Monday, February 28, 2011

..honesty survey..

kidnapped this from hasrina =)

Honestly, whats on your mind?
lots of disturbing things

Honestly, what are you doing right now?
i'm doing this while eating oreo on my lunch break

Honestly, who is your best friend?

Honestly, have you done something bad today?
not bad, just naughty :P

Honestly, do you watch Disney channel?

Honestly, who is the last person you talked to on the phone?
the construction manager

Honestly, are you jealous of someone right now?
jealousy is a bless to make us feel Allah's existence
it's what we do with it that will define us
i am jealous of everyone

Honestly, what makes you mad most of the time?
people behaviour

Honestly, do you bite your nails?

Honestly, do you want to see someone this very moment?
i miss my sisters
but currently ain't missing them that bad
i want to see me cats though

Honestly, are you keeping a big secret right now?
of course

Honestly, do you have a friend you don’t actually like?
i don't call people i don't like as friends

Honestly, does anyone like you?
i'm positive i am likeable =)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

..archers at the ready..

was wasting time around dataran pahlawan
while waiting for our movie showtime
and what do you know

welcome to revo archery!

kak afra and i decided to try this sport out

this is only for short distance
not that challenging
but a good spot for beginners
like us =)

nice posture!

the only one time i hit bullseye was when the tutor guide my bow to it
practice needed

it's rm8 for 12 arrows (one pax)
and it's rm14 for 24 arrows (one or two pax)

i don't remember the package price =_="
try them out
it's fun!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

..a surprise gift..

was away for asar prayer
when i got back to my place
i found this:

and i think
which carol?
the only carol i know is not from here
and i'm not even in speaking term with her
i mean
she came to my house once with miss boss
but we never speak to each other

i tore it open
and guess what

it's a small cat plushie!!

the note say:
"i know u like cats.
i am the creator of this pompom (made with wool).
this is the first design i made
and u r the first to get it!
hope you like it!"

isn't that sweet?
and to think i used to think of her as weird
because she didn't utter a single word while she's in my house
maybe she's shy?
could be

thank you!!!

..ira’s week of hell..

ira’s schedule:

3rd march 2011
 motorcycle jpj test

9th march 2011
teeth operation in hospital um

10th march 2011
car jpj test

i wonder how on earth she’s going to take that test just after the operation
and i tell you
it’s not a minor!
(well, i don't think it is~)
she actually had to remove a tooth that stays inside her gum

can’t cancel the jpj because it’s already submitted
can’t cancel the appointment since it’s a rarity to have them comply to request that soon

you're strong
Allah don’t give more than you can handle
all the best and ace the test!

ps: can't wait to see her shining smile
when all this painful teeth correction process is over
love you much ;)

pss: ira, don't hate me for using that pict
it's for educational purpose~ ngee~

Friday, February 25, 2011

..getting out of manila..

this post dedicated especially for miss mediyla
and of course
for any first timer who’re wondering on ninoy aquino international airport system
this is based on my one time experience
i hope this will help

the airport

upon arrival at the airport
as your driver drop you in front of the building
make sure
you got your passport and tickets (the printout) already at hand
because you (and your luggage) are going through a scanner at the entrance door
only people with tickets are allowed in

once you’re inside the airport
take a few minutes to look around

airport lounge

 make sure
you're in the right airport :P
while you’re pretending to admire the architecture
look for your airline signage

kak afra waiting in line

for miss mediyla
go to your left and you’ll find malaysia airlines

you need to weigh your luggage at the starting point of the queue
you’ll receive an immigration form when you got to the front of the line
but don’t hussle to fill it in yet
unless the queue is too long you feel like doing it
when you got your ticket, pay attention to the gate number

there ain’t much to see in the airport
you might as well go through the immigration
since it’s a very long queue

go through an opening just nearby
you're in the right place if you can see this picture below

miss goh counting the pesos

where you first have to queue to pay for terminal fee
which is 750 peso
(rengek rengek manja tidak akan dilayan :P)

kak afra got her money ready

once you over that only can you queue for immigration

yeay! let's queue!

we queued for almost an hour
better get a good book
or a chocolate to munch
or listen to your ipod
this is a good time to fill in the immigration form

once it’s your turn
just pass the passport and the immigration form

is the scanner!!!

the scan area is just behind the immigration counter

make sure
to go to women section!!
which is on the left side
grab a bucket
and put all your stuff in it
including your footwear, belt, phone, ipad, wallet, etc
and walk over
don't forget to gather your belongings back :)

tour around there if you want
there’s a few shops
i’m not sure bout any halal restaurant
but you can have a drink while waiting
ah! the toilet there have pipes! yay!

