like hell
my nose would run as if its life depends on it
my hand would be frozen
my progress development dropped
just because someone else who sits on the outskirt of the aircond range would get hot if the temperature were to be raised
they'd like to emphasize how the warm weather would get them uneasy
you think i'm comfortable in the north pole?!

i wonder if other office have this kind of issue
how did they sort it out?
move to other cubicle?
there aren't any
trade places with colleague?
i don't see any way anyone would agree to that
that's a bit harsh don't you think

endurance seems to be the only answer there is

*bertahan, bertahan*

Sunday, December 26, 2010

..another dull sunday..

planned to go out
and hunt down
a book
a present for kin
and present for mum and dad
didn't happen
i'm not the type that love to shop alone
i need kaklang or ira
no offense kin but you'd browse on your own and leave me hanging
and so
i stayed in the room all day long
movie marathon-ing

movie name and a some review:

Going The Distance
"i'm gonna be bias on this since i love romantic comedy and i love justin long from he's just not into you. it's a fun watch to relief your stress and when you need a good cheesy humor."

Easy A
"another fun movie to watch. listed under something-relaxing-to-ease-your-stress-away"

Legend of the Guardians
"somewhat typical. you can already tell the end but you will also enjoy the beauty of it. all the details really gets me. and owls are so cute!!! somehow it reminded me of harry potter. even a certain scene in it gave a magical aura."

Remember Me
"unexpected ending. it's somehow a deep movie if you think it through. everyone seems to have their own issues. it's heart warming to see the affection between families."

Planet 51
"hilarious and cute! love rover. and i just realize lem got justin long's voice." are now pronounced mrs. jack..

25th december 2010
was jack's wedding day
which was also her brother's wedding ceremony

planned to leave house at 9am
since the nikah at 10am
alas, overslept
if darling roomate diyla didn't wake me up
we'd really miss it

we got there on time
but i forgot the present i put under my bed
will pass it along soon =_="

met a few mates from usm
it was fun
congrats jack!

i was not the bridesmaid
but somehow in all the midst
i was appointed as the umbrella holder in the parade
hold it for darling kak hani
her train was quite long there's 3 kids holding it for her
and since they'd like the two couples walked together
i had to cover for both brides
i kept stepping on kak hani's train
once i let the umbrella cover her face coz i'm too busy watching out for her train or kid's feet while walking
it was a disaster (for me)
was glad when we reached the pelamin

anyway didn't take much pictures
just enjoy what i have now ;)

 from left; erna, bebah, kak dayah (behind), nurul, jack and emily
just before nikah

diyla listening to gossips 

hantaran from the groom

jack in purple 

kak hani (jack's sister in law) in maroon

with jack

brides waiting for the groom for parade

Friday, December 24, 2010

..what can you do with your result?..

result could be good or bad
then you come to compare them to your expectation
if they exceed
you could swear you taste heaven
if they fall down below the line
hell could not even compare to the way you feel

then again
even after the result is out
you still have options to take it or do something about it
or do you?

kaklang got her last semester result
she was very upset with one her grades
the lecturer for that subject despised her
and it's so obvious the whole class noticed
and since kaklang refused to be a brat
she didn't take it to the dean
she decided to hold on
but today it proves
the good does not always win

kaklang called the university admin
and asked whether she could get her grade recheck
she can with the fee of rm25
but they will only check your exam papers
and not your assignments

exam paper only contribute 30% of the whole mark
what good will that make?
and so kaklang just have to accept her result as it is

important lessons learnt though
don't be a goody goody
you have to be a brat to survive

life is just a test
you might flunk in that subject
make sure you ace in this

kaklang, here's dechi-kun to cheer you up ;)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

..knight of round table..

due to fasting
i stayed in the office throughout the entire lunch break
and since fb bores me
i decided to draw
with paint ms

this took one hour to make
it's not perfect
but i can settle with this

my sisters and i are bound to each other
everytime we gathered
we'll definitely sit all night around round dinner table
to catch up with each other's life
that's how we named ourselves knight of the round table

we are the rozbid's knight
and this drawing i dedicate to kaklang, kin and ira

i can do better with photoshop
i think

..dead bodies on the street..

i love driving around in squirt
i love enjoying the village view
a rural view for a change
i love it when cows and goats cross over my road
coz i got to stop and watch them
i love my journey going and coming home from work
i look forward to the journey itself
rather than the destination

there's only one thing that clench my heart

it has become a regular thing
to see dead bodies on the street

my mood would totally be destroyed by that view
i can't stand it
most of the drivers tend to drive fast
and maybe
that's how they accidentally hit them
but left them there
so cruel indeed

i've been thinking of storing a shovel in squirt's boot
so that i can give them a proper burial
and free them from the flies
and free the surroundings from the tragic scenery

but even if i did have a shovel
i am my mum's precious daughter
i don't lie
and my mum update my whereabouts every second
i am spoiled
i am also very obedient
my mum would hate thinking i'm somewhere on the street excavating the grounds
i can't make her worry
when she's willingly let me live away from her

there are other people with a kind heart
who would finish the job i'm unable to do

i find it peaceful and relief
when i see the dead bodies have been cleared
i'm devastated for the deceased
but it's way out of my power
all i can do is pray they got better treatment in heaven

last monday
i was unfortunate to witness another victim
lay cold and dead by the road
some of the flesh showing
it was heartbreaking
but it was probably not as heartbreaking to everyone else
today was the fourth day it lay there

oh people
can't you be more considerate?
you who happen to live just by the street
how can you endure such scene every single second?
what has he done to be treated that way?
he trashed away your lawn?
he bit your kid?
because he's a dog?
is being a dog a sin then?
he's helpless
what else could he do?

if you have issues with dogs
trust me
i know the feeling
three of my babies cats were killed by them
and one of them was pregnant
one survived but not for long
i'm supposed to be the one with issues
and yet
i forgive
they're animals
and they're created without mind
unable to choose right from wrong
can you blame them?

got a bit emotional

i hope when i go back today
the body would have been buried

please give me peace

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

..kyoudai dakara..

this was taken from facebook
when i uploaded the buggy ride pictures
facebook have a face detector now
i just realize ^_^"

this happened
kin and ira
apparently were thought as the same person
maybe because of the angle
and their attire colors
but still
there were loads of other pictures that suggest more of their resemblance to each other
this one clearly show the difference
or is the difference can only be spotted by me?

eventhough we're siblings
*kyoudai dakara = because we're siblings*
and our faces clearly say so
people would think we're friends when we hang out
siblings don't really hang out with each other do they?
or maybe because we acted more like buddies
dropping the formalities of hierarchy
that could be it
ah well
our kaachan taught us differently ;)
*kaachan = mum*

happy happy
missing them badly

"no matter where you are, we are looking at the same sky"

Sunday, December 19, 2010

..a grandmama to die for..

i was at the office only till noon

as afternoon approaches
i realize i don't wanna be in the office without kak afra
what the heck
i gathered all those drawings
and head home

i parked squirt
greeted the lovely grandmama embang (my neighbour)
chatted a bit
 i told her i'm gonna be working 
and got inside
i lie the drawings around the house
lucky my housemates not here
they're a mess!!

in the midst of loosing myself
i heard someone calling my name
it was grandmama embang
she asked me to open the back door
and what do you know

lunch is served!!

grandmama embang
you really shouldn't have
you'll blind me with these kindness

thank you


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