Wednesday, December 28, 2011


remember the sketch i post before?
i've finished it!

new header image is up!
cute aite~
fyi, there's "alina's sketches" painted on the canvas

that's it

Friday, December 23, 2011

..being her patient part II..

macam scary je open ngan pict nih :p

following my background check last visit
i was called for second
i was scheduled for full scaling (last time was just for fun i might say)
my appointment was set to be on friday at 1445
on thursday my dentist-slash-sister begged me to fill in her friday morning slot too
since her appointed patient failed to attend
(just like how my previous appointment was set)
again, i can't bring myself to decline
so that's set it then
i was her patient throughout that friday

i had my teeth scaled in the morning
i thought the purpose of her partner being there was to assist her
i didn't think i'd be experiencing the previous experience
like having a swamp and fountain in my mouth
(turns out that there was a report saying a patient had accidentally swallowed the end part of the saliva-sucker-thingy which is why they were told to take'em off which resulted in inefficienct sucking)
ambek kau!
but her partner went to get that little thingy anyway when thing's got messy
can't blame her thoroughly since my mouth's kinda small
she had her supervisor checked her work when she's done
only when approved can she proceed to next stage

taken by the dentist
while her partner struggling with the system

after lunch (what a waste for the scaling done)
we continued with teeth analysis
this is where she takes notes on all the problems i have
and i meant ALL
observing my teeth tooth per tooth
i even had my teeth x-ray-ed
and from the x-ray
under one of the teeth fillings i had eons ago lay a small clump of caries
which means i had to get that filled removed and welcome new fillings
i shrieked upon hearing the news (dentist-o-phobia remember)
and she swiftly hugged my head
(that was one of the best moment of my life)

other than that, there's another tooth need to be filled
and about 4 or 5 teeth with deep fissures
which is better than cavity but need restoration nevertheless

fissures on tooth

she had her supervisor checked her findings and approved
next stage is where she actually going to operate on them teeth
and that's on our next appointment

everything is computerized these days
that's my teeth detail in there

one good thing about her being a dentist
i slowly recovers from dentist-o-phobia
good eh?

let's aim for
one mouth 30 sound!!
(22 sound, 6 medically restored, 2 unerupted, 2 partially erupted didn't sound right)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

..header or headless..

currently sketching in microsoft paint
really desire a new header
this blog has been headless for so long
it makes sir headless nick jealous
(mwahahaha!! high five potterhead!)

here's a preview of what it could be
i have little faith in myself
i can't guarantee it will finish

photoshop already bailed on me
so i'm left with the most faithful ms.paint

may the headless blog have a head one day
till then

*a/n: by headless i mean without header image =)*

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

..emak yang "perghh"..

**********  *****  **********

ahad ari tu around 6 ptg kot
tgh dinner kat umah maklong
kat ruang makan ade tv
unfortunately my back was facing it

mak ngan maklong mengadap tv
kakak ipar yg dok sebelah saye pon once or twice pusing tgk tv
pemalas cume saye sorang

cite maksima-ape-ntah tv3
and then ade satu part kakak ipar and maklong make a "woh~" sound
and following that was mak saying


mak sebut pergh?!
sejak bile mak terpengaruh ngan slang bajet-cool nih??
like seriously?!
aritu dah terkejut mase mak sebut "manis giler"
and now perghh??

lalu ku toleh belakang nk tengok amende yg best sgt
smpai mak sebut perghh ni
and you know what was there?





mak actually said pearl!
betapa relief-nye saye to discover that!
mak is free from the bajet-cool slang

emak anak

Monday, December 19, 2011


saw this while browsing in a mall
love the quote to bits
just had to share'em

Sunday, December 18, 2011

..positivity overloaded..

was doing some random quiz on facebook
one had this question
and, pardon me, but i think
i possess all the positive character listed above
ah well, maybe not free spirited but i am care-free hee-hee

i think my best quality is my brain
although it's not always in a positive manner

that's what i answered in this quiz anyway

Saturday, December 17, 2011

..ira's 18th birthday 'cake'..

this year
we sort of break the cake tradition
instead of cake
we had chicken-chop-stack as the main dish
ira was delighted
since we're not a fan of cake really
kaklang and i had fantasized on having this 'cake' instead
and now that lil fantasy had became reality
pity kaklang was not home
we'll make another for you k


5 serving of mak wan's chicken chop

stack the chicken
organized the fries, salad, coleslaw, cheese
pour the gravy on top


Friday, December 16, 2011

..being her patient part I..

my sister is a third year dentistry student in um
knowing that i'd be wasting my time at home
she asked me to be her patient

i have made it clear that i suffered from dentist-o-phobia
but without a patient she'd has to forfeit the day
and watch in sorrow as her fellow colleague completed their tasks

i agreed then
i couldn't let her wail upon her insufficient patient, can i?

