Saturday, January 21, 2012

..crushin' moments..

according to urban dictionary;

for me
this kind of fling rarely hit me
i don't fall easily
but my fling would stay for quite a long while
before it either evaporated
or made into my forever fling list

among all the not-so-many crushes i had
only two manage into my forever fling list
i guess my loyal readers could guess them right

narimiya hiroki
tanaka koki

it has been really a while since my last crush
but it's here now
i've longed for this rush of emotions
fresh excitement

i don't know how long this one will last
but i'm gonna enjoy (and control) every moment of it
*gelak gedik*

Friday, January 20, 2012

..deepest desire..

now would be a good time to stumble upon
the mirror of erised
(harry potter reference: the mirror that shows your deepest truly desire)

i seriously just realized!!

people are so easily swayed
they are tend to divert from their original path
and sometimes not knowing how to get back
not realizing even that they are lost

in times like this i'm often reminded of people like
luffy; who acclaimed that he'll be a pirate king

naruto; who acclaimed he'll be a hokage

harry potter; who has a prophecy telling him what to get done

if i were to look at the mirror of erised
what would i see?

haha! i think there's that possibility :P

Sunday, January 15, 2012

..being her patient part V..

my fifth visit
i was accompanied by kaklang!!
kaklang was home during her study week
gave me a chance to bring company to the clinic

at first
i thought it'd be boring for her
since everyone there would be occupied
and no one to entertain her
i'd be lonely in my car on my way to um
yeah, i'm selfish but i don't do harm

ngeh ngeh

besides, i helped kaklang with her project
so this is only a little itsy bitsy favor compared to that
anyhow, thanks kaklang! :)

this visit
i had my 17 composite-class-one-ed
that's dentist term for fillings on my upper-right second molar
the thing being a student's patient is
you began to pick up their terms and phrases
and now i am above you layman!!!

for the record
my cavity was only a spot
didn't take long to have that filled if you ignore the rubber dam
which was later (after fillings done) told unnecessary by datok
i don't know the datok's name but he's their supervising doctor for that day
they call him datok instead of dr. okba something-something
that's why i don't know the name
it's not like i have bias among the doctors or anything

fitting the rubber dam

the clamp didn't hurt as much as it usually does
does that mean my gum has been, in gackt's word, disciplined??
i can tolerate the pain??
this is BIG!!!

i have to test this out to be sure
it could caused by excessive strawberry-flavor numbing gel
is that plausible?
or maybe before this the gel wasn't left long enough for the numbing to take effect!
this has to be recheck!

my dearest dentist sister is currently having her exam
following that is a three week break
means that our earliest appointment can only be a month later...?

my gum would be undisciplined by then!

you can read kaklang's version here :)
*promote, promote*

Thursday, January 12, 2012

..being her patient part IV..

my fourth visit
i've been neglecting this "being her patient" series
since they're mostly bout the cursed rubber dam

but at last i decided to post them anyway
for my own reference
since the green card where they jot down all the activities
is not accessible to me
private and confidential
yeah, they kept away the details bout MY teeth from ME
so x-files~ *insert x-files theme song here*

yeah, gyah! has officially made into my most used expression
together with my ahahahaha!! and yeah

moving on

remember bout me needing my fillings drilled out and replaced with new ones?
no? it's ok, it's not that important.....anyway
i got that done that day
together with the evil rubber dam clamp of course
i don't hate the rubber dam
i despise the clamp!

okay then
enjoy these few picts :)

    view from below 1: my dentist

view from below 2: her partner the infamous jeksyen

my fav pict of the day: the crazy dentist

..bercanda di pantai morib..