then whenever you feel like going to the gate
just follow the signboard
get your passport and ticket ready for inspections;
the first when you’re entering the gate area
the second when you’re entering your specific gate as mentioned in the ticket

wait for the call out
and aboard =)

on the way to the specific gate :)

when the plane touchdown in klia
you’ll feel secure and safe
when you hear
“selamat pulang ke tanah air”
it put the smile on my face =)


to get out of klia
you just need to follow the others
(ahahahaha! bajet pemalas nak menaip :P)
they’ll go through the long walk to the center of the klia
where you have to take the escalator
and go to lower level
pass through immigration
just use the automatic one (for malaysian)
and proceed to collect your luggage
look at the electronic board to see the lane your luggage will be dump to

luggage conference =)

when you got your luggage
you can proceed to check out
there‘s no more scanner
and you're done!
next will be on how you’re planning to get to Melaka (or anywhere) from klia

there’s a shuttle bus for klia – lcct
from klia there’s klia express and taxi only (i think)
from lcct you can take the airbus lcct – kl sentral
there’s even bus from lcct – Melaka

if you got into any complexities
ask around
may all be well
miss u!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

..shaolin at last..

i'm not talking about the movie
not yet
i'm going to blab about the adventures i had to face
just to watch it
it's gonna be long
save yourself

it was on 26th january 
my miss boss, kak afra and i
went for wednesday movie
and for someone who don't watch tv
and don't read the newspaper
it was only then i know about it
and upon seeing the poster
i want to watch it
i begged miss boss to watch this movie
but it was for midnight show and so we end up watching the tourist

after that
i lost all the opportunity to watch it
having been busy for cny holiday
and a week outstation in manila
that took all my time away

i got back last thursday
and went to the movie on sunday at wangsa walk mall
to find it no longer showing
i was crushed
the last time was when i can't find company to watch
reign of assassin
mum won't let me watch alone

on monday
upon searching on bigger cinemas
there it is
the light
it is still showing in dataran pahlawan
how happy i am

here's the catch
there's only two shows
6:35 pm
work end at 5:30pm
can't reach there in time
will end at quarter to midnight

kak afra don't do movies
miss boss don't do midnight shows
but wait
out of the mist
hasrina said she's coming to melaka
hope lights again

she'll come on tuesday and return on wednesday
we planned for tuesday

on tuesday
she ym-ed and said she had forgotten
that she ain't coming to melaka this week

the horror

as work end
i asked mum again
but she strictly prohibited me to see it alone
i asked kak zah (housemate) to accompany me
it was just as my final effort
since i knew she don't do outing late at night
and since she had to wake up earlier than me since she's a teacher
i was prepared for the worst
but she brought light back in
she said ok

so at eight
we leave for dataran pahlawan
got our tickets
grab a quick dinner by mc'd
and watch the movie

it was quite deserted
just a few people
i smiled to my success

the smile didn't stay long

during the ENTIRE movie
there's this couple who sits in my line
who didn't turned their phone to silence mode
took several business calls
and spoke as loudly as they can
some people and myself tried to hush them up
but failed
they ruined my night
if i am a person without mind
without conscience
two murders would be reported by the media yesterday

they don't even have ethics
they're not the only people who paid for the movie
and plus
have consideration
there are people
who like me
have to go lots of trouble to watch it
i hate those kind of people
really really hate them

but i love the movie
it's a pity all tai si heng died
i guess that's the price to overturn a dictator
love the soundtrack

but all that can't erase the hatred for those couple

got home a quarter after midnight
thank you so much kak zah

..chinese new year in lost world of tambun..

went for holiday in lost world of tambun
stayed in sun inn hotel
a cheap cheap one
since this was initially planned between me and my two matrix mates
*kids who're just starting life*
then suddenly my family decided to join in
*except kin though, she had to prepare for her exam*
so it became like a family outing


the girls in front of the hotel

delicious dinner just nearby the hotel

in lost world of tambun the next day

ah yes
there's also hotspring

let see
sun inn hotel rm85 per night
lost world of tambun entrance fee rm36 for adult
*the hotel provide us coupons to get it for rm32*
then again if you ask me
it's way too expensive
the place is too crowded that day
*duh, cny holiday*
spent half of the day queuing
not good
the photograph service they provide is TOO expensive for that quality

but it was fun
mainly because of the company i have

the best thing i love about it
is the rides
i'm a sucker for rides
definitely got to get a weekday off to go to genting highland

Monday, February 21, 2011


touchdown klia last thurday
was held up in klang on friday
gone home in kl for the weekend
traveled all morning from kl to melaka
left my house at 6:30am and yet only reached office at noon
it's not traffic
i won't ask you to imagine if it was that simple

gonna leave that at that

i did lots of stuff this past weeks
spent chinese new year holiday in lost world of tambun
come to work the day after and was told to leave for manila
did lots of stuff there too

and somehow
all this adventures has left me with a brainfreeze


i'll make a proper post when it melts =)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

..hectic life..

can't find time to update
got limited time to online
and was more keen updating my facebook than here
will make new post soon
reached manila last thursday
  ecxited as hell

till then

manila from up above

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

..peace out!..

chinese new year holiday was awesome!
but before i even had a chance to tell you guys about it
i was informed that i'll be going to manila tomorrow
what a short notice!

till then

peace out!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011 stop..

this is a major shock

i am really really tempted to go
but i also could imagine what my mum would say
then again, if it's my decision
even my parents can't do anything about it

or can them?

i'm gonna think it VERY thoroughly on this
and FINALLY decide


"hidup perlu berani melangkah kehadapan"


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