Monday, August 29, 2011

..eid mubarak 2011..

weeks ago
i saw my brother's eid-ul fitr wish image on fb
in respect to his limited knowledge on photo-editing
i have to say it was "ok lah~"
a few days back
i was tagged on kin's eid-ul fitr wish image on her fb
she made it SOLELY using microsoft paint
and that alone sparks the incentive needed inside me, kaklang and ira
*though i can't say for sure exactly when kaklang and ira feel they want to do it too*

coz you see
having creative-artistic-talented siblings since birth
sort of sprouted the competitive mode inside us
we'd want to do it too
whether it'll be better or worst is not a question
we just want to make our own version
and be proud of it
because art is subjective

let's take a walk down our creative lane
purposely arranged to time line

i don't know what he used to make this
but i have to bet on something not as complicated as photoshop
microsoft words maybe? hee

made SOLELY with microsoft paint *i know i repeat twice*
AND made it entirely with touchpad pointing device on her lappy
no mouse and no tablet!! gyahhh!!
and she said here she made it without making any draft whatsoever
and some people have problem understanding her comic
i don't have that problem
cheers ;)

most of it were done in microsoft paint
(the drawing is made solely in paint)
*sorry, felt the need to express that*
i need the acknowledgement!!!
some of the typography was made in photoshop
i have to use my pen tablet mouse though
touchpad fails me

ira, like kin, made it entirely in microsoft paint
she started making it a while after she saw mine in progress
she basically compares her eid-ul fitr in 2010 (just finished spm)
and in 2011 (lots to study for matriculation)
you can do it ira!

kaklang is a different story
because she's a multimedia student
she feels the need to do justice to that title
and so she made an animation
which is awesome~ *jack black style, again*
and even though it sparks the desire in me to make an animation too
i can't
because i lack the knowledge
and currently have no trouble accepting that
*i will definitely find ways to do it IF i WANT to*
but for now
i'll let kaklang have the glory

selamat hari raya peeps
and i'm deeply sorry if my sword of words had caused you to bleed
i always write them with love
even when i'm angry
(because i want you to change for the better ho yeah!)
happy happy
stay happy and stay SAFE!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

..tutti fruiti with kaklang..

pergi tutti fruiti dengan kaklang malam semalam
kaklang tiba-tiba teringin nak makan
agak janggal dengan persekitaran layan diri

hasil yang sangat cakar ayam
terang terangan tertulis "saye takde seni"
sedap mengutuk sebab tu 'hasil kerja' kaklang
tapi sangat sedap

(yoghurt tersebut, bukan kutukan tak ilmiah saye)
kami puas hati
lain kali perlu lebih berani mencuba benda asing topping yang lain
kena bawak kin dan irah sekali
baru lah lengkap

..even on ramadhan..

was with chichi-ue, kin and ira
on our way to a drug store near ong tai kim
we drove pass by a few stores
and this particular one caught my eye

it's a lottery store
and there's lots of muslims in there
seriously people
even on ramadhan?
thanks to drops of rain i don't have to censor your faces
i regret i had to witness this

Monday, August 22, 2011

..tanaka koki..

i have now assured myself
that i am a tanaka koki fan
*insert lots of hearts here*
how did i finally managed to convince myself?
i just had to buy this:
koki bread ftw!!!!
oh oh oh
i will daydream of you more
yes yes yes i swear
and kick hyunjoong out of it
*it must be the kpop wave, hyunjoong kept popping in my head*
you can keep sulking at the wall mister!

because at the end of the day
when my route is split between them
i will definitely pick...
koki ftw!! yeah!!
and speaking of koki
here's kat-tun new song
kat-tun lan run for you

p/s: koki is first in my johnys list but
narimiya hiroki is forever first in my global list
a girl can dream kan

Sunday, August 21, 2011

..things i couldn't understand..

i am not intellectually knowledgeable
i even humbly assume myself as an average achiever
there are certain circumstances that i just can't understand
manners that are just beyond my imagination
seriously people
i thought tv shows were to show people's normal behaviour
if those are normal
i'm devastated to learn majority of us are like that

yesterday after iftar
i was presented with Suara Dari Kubur on astro ria
the movie with gambit guy gone dead and haunt his sister
(the only reason i remember his name is because i'm a fan of x-men)
i didn't give it my full attention but enough to understand the story

here what i don't get:


like seriously girls?!
the way they came up upon you is already suspicious
yet you accepted the invitation for a bike ride
with consolation prize of coming home with them
that's already had "let me rape you" all over them
or in today's adolescence word, "gua nk try lu"
while growing up didn't your mum advises you
do not talk to strangers!
don't know how to define strangers?
your mum should have said
don't talk to long-haired-leather-jacket-biker-who-wants-to-take-you-home-and-rape-you strangers then
ah! harm's done anyway
what a waste