*yeah, think i'm gonna use this image forever hehe*

yeah! korang x salah bace
memang bercanda
tapi bukan saye tapi.....




mak ngan abah!!!

oh yeah!
kehadiran saye hanyalah sebagai:

1. peneman emak dalam kereta bila abah gi beli rojak
2. pengabis makanan yang abah selalu lebih order
(mmg takde harapan nak diet)
3. penyorak setia untuk setiap tapak mak berjalan ho-yeah!
4. paparazzi tak berbayar
5. mood maker la sangat
6. pembantu sukarela emak
dan yang paling best
7. tukang tidur dalam kereta


actually abah nak gi ushar tanah kat banting
tanah tu lagi bertambah keHUTANannya
mengeluh panjang abah
pastu baru gi jalan kat pantai morib
cantik gak tempat de
kalau ade adik-adik
sure lg best nk photoshoot bagai

penampakan alien di pantai morib!
dasat tau exposure nokia e52 :P

mak eksesais banyak ari nih
jalan merata dari kedai mkn gi tgk pantai
dr pantai gi toilet
mmg terbaik la mak!

almost there!

kalau ade aiman mesti best
bleh masuk kawasan playground
ni sorang2 sure org pandang pedo pelik
terus x jadik =_="

so inviting!

ok tu je
ari ni malas nk mengarang bhs inggeris
tp memandangkan x cukup ilmu nk tulis formal nye bahasa melayu
rojakkan aje

ngok-ngek dah ni
sila tegur

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

..gunfire at lrt taman melati..

it was reported there was a gunfire at lrt taman melati around 1430 yesterday
source: klpos

lrt taman melati is my backyard
i could hear the lrt zooming here and about from my room
but i didn't hear the gunshot


mum, dad and i were on our errand journey that evening
we departed from home at about 1530
we were surprised to see a road block at the traffic light heading to the lrt
so dad took an alternative route
we discussed about the road block in the car
dad said it's because of the agung/sultan or there's trouble
like the bomb threat in pavillion
never thought it's REALLY something like that

three robbers escaping from carrefour end up in gunfire in tmn melati
two dead, one escapes

the road block caused a bit of traffic jam
have to double up security this week

do your duty to your owner!

on a serious black note
be alert people
especially those in the wangsa maju region
better be safe than sorry

Monday, January 09, 2012

..orked's babies..

yay! orked delivered!
four babies!
one greyish like her, three white
unfortunately she delivered in the laundry basket
made mum quite mad
but i don't mind
frankly, i was the one who suggested that location to her
i didn't think she'd buy it but she did

haven't name them yet
soon maybe

oh, here's another cat updates;

lazy, who has been missing for weeks now turn up one day
goodness, that deserves a 5-minute nagging from me
she continued being missing the next day
i don't have a clue where she resides but i believe she can manage

there is a newcomer in our lawn
his fur is exactly like late caramel's
but instead of caramel's bob tail, his are long and straight
and he's very adorable
unlike gedik, angeline, cello and biola who always avoid me
he would come and beg for to be caressed
his full name is caramel junior because of the resemblance
but we call him junior
i'll upload his pict one day

okay then

Sunday, January 08, 2012

..dec 25th family drama..

it's already 2012
but i just had to post this
this is my side of the story
(warning: agak panjang)

my parents anniversary is on dec 25th
it so happens that kin's birthday share the same date
we usually had tonnes of enjoyment that day

not this year
(ah! i meant last year..sigh)

earlier on 24th
ira, kin and i went out
mum asked us to buy a cake
here's the thing
ever since i developed my own piece of mind
i don't quite agree with cakes on birthday
i'm not a fan i'm a human of cakes
and we always have leftovers anyway
which makes me think of it as a waste
so that's why i lost all the enthusiasm to buy them
and for unknown reason, so was kin
so we're left with enthusiastic ira

at the secret recipe
ira urged me to be interested with the process
we can't decide which cake to buy
kin don't like chocolate
mum and ira like cheese cake
that seems to set right?
but i prefer chocolate than cheese
and since i don't like cake in the first place
it somehow pissed me off that i'm doing errand buying things that i'm not gonna eat
such childish thoughts
thankfully it was only a thought
because later, i find myself surveying the cheese whole cake they had
and had my eyes fixed on one
the black forest cheese cake
ira called mum first to make sure mum would like it
for a baby sis, she is very thoughtful
(slaps myself)

since we're done choosing the cake
i took a seat with kin and left ira with the writings
ira asked us of what to write
i said "tulis je lah..."
'...macam biase' stayed as monologue
i thought that was clear enough
we did this every year
there's no way she could mess the wordings
my motive was to let her being creative with her own way

at midnight when we celebrates
all of us were surprised

kin was not mentioned
here's where the blame is pushed around
kaklang in particular blamed me
since i am the eldest
i got bored hearing the reason
seriously, i always got blamed just because i was born earlier than them
can't your well developed brain come up with much rational reasons??