there's her jotting down all my facts
the thing about having your sister as the dentist
you can't lie your way through

once she asked "do you take sugary liquid and food?"
i said "no" because even if i like them i don't take it as frequently as i'd love to
we laughed and i, giving up, gave her a detailed answer

that day her partner was absent
so when i was having my teeth scaled i had to hold the saliva-sucker-thingy myself
not knowing where they gather
they flood and some made their way down my jaw
what an experience!
we could only laugh at the ludicrousness


Thursday, December 15, 2011

..genki ni naranai..

a kitten dumped in my lawn
suffered from flu and eye infection
i cared for her
i named her genki (healthy) in hope she'd survive
but she didn't make it
she only lasts a week in my care

i'm gonna miss you dear

speaking of which
piano passed away too (refer here)
i think my lawn is so infected with virus
kittens would have a small chance growing up

news flash
orked's pregnant

Thursday, December 08, 2011

..stand tall..

i read this somewhere the other day

i cropped it from someone's blog
(without permission mwahaha!!)
the thing is


there's a thin chance that maybe the author intention was to add humor into it
possibly a born boke* waiting for someone to slap his/her head as the tsukkomi*
even if the intention is as a joke
there's a little truth in it

so please dear froggy author
stop emphasizing on how pathetic you are
and how forever alone you gonna be
the more you say it
the closer you are into making it real

i love reading your stuff
if you're pathetic then what does that makes me?
and other people who does read your blog?

choosing not to publicize your blog does not makes you pathetic
it makes you YOU
and there's no one in this world that can rule out that being yourself is pathetic

stand tall

Monday, December 05, 2011

..25 going 26..

muslims all over the world had already celebrated a new year
another beginning
this year i shall turn 26
please bear with me as i recall my 25

at 25
my passport was born
went on my first business travel (philippines)
went on my first international getaway (thailand)
lost my job
moved back to my parents' house
became my mum carer
gained and lost a few cats
started a running man obsession
stopped going to saloon (cut and color hair d..i.y-ly)
still haven't fix squirt's door (it's been a year now)
taught and learnt a few life lessons

and most importantly
at 25
i am still spoiled by my parents
and that could be both a pleasure and a burden at the same time
for even when i love being spoiled
i realize i have to start acting my age
it's my turn to pamper my parents

i hope you come with prosperity and blessings

dengan lafaz
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

p/s: for me, the start of the new year is the beginning point of my age regardless of the month i was born in, in term of "journey" that is~ :)


Friday, December 02, 2011

..dawn on breaking dawn..

i got dragged by my baby sis into watching breaking dawn last week

i'm not really a fan of twilight saga
but i read the books and even own them
i have the permission to have opinion
i'm not someone who bashed on something based on emotional strike
i gained the knowledge first

i love twilight
i usually love vampire-werewolf theme
the idea of a sparkling vampire seems weird but i applaud the writer for being creative
and then comes new moon
i got sick halfway through the book
it's basically 'twilight' all over again
but the werewolf debut somehow make it up for it
eclipse is just a waste of paper
too much drama for a book
in fact i think they only need twilight and breaking dawn
new moon and eclipse is not necessary
more like the end-half of breaking dawn
the first half could join the 'unnecessary' piles

that's why i don't have any intention to watch the movie
but like i said
i got dragged
and i got dragged watching part 1
the first half that i said is not necessary
and not having the other half in the movie is so wrong
the plot became slower
and the part i was hoping to see materialized digitally in front of my eyes got skipped
what the-!

just for the record
i don't regret watching it
it was merely to accompany my sisters
since they always put up with my selfishness

generally speaking
breaking dawn part 1
2 stars

and please don't ask me about immortals
i could bash the movie from start to end
i love 300
but immortals is so not my cup of tea

with that note, buh-bye ;)

Thursday, December 01, 2011

..squirt's wishlist..

+radiator service+
+new backseat door+
+full body paint+
+tint job+
+new wiper+
+steering wheel cover+
+neck rest+
+cd/mp3 player+
+any other accessories+

oh squirt
gimme some time
and let me get a job first ok
i appreciate u putting up with me
(and my cats)
please keep holding on

i need to get that tyre-lock-thingy first

p/s: since we don't celebrate christmas, let's wait for your next birthday~ :)

and to those who didn't know, squirt is my car and the name was inspired by one of my fav pokemon, squirtle (squirt+turtle), but i like to think my squirt more of a tortoise rather than a
 turtle since he dwells more on land~ 

squirtoise? :P

pokemon's squirtle <3


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