Thursday, April 28, 2011

..saloon mitsuketa..

following our adventure on monday
we found a saloon on tuesday

there's miss mediyla
a.k.a bride-to-be
having her hair digitally permed

later on that night
we went to kak zah's house

and three of us went for housemates dinner in cheng
restoran ilham the name

happy happy

*mitsuketa = found*

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

..jalan-jalan cari saloon..

jalan jalan dengan bakal pengantin malam semalam
hajat nak cari saloon
bakal pengatin nak buat rambut
saye saje nak menyebok

ade sumber kate kat melaka sentral ok
gerak lepas maghrib
sampai pukul 8 mlm
cari cari jumpe satu yang tersorok
jenguk jenguk ade 2 mamat dlm tu
sorang sedang dipotong rambutnye
sorang lagi tengah duduk belek majalah

sambil2 tunggu nak masuk dalam
bakal pengantin dan saye ushar tudung ngan baju
pukul 8:30 bile kitorang baru nak masuk saloon tu
dah tutup la pulak
baru pukul 8:30
terkedu bakal pengantin

terus kitorang ke tesco
kut-kut ade saloon dalam tu
mesti kedai dalam tu tutup lambat sikit

kat tesco sayangnye takde saloon
merajuk tambah lapar
kitorang makan kat secret recipe
rosak diet?
mane mungkin diet rosak sebab memang tak diet pun

hari ni akan berusaha mencari saloon lagi
lepas tu ade temujanji makan malam dengan kak zah
last housemate dinner kut
memandangkan kontrak keje melaka mungkin habis bulan depan
halatuju selepas itu masih belum pasti

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

..out of h2o..

on monday
we were told that there's no water in the office
only in our office
the temporary facility (tempfacil)
whereas there's water supply in the factory and admin building
we have to go there for the toilet
and for prayer

but let me tell you
the factory and admin building
even if they are in the same compound
they're miles away!
with the sun staring down at you!
too troublesome!

i've came up with a better idea

hold it in until lunch
hold it in until i got home

*muke fokus sedang menahan*

it didn't work

oh water, come back~

Thursday, April 14, 2011 we go..

 next stop: thailand
looking forward to seeing white elephants

it a one day event
a trip initiated by miss boss
and participated by kak afra , myself and miss boss' friend
we're gonna stay in stream garden
look it up
it's very peaceful

here's a sneak peek:


happy happy


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

..motivation booster..

i am blessed
to have come across miss boss' path

she taught us lots of thing
she scolds and advises when necessary
and the best thing
her compliments made me realized
i'm more than what i think i am


*click to enlarge*

my future bosses will have a hard time competing with her standard

Friday, April 08, 2011

..glance back emotion..

in certain situation
where you bid your farewell and move on
the other party will glance back at you
but you're miles apart
can you still tell the emotion on their face?

here some that i had in mind

Thursday, April 07, 2011

..piano level..

i encountered my first note somewhere in 2002
i was 16 then
after a bit after a year in the piano world
i stopped in order to enroll into matriculations

i sincerely have stopped taking lessons
but i never stop playing the piano
i do have to stress that i just keep on playing the same song
over and over again
i play by memorizing the notes

i am now very inadequate with reading scores
and since my memory starts to deteriorate
there are only a few songs that i can play at will

with this quality
i have put myself along the kiddygrade level
that's where ira bumps in and said

i love you ira!
(^ _ ^)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011 review in a bundle..

there has been a big gap since my last book review
i'm not out of books
in fact
it's the opposite
i got quite a handful to read
that i began to neglect this blog
hee hee
here's what i've read in those missing timeline

Little Face
by Sophie Hannah

a mystery novel
about a mum of a two weeks infant (or is it one week?)
who when returned from a clubhouse one day
claimed that the baby in the crib is not hers
here's the catch
the father is 100% sure it's their daughter
who's bluffing? and why?

nice plot
and unexpected outcome
i give it 3.5 stars (out of 5)

by Cathy Glass

after such a long wait
this is a present form my best friend ever
thank you syaqilah ahmad iqbal!!!!

as titled
this book tells the story of a damaged child
so damaged that there seems no hope for her cure
i really hate these pedophiles
good story by miss glass
i really love a one on one experience she shares
i have found myself another fav writer 
i give 4.8 stars

Little Brother
by Cory Doctorow

this is a an unusual find
i am currently so intrigued to learn bout programming
thanks to this book
really like to learn more bout hackers
this book tell the story of a young hacker
who were caught being in the wrong place at the wrong time
and for just that he's being interrogated so viciously by his own country
since they assumed he's one of the terrorist
once released he vowed to take them down
and he sure did!
i give 4.2 stars
merely for all the programming things i learn
and of course for the plot

The Quran and I
by Anas Zubedy

the quran and i is a gift from miss boss
isn't that admiring
my boss is a chinese
a strict buddhist
and yet she bought this for herself, kak afra and i

the book opens up my mind to a new definition of islam
i mean
i really should read the translations
rather than reciting them without understanding

it's about how the Quran inspires his life
from the earliest day of proverty
until he become a successful businessman he is today
good for light reading
4.5 stars

anyone can suggest a good translations?
i prefer english so that i can explain well to my non-muslim non-malay speaker friends
but lots of english translations are in archaic style
which, pardon me, i find hard to comprehend
i'll find a good one one day
with Allah permits of course

i am currently reading

The Judas
by Steve Jackson

i'm forcing myself to go through the introduction
the writing style is not in my norm
thus the force
but like i said before
i always give them chances to prove themselves
that's why the bookmarked has not been taken out from the book
the opening might be too hard
a need to understand the situation in such a grip
and with vocabulary i'm not used to
still got a long way to go
but still going ;)

p/s: the other three books (except damaged and the quran and i) are kaklang's
in this list, damaged is the only one i actually look forward to
while the others are books that so happen to fall on my laps
but still good =)
thank you to all of you who understand my love for books

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

..giddiness kicks in..

its been a while since i made a wallpaper of
last night my giddiness kicks in
and i had a sudden urge to make one

i don't know if this is what manipulation is
but i sort of combined these pictures

narimiya hiroki
image: google 

image: google

image credit to kak afra

and turned them into







the phrase in this pict means:
eventhough we're together
it's so lonely
so baby please just hurry back home

lyrics from
*its linked to the original music video on youtube*

pardon the giddiness
a girl can dream kan
tee hee

Monday, April 04, 2011 exhibition..

miss diyla and i went for a midnight movie at melaka mall
since that place is nearer to our house

little that we know
that place held a wedding exhibition of some sort
with a few pelamin erected in the hall
what a good timing
we arrived on time to see models catwalk in wedding attire

we watched from the cinema level 

i like this pelamin the most
the arrangements of the flowers look nice 

a couple of model on the pelamin

miss diyla so focused

till then


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