Saturday, July 30, 2011 discoveries..

i am still unemployed
no news regarding that
though i frankly admit i am at fault
due to boredom
here are my recent discoveries that i'd like to share

1. G.O from MBLAQ

oh oh oh so hot!! XD

just noticed him from his appearance in Immortal Songs 2
(my life is wisely spent watching kbs channel)
great voice and kinda cute!
my new crush
and currently hook on their new song, Mona Lisa
(linked to youtube video)


worship is a big word
a misuse of the word would mean syirik
but i am POSITIVE this girl below worships me

a lil reminder
the pict shown above is NOT me
i don't worship myself
i do love myself to the extreme of being a narcissism
but not to the extend of worshipping, NO!!

this is kaklang
we're one year apart though i love to refer her as my twin sis
and yeah
she worships me
every new obstacle i face
she'll be by me ear screaming "U CAN DO IT!!"
it's not support i receive
it's burden!!
but still
it's a comforting burden (in case she reads this hehe)

3. Nursing Skills

my mum undergo operation a month ago
and after that she needed daily wound dressing
her legs not that good these days
in those days she cant make it to the clinic
i'll be dressing her

her wound kinda looks like this
but hers below the navel
and deeper (like there's a hole)

at first i felt nauseated seeing those bloody wounds
but i soon learnt that my comparability with blood, wound and pain
are better than my sisters
thus the job

these are youtube channel which i'm currently addicted to
main focus is kpop
thus if you're not a kpop fan, skip this

EatYourKimchi is hosted by simon and martina
a married canadian couple who lives in korea
i love their Kpop Music Mondays
where they review new song

KpopParodys is a person who goes by the name May
and she makes the best parodies EVER
her parodies are always humorous and clean
me most favorites are SHINee Lucifer and MBLAQ Mona Lisa

5. Kin's Blog

yeah!! i think this is the biggest discoveries ever!
she had it since february but i only JUST found out
and now i know where she pour her heart out
ah well
i spill my emotions too
those safe for the public eyes i post them here
while those malice ones in a separate blog specialized for damaged souls

oh, there's no link to her blog since i don't ask her permission
i doubt anyone else as hyper as i am about it anyway

ok, that's it
till my brain works again


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