*or in this case a mug*

are all of you that superstitious??
let me tell you what i'd do if it were to happen to me
not standing dully like so suddenly you have a sixth sense
even the maid drifted to that state
you're a maid, you're supposed to clean!
why the hell do you drifted to that side for?!
come on!
let be honest
we all have broken our mum's finest china at least once
do you go into that state every time?
of course not!
i would even scold my sisters (and help them clean) if they break them
we actually make fun of the standing transfixed stuff
like we make fun of vampires that melt under the sun
"i'm melting" thing is ancient history to us
i don't really agree with these superstitious stuff
what will happen will happen
have some faith with qada' and qadar
and let's not worry about stuff you yet have knowledge of


i've wondered about this lots of time
whenever there are scenes like this
the victim will usually scream non stop
they never rarely run
or in this movie
she scream on her bed without making a single attempt to move
i know there are possibilities that she can't move
but she can sure flip flap her arms like mad
so why legs any different?
and when they DID run
they failed to recite any doa that could have helped them through
i may have not met them eye-to-eye
(alhamdulillah for that)
but there were a few times where i felt their presence
and in those times
prayers came instinctively to my lips
especially ayatul kursi
even at the worst state
when i forgot most of the prayers i usually remember
alhamdulillah, i would remember to takbir
now i wonder
if those shows were to have moral value
shouldn't they show how powerful these recitals are?
even in mastika or any article i read
i never encountered a person who didn't run
unless they fainted

that's all i can extract from this particular movie
for now i mean
i didn't run it with fine tooth brush comb yet
or i'll end up criticizing the whole movie

Saturday, August 20, 2011

..the discovery of sunny choi..

i was on a roll on youtube
searching for versions of

the band perry - if i die young

i searched for their live performance
voice cover (i found sam tsui awesome cover)
guitar cover
violin cover
and last but not least
piano cover
that's when i discovered

a great pianist
no, great is an understatement
she's A-MAE-ZIINNGG!!!
all the personal touches she adds in her piano interpretation is awesome
*yeah, it's not a piano cover, it's artistic piano interpretation*
*say it jack black (kung fu panda) style*

i really love her style
can't get enough of it

i'll leave you with one of her performance

Sunny Choi Piano Interpretation -Travie Mccoy's Need You 
original song can be seen on this post

oh oh i also strongly suggest you watch this one too
(two performances then heee)
Sunny Choi Piano Interpretation - Eminen ft Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie

Friday, August 19, 2011

..prank on ramadhan..

it was a week ago i think
when ira teased kin for her resemblances with the ape in
rise of the planet of the apes
and then kin, being her weird self, blabs about it to her friend

i mean who does that right
spread the source of her being teased
as if saying
"come come tease me some more"
"tell me that we do look alike"

so i just had to ya'know
it saw like begging me to
and thus this was born:

it's not clean
i spare myself the luxury to spend more time with it
i can settle with this
hee hee

p/s: the weird kin is ok with this
she even gave me permission to upload it on facebook
and tagged her friends on it
cool sense of humor i'd say~ =)

Thursday, August 18, 2011 all ends here..

watched harry potter and the deathly hallows part two twice
the first accompanied by kaklang and kin on a wednesday
come friday, ira announced her presence and her needs to watch it
thus we accompanied her to it that saturday night

the first time
the movie broke my heart
i focus solely on the plot since it differs from the book
my opinion goes the same way as kin's and kaklang's
so i'm going to divert all of you to kin's blog instead for all the things i think should be done
especially with the epilogue
*mwahahaha, sorry kin*

the second time
i focus on the scenes, the effects, the acting; all the other details basically
and i have to say
it is a great movie
(provided i keep the version formed in my head while i was reading the book out of the picture)

i appreciate all the hard work they put into it
and i thank thee
joanne kathleen rowling
for giving me a wider perspective of imagination

it is heartbroken to part with my favorite characters
but it is not really goodbye
all the fan-fictions and duojinshis will keep them alive

all is well
*it's disappointing they didn't end the movie with this phrase*

..bazaar ramadhan..

gambar semasa ke bazaar ramadhan taman melati
hari pertama berpuasa kalau tak silap
gambar diculik daripada kin
terima kasih kin
memandangkan kakngah tak nampak kin guna dalam blog kin
kakngah pakai

dah masuk 18 ramadhan
selamat teruskan berpuasa
dan selamat menyambut kedatangan syawal

Friday, August 12, 2011's another love..

i talked bout love's new love before
her seven newborns
though not that new anymore since these four are here

and their names:
alvin, baby, c-men and didi

and news feed
it broke my heart to find them dead
but that's just the cycle of life ain't it
thus even if it's painful
i'm accepting it without complain

Thursday, August 11, 2011

..cheeseburger gangster..

early this morning
my sisters and i decided to have mc'd for sahur
since we're not up to cooking
and since its not that far anyway
we went through the famous mc'd drive-thru

we didn't order a lot
we've made bigger orders before

we ordered
we payed
we waited
we checked when received
(its compulsory to check, this particular branch tends to commit lots of mistakes)
we noticed one mistakes
we calmly collected the missed items
we drove home

half an hour later when we're about to sahur
a member noticed another mistake
a double cheeseburger is missing


i know i'm particularly at fault since i failed to notice it
but i can't help myself but to blame the staff that made these mistakes

in rage i drove back there
straight to the pay-counter of the drive-thru
without words
i flicked my fingers commanding the staff inside to approach us
and demand them for the cheeseburger
my sister and her friend in the car went quiet
i didn't think my attitude was that gangster-like until they said so afterwards

ah well
in that circumstances i think its necessary to act that way
but kaklang was dead sure that mc'd will take precautions against my car plat number
"beware! cheeseburger gangster! make sure she gets it!"
ye lah tu =P


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