Thursday, October 20, 2011


this post is dedicated for angeline
love's female feline who's currently pregnant
compared to my other cats i had had and still have
angeline's behaviour is similar to
simba, taurus and gedik 
the type that love the distance between us
they'd scatter if i got too close
petting is a definite no-no

angeline's belly is huge these days
but she still runs from me
the thing is
she always got stuck between gate rails
her being stuck and moving limbs frantically always cheer me up
i'm gonna miss her boyot moment once she delivered
cat's are cutest when they're pregnant



angeline gave birth already
she gave birth while i was in penang
and when i got home
mum told me her kittens are all over the place
it was about 9pm when i got home
exhausted from the journey
but i step outside and traced her babies
i found four but angeline hated them
she wouldn't get near them
the next day
two of the kitties died
one missing
i locked angeline with the remaining kitten that day
and went to our aunts house for aidiladha
the next day the remaining kitten died
and after i buried it, i found the missing kitten in the drain, dead
i buried it too
and let angeline mingle with gedik's four kittens

gedik's four kitties

i heard somewhere
when the mother cat realized her kitties wouldn't survive
they'd left them
maybe that's why angeline ignored her kitties

don't be sad girl
they're in a better place


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

..her side of the story..

when they say you have to hear both sides of the story
they really mean it

i'm sorry i rushed with my verdict
without giving you a chance to back yourself up
i appreciate the time and effort you put in
without it
i'll never be able to break this ignorance

thank you for letting me know how horrible i am
thank you for giving me a hope to be a better person
might you keep it to yourself
my head will get bigger
and the whole world would detest me

this time
i sincerely ask for your forgiveness
no sarcasm no excuses
just a broken soul hoping to be rescued

please forgive me
i did wrong
i never meant to hurt you


Thursday, October 13, 2011

..i'm sorry..

i was watching my fair princess on ntv7
she called
i said i'd call her back
because unlike astro, ntv7 don't have their show on repeat
and this series dvd don't have subtitles
(or it'll be in my collection)
but she insisted on talking to me
fine, i give in
i'm sorry to be tactless and rude
but hey you disturb my leisure time (valid argument #1)
have some sympathy
i have not yet "make peace" with the whole situation yet
what's with ira's coming back
people visiting
my plan backtracked
i don't mean to say it the way i did
but i have emotion too (valid argument #2)

i was taught to be responsible for my action
therefore my sweet girl
i am truly sorry

i have learnt
that when my mood has been disturbed
i must use all my energy to keep myself silent
and deny you in a good way

i hope you have learnt
next time
let me call you later
i did denied you but you insisted (valid argument #3)

ok ok ok
i'm sorry
serious black i'm sorry

p/s: valid argument thingy was inspired by cikgu puaka
true story :) 


Friday, October 07, 2011, nora vs ps, i love you..

readers be warned
my BIAS thoughts


this morning
mum tuned-in astro citra and watched love, nora
as the movie end
i was like "what the hell?!"

since the plot
a lot like
ps, i love you

in love, nora
it's the wife that died and left emails
instead of letters
i prefer letters
more personal

and another thing
between ps, i love you novel and movie
i love the novel
(duh, typical bibliophile :P)
and since love,nora kinda reflects more of the movie rather than the novel
(the fact that the couple have different nationality, how they met etc.)
i strangely found it backstabbing
i love love love the novel
i was one of the early readers
before it was re-printed because of the movie
the movie disappoints me
if you want to feature the novel, why change?!!
since love, nora imprinted upon my disappointment
thus betrayal!!!


for love,nora
since i don't see any credit for miss cecilia ahern
the backstabbing feeling will stay for a while

Thursday, October 06, 2011

..perihal itik salai..

emak, abah, saye, kaklang dan kin baru lepas pikap ira dari kolej matrikulasi negeri sembilan
sedang menyusuri jalan kampung yang bersimpang-siur dengan citroen evasion abah memecah sunyi

abah: nak itik salai tak?
anak-anak: hmm, ape-apelah.
mak (bercakap dgn abah): abg nak abg beli je lah.

abah lalu slowkan kereta dan berhenti tepi
merapati sebuah gerai
dan pabila terlihatnya itik-itik bergantungan

"abah! abahtaknak! taknak abah! euwww!!"

abah pun tak jadi beli

sorry abah
kitorangkan budak bandar


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