Wednesday, March 30, 2011 can it be?..

routinely when i depart from office
i slowed down as i go through guard house
it's a compulsory procedure for boot checking
but ever since they recognized my car
they started to let me pass unchecked
i was pleased
it's painful to hear them slammed squirt's boot

today the guard decided to check them
i don't mind
but while he was peeking into squirt's boot
he said

"kakak, abang kerja putrajaya ke?"
*putrajaya is squirt's plat number*

oh noess!!!
do i look like i'm married?
not good
not good at all


..sneaky bunting diyla..

hello peeps
i've worked on mediyla's wedding bunting
sorry but i can't post it here
i believe
she'd like to keep it as a surprise

i can give you a sneak peek

diyla requested for the bride's attire in grey
they were originally in red
this is the best i can share right now
friends advised me to start my own business
what do you think?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

..kat-tun 5th year anniversary..

22 03 2006
Real Faceでデビューしました




KAT-TUN 一番最高!


Monday, March 21, 2011 of those days..

the place is crowded
but it's empty

the smile
only brings pain

the brightness of the sky
emphasize the sorrow soul

the happy thoughts
seem distant and out of reach

the more positive i try to be
the more doomed the path become

it's one of those days
i wonder what triggers it this time
what is it that my heart have come to conclude that my mind won't accept?
what have my mind come to agree that my heart object?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

..unwell and overdosed..

i started coughing like mad
plus there's also flu and fever
and it made me hard to breath
almost faint but i tough it up
after work went to clinic with makteh
had to take the gas
and got mc for tuesday

the symptom remains
as evening emerged
i started to shiver and feel nauseous
i forced myself to vomit to ease the dizziness
it worked
i told my mum bout the shivering
and she told makteh
pakteh and makteh took me to clinic
and had to take the gas again
he said the shivering was a side effect from the asthma pills
he gave another mc

went to clinic at ten with makteh
from the discussion
it seems that i am a bit overdosed
 i misread the pills instructions
and took more than i need
thus the shivering
she gave me an injection for phlegm
and of course the gas
need to take gas again later this evening

miss boss sms-ed and called lots of time
at one point she urged me to go to hospital
and she'll be there waiting for me
i had to resist
i don't fancy hospitals

papa bear passed some kind of medicine thru diyla
it was so sweet of him
but i had my doubt on taking them
i don't even know what they are for
but i am touched by his consideration nevertheless

i hope to recover my usual health come thursday
kins and peers who had been worried
sorry and thank you

"a good neighbor is better than a distant relative"
thank you makteh

dah terasa macam darth vader :P

Friday, March 11, 2011

..phase two..

made in my final year in usm

i have acquired a pair of beautiful wings
the problem is
i don't know how to use them

so here i am
learning how to flap my wings

hold on kid
you will fly

Thursday, March 10, 2011

..the cad operator..

got myself into a fight again today
miss boss said it's not my fault
but i could have resolved it better
but she doesn't blame me

"but i don't blame u
u r not experience
and u r too defensive
i sometimes like that also"
-miss boss

we had a long chat about today's event
mostly of her lectures on how to be better

as for the other party i slightly insulted
*not intended~ he took the insult by himself*
he now have resolved from saying my name to the "cad operator"
such impact on him
to have that kind of behavior with freshies
how will we learn then?
i ain't wanna be like him
i wanna be like miss boss

but for now

who's learning to become the project manager

amiinn~~ =)

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

..professional ethic please..

darn it
they did it again
one thing i can't stand at work
are people like this

especially these people
they are good people personally
but when it comes to work they're the worst (for now)
all my peeps including miss boss know very well of their work ethics
i guess its normal in their country to guiltlessly and shamelessly pass their work to someone else

don't pass it here
i'm very good at smashing
i'll make sure your work doubles

*mode menyampah!*

Thursday, March 03, 2011

..coloring sneak peek..

*stretching a.k.a mengeliat ibu kucing*

meh meh
dulu ceq ada mai tunjuk lakaran kasaq kan
hat buat bunting utk diyla tuh
tak ingat?

da refresh da?
nak tau skang ni da jadi lagu mana?

ceq tak kagum sangat aih
agak agak boley cari makan ja

meh tengok nih

click nk bg clear

korang rasa lagu mana?
ni takat subject utama dlm bunting tuh
bunting dak design lg
sat gi hat ni siap ceq bambu la tang tuh

pardon my poor attempt of northern accent
my dad from perlis
i can understand the language
but can't speak it
can't even write it

oh well
currently into british accent
learning how to speak like the English is so fun

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

..into the graphic world..

she requested for an A4 size drawing of happiness
which i still have not begin with

sorry miss, i'll get on with it soon ok

miss mediyla gonna end her solo quest soon
and i volunteered to design the bunting
(i volunteered, thus the request of the drawing still on, dun worry k)

i'm not a graphic related student
i only have 4 years of self taught photoshop to back me up
it's somewhat to see whether my design will stand in the market

i am at the coloring stage
and since i had also volunteered to menyebok in kak afra's sister's event
i'm gonna be fully book starting tomorrow until sunday
thus miss mediyla
please spare me
i could only get it ready sometime next week

for your viewing pleasure
here's the initial sketch of the cartoon

 mr tucen & mrs anab
sketched on micrsoft paint
miss mediyla
don't put your hopes up
i might kill it with my digital coloring ability

till then


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