Wednesday, February 29, 2012 16 - a baby picture of me..

i do have my baby picts
but unfortunately i don't have them digitally
and since i lack the effort to scan'em or snap'em or anything
i'm gonna share a pict my brother uploaded on his fb


we were at the kuala perlis jetty i think
either going to langkawi or just got back or merely visiting
i have no idea
oh, those are my paternal extended family by the way
miss them

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 15 - a letter to someone who hurt me recently..

i really can't recall of anyone who'd hurt me recently
these few days have been amazing
and since i'm a tough girl
i rarely feel hurt
rarely, really

i'm also a forgiver
i'm not easily hurt and i forgive easily
what a combination!

eventhough i wasn't hurt
i'm writing this letter anyway
for those who had hurt me

dearest hurt-er,
you have been forgiven
i might still feel the pain
but that is none of your concern anymore
i don't plan to fuss around with the past and forget the future
despite of the scarred memories you left me with
with Allah's will
i'm gonna live a peacefully blissful life filled with barakah
and i pray you will too

Sunday, February 26, 2012 14 - recent pictures i took..

here's a recent pict i took
my new books


can't wait to start
thanks kaklang!!
you're the best sister ever!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 13 - first 10 songs that play from my shuffling wmp..


the original title demand an iPod
i don't own any i-product
so here are the list of songs
from windows media player playlist on shuffle

first 10 songs:

aoyama thelma ft soulja -  soba ni iru ne (by your side)

kat-tun - sadistic love

daesung - baby don't cry

boyfriend - boyfriend

tae yang - look only at me

eminem ft rihanna - love the way you lie

travie mccoy - need you

big bang - tell me goodbye

the zikr - menagih kasih

kat-tun - don't you ever stop


Tuesday, February 21, 2012 12 - how i found out about Blogger and why i made one..

it was long time ago
in my first year of university
a lecturer asked all of us to submit the assignment via blog
the only blog i have then was my friendster blog
which was full with personal stuff
and so i yahoo-ed (didn't use google at the time) for sites
lots of my mates decided on blogger
so i made an account too
but i found blogger hard to comprehend
lots of i-don't-know on my mind
under such stress (time wise etc) i switched to yahoo blog
and left blogger untouched

later in 2009
when my sister kaklang made a blog on blogger
and posts stuff of her uni life
i re-activated my blog
delete all those icky posts
and start anew with new layout and everything
and my first posts was titled ..reborn..
indicating the blog i revived

Sunday, February 19, 2012 11 - my idea of a perfect date..

a perfect date
would not be perfect unless the couple is married

whatever else happen that day
would then filled with barakah
physically and spiritually protected
peaceful and undisturbed

in other word

for now (since i'm still single)
this is the only condition of my perfect date

i might have a more elaborate answer when i'm married
but for now
i'm aiming to have this condition fulfilled first
pray for me sisters~ =)

Saturday, February 18, 2012 10 - songs i listen to when i'm happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad..

i never notice the songs i listened to when i'm in those state
usually i just put them on playlist
and let the shuffle decide

i'm gonna try to re-enact those moments
and see which particular song come to mind

sunset swish - my pace
it's a genki song, makes you feel energetic
one of bleach ending theme

daesung - baby don't cry
i remember one of those sad days and i put this song on replay
somehow the lyrics "baby don't cry" soothes me

adele - turning tables
i meant to say that whenever i'm idle and i'm thinking of listening to songs
i'd played this song first and sing-along off-pitch-ly
ngeh ngeh

kat-tun - star rider
i got lots of song under this category
but this is the most recent song that made into the list
the beats makes you wanna dance

onitsuka chihiro - hotaru
my sisters would know this is my favorite song of all time
and listening to it would calm me down
and inject senses into the system

yeah! 10 down, 20 more to go! =)

Friday, February 17, 2012 09 - nicknames i have; why do i have them..


1. kakngah
this is my name among family/relatives
and i daresay distant relