Monday, January 31, 2011


what would you do when everything fails you
when all the websites can't satisfy you
when all the movies sound so depressing
when your hand repel any action what-so-ever you put on it
well hell
i'll just lie around

..playing around with photoshop..

i made this one for my deviantart ID
for the fun of it
since my friends don't have a dA account
i use it as my profile pict in fb too

then a friend asked me to make one for her
so i download her pict
and get busy

i really like to dwell with dark colors
and dark elements

till then

Sunday, January 30, 2011

..jejari kebiruan..

sejuk bangat
permisi ibu
kecikkan ekon nyaaa


..welcoming love's new love..

those are not the kittens names
the names are merely my suggestion
since love is ira's
she'll decide the name

i'm happy

Saturday, January 29, 2011

..face excersize..

wanna lose those chubby cheeks and double chin?

try this

keep it up peeps

you're halfway there! ;)


Friday, January 28, 2011

..5 reasons why i still haven't wear my new cloth..

i bought them during new year sale
and it's almost chinese new year
and i still haven't wear them

1. it's too cold in the office my sweater have become my uniform.
thus eliminate the passion to wear new cloth.

2. i didn't go out often.
even if i did i went straight from office.

3. i don't wear new cloth just to stay at home.
unless if it's specifically bought for that, like pajamas.

4. some of them need to be iron.
i don't fancy iron these days. come to think of it, i never do.

5. i only feel like dressing up when i'm with my sisters.
they make me feel comfortable and give me confidence especially when i'm wearing something out of the norm.

for the meantime
t-shirt it is
and i'm totally ok with that


i made the word up
cyclops + pickles
why pickles?
it sounds nice
it have nothing to do with me
neither with kak afra

we snapped this because the eyewear looks kinda funny
doesn't it?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

..gadek onsen..

last saturday
my roomies and i went to gadek onsen

*onsen is hot spring in japanese
apparently since japan has lots of volcanoes
they also have lots of onsen*

i never knew malaysia has onsen too
until kak zah invited me to go with her and her colleague
then i invited diyla
that sets it then

welcome to
Kolam Air Panas Gadek, Melaka
 sorry bout the quality
the glow made it unreadable
it says Air Panas Gadek

kak zah and i

me again
with kak mah (kak zah's colleague)

with diyla

the entrance fee?

rm 4 for adult
rm 2 for kids

open 24/7
enjoy :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

..innocence vs stupidity..

a girl walk down the road
a passerby stops her to ask for direction
she stopped to answer
she went to walk pass the passerby
the passerby came with other question
she answered again
came a different question
she replied and dashed
the passerby followed
she made a fake phone call
and faked a conversation
the passerby stopped following

should she had continued her journey
and ignore the passerby
she would not be made a target

was it her fault for stopping?
is being innocence stupid?

hee, i cheat with this one
i edit with photoshop

the original piece by ms paint:

trying to capture the innocence feeling
failed i guess

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

..where is everybody?..

it was my first ever contest
and i only get one participants?
and from my sister?

i don't think the question is hard
and i believe the riddle have been swarming on the net for years
search around
answers would be there

i even offer the best gift i could offer

i am really good at drawing
and i'm gonna let you request
i don't even limit of the subject to be drawn
and you let me down
but maybe people who read don't really go for arts

and to give you guys justice
i admit
my manipulation sample is not that good
i don't really share my manipulation piece
but please take my words
i can do way better that that
and it can be in any kind
banner for your page
your wedding card design
and since it's a winner's gift
it's automatically a promise to give it the best that i got

i don't even get any support from my friends

fine then
i won't make anything as stupid as a contest anymore
be reminded
next time you find any of my art interesting
there's gonna be a price on that

people just ain't interested kid
move on

i'll give it till 00:00 January 27th

Monday, January 24, 2011

..math confusion..

while in fb
i noticed a friend was tagged to this pict
math always intrigues me
thus i viewed
and got myself confused for a while

what do you think
can you figure out where that rm1 went?
if you got it correct

you may request either
will be made especially for you
*follow link to see sample*

now it has become a contest
anyone can join
just comment and leave your link
the first correct answer will be the winner
and will automatically close the contest

..please come again..

i had a very good dream
simply made me wanna sleep more

i can't have you in real life
thanks for being with me in my dreams
if it's not too much to ask
please come again

narimiya hiroki kun
i can still hear those words you whispered to my ear

i am so in love with you!

made with photoshop =)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

..hobby is a luxury..

when we say hobby
no doubt we love doing it
a nano second just to be doing it would meant so much
the passion
that's what hobbies are all about isn't it?
here's another thing
hobby come with a price
a price we don't even mind paying
just to fulfill the desire

even the most dullest hobby would cost something

when you're willing to pay extra
without you realizing it
that, my friend, is your hobby

i have my own share of luxury
since i'm a person with many interest
i happened to have more than one hobby

and that by itself
would make me
a very luxurious girl

i bet you are too!
enjoy your life peeps! ;)

Friday, January 21, 2011

..her white flag..

kaklang decided to back up

don't worry baby girl
kakngah's here
trust me when i say you ain't missing anything
trust me when i say it's not the dead end
trust me when i say it's for the better
i'm a person who keep my word
trust me

since you had to drop that one
there's no doubt
Allah has something BETTER for you

believe in fate
and have faith
may peace be upon you

stay strong

Thursday, January 20, 2011

..the lost boys..

i said we were visitting mummy t to see her newborn in my ponggal post
but i never get to that part

we went to mummy t's in laws' house
annu's is a former colleague
i never knew she and mummy t were related
annu married mummy t's brother in law
annu has 2 boys and currently pregnant with the third
mummy had two boys
well there you go
the lost boys

annu's boys: darshan and kiran

mummy t's little jitesh

mummy t's baby shashwin

from left: sathiya, annu, kak afra, diyla and mummy t

i'm glad we came

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

..what a day, sunday..

last sunday was not like my usual dull sunday
my sundays would witnessed me woke up only when noon has arrived
and sit in front of the screen all day long
what a life
but last sunday
i didn't go back to sleep after subuh prayer
instead i showered
and i followed kak zah to buy breakfast
it's been so long since i last ate nasi lemak

while eating
i watched sarapan
it's tv3 morning show
my first time watching it
and i found it entertaining
the host, sham, is really funny

then at nine
kak zah accompany me to mydin
i bought snacks to compensate the decreasing storage in office
after we went window shopping at Kota Fesyen Melaka
we walked and walked and walked
really good exercise
some shawl really caught my eye but i said not now
i don't intend of buying anything then

then we stopped by mitc bowling center
it was our first time there
at first it was just to check the price
but we end up playing one game
it's rm6 in weekend plus rm2 for shoes
and guess what!!
in that one game
i spared once and striked twice!!!!
my average score never exceed 50!
and in my last game before this
i only managed a 36!
and i NEVER striked!
but i did it that day!!
my hand have straighten themselves i think


after that we went to have lunch
return home
we had a lil chat with grandmama embang and makteh
before i start on my chores
it was only a bit after 2pm

life for early birds is really something
i should wake up early more often on weekends

another half of the day spent doing chores
and movie watching (as always)

satisfying sunday?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

..the girl in the mirror by cathy glass..

i've finished reading it
yay me!
like miss glass previous book that i read
it again tells the story of a sad tale
things that don't occur to most of us
but it does to some unfortunate souls
mandy (the main character) is suffering because the can't remember her past
terrible past makes her mind block it out entirely
and since no one in her family dared to speak of it
she was left frustrated for being the only one who doesn't know
but those memories
can't forever be blocked away
life circumstances will trigger it one day
and that's how mandy found out
people then thought that telling her sooner would cut the deal
would safe her from such agony
well they didn't
in the end
we just have to accept that every little thing we do in our daily life would affect others
it's either we reallize it or not
but it will
and when our own actions sparks the downfall of other people lives
we start blaming ourselves
that ain't a healthy living
theraphy is needed for this
it was a great read
mandy is an artist
who have left her job to be a profesional full time artist
she stumbles for a year being unable to paint
but she recovers
in the end
she manage to put her stuff in a gallery
have customers
and even have a studio of her own

i would really love a studio for my own
but do i have the courage to drop everything
and start a new life as an artist?

i have started with jodi piccoult's change of heart
intriguing beginning i must say
it makes me wanna read more
till then

Monday, January 17, 2011

..ponggal festival..

on saturday
made a little tour to understand about the ponggal festival
or did we?
we're just going over to see mummy t newborn
but since its also on the ponggal day
we were treated a bit of luxury of the indian culture

what's ponggal festival?
according to geetha's mum
its a day celebrating the harvest season...i think
for more specific explanation, read here

in that neighborhood
somehow i've felt like transferring into another world
nice, right!

there's the kolams
pretending as usual

and they cook ponggal rice in front of the house

i get to stir it a bit
suke sangat kacau orang ni~ :)

they even let us taste some
 feeding dila

the ponggal rice is so sweet

the best thing
someone thinks i'm beautiful
i don't intend of elaborating ;)

happy ponggal festival!
photos credit to afraphotos

Saturday, January 15, 2011

..from her eyes..

i log into facebook
replied some comments
and went to read the news feed
and i bump into ira's status

click if can't read

if you don't know who's bom (2ne1)
this is her

source: google

i appreciate ira's view
like she said, it's from her eyes
my favorite part from her comment is
"n she's cute so BEAT it!!!"
it made me smile

as for the bom part
i acknowledge she's cute
even if i think i look different
"beauty lies in the eyes of its beholder"
so ira
think what you like
i won't mind

doing the happy dance
i'm so ecstatic she said i'm cute


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