but that sets it then
that killed kin's mood
somehow the self-acclaim forever alone girl felt more alone than ever
felt for her
and i wonder of ira's choice of words
under kaklang's aggressive questioning
(kaklang is known for her short temper)
ira said she thought kin don't have any interest in it
the way kin acts (moody) made her assumed kin don't want her name on the cake
we have learnt to leave kin on her own when her mood strikes
that's why ira didn't ask more when kin replied "skatie (suke hati)"

we sang the birthday song nevertheless
and surprise surprise the black forest cheese cake was a hit
everybody likes it
but kin mood was destroyed

the next day kin have to returned to um
and ira back in kmns
so we didn't have any chance to make it up
i was hoping for kin to mature it up and let it go
until one day opportunity come knocking on my door
(hehehe, ayat tak bleh blah)

mum asked me to get her blender from kin
see, i don't fancy turning up in um for fun
i would prefer for kin to bring the blender home herself
but since its an emergency
kaklang and i took the job
first we went lazing around in jaya jusco coz kin went out with her friends
we had to wait till she got back to her dorm
while lazing around we decided to get her a cake
a small one
with only her name

we took a liking on a strawberry cake
but the writing can't be done since the surface is filled with toppings
we could only have the happy birthday stick
kaklang and i still want kin's name on the cake
so we let our mind be creative and debate between ourselves
choki choki seems like a good idea
but we can't find it anywhere
kaklang suggested we arranged nips peanuts to form the name
but i think that won't fit
finally i gave the word to drop it and settle with the happy birthday stick
then we drove to um

on the way
we realized we don't have any matches or lighter to light the candles
so i texted kin to buy me a lighter
in hope i did not sound obvious of surprising her

we arrived just as she returned
while she went to nearby store to buy lighter we bumped with her friends
i invited them to wait for kin
but i did not tell them we were going to surprise her
i guessed that's why they declined my invitation and went on to pak ali for dinner

when kin arrived with the lighter
her face brightens upon seeing the candle i about to light up
and the cake with the happy birthday stick

kaklang and i (but mostly me i think) choir up a birthday song
i believed we did it
we made it up for her missing name
thankfully =)

adik yang tinggi

we dropped kin at pak ali
so that she can celebrate/share the cake with the bunch of people
who rejected my offer
then we went home with mum's blender

according to kin' post
she had birthday celebration quite a few times with her friends
the cupcake, the pak ali 'jj' cake, the strawberry cake and the dental water ambush
but that are among friends
for family i think kaklang and i did quite a good job
*pats our back*


..being her patient part III..

my third visit
i was reminded of why i have dentist-o-phobia

at the beginning of the day
my sister displayed a set of tools she's gonna use:

i was surprised to see a pliers there
i mean what the heck
i don't need extraction!

it was later revealed that the pliers is used to fit the rubber dam clamp around my victim tooth
my tooth has become a victim of rubber dam clamp
the process took quite a while
and it stings my gum!
it felt like she's pulling my tooth out!!
i never had rubber dam before
the term itself was very foreign to me
my sis and her friends explained that its their new policy
any restoration would require rubber dam nowadays
i don't think it affects private dental clinics though
so rest assured people
you won't need...

rubber dam!!
seram kan

that day we managed one fissure sealant done

all the peace i had when i learnt fissure sealant is better than filling washed away
i have 4 more to go

 side note:
failure of updates because my sisters were home
now that i'm alone again
(not counting mak and abah)
i'll pick up the pace :)

Monday, January 02, 2012

..congrats wani+syafiq..

pict from wani and syafiq wedding
24 dec 2011
wani's house

all four of them were my colleagues in usm
wani in particular was my diet buddy
it made me smile seeing her diet paid off
though it could be due to her work stress
but anyway
you look awesome wani!

mr and mrs architect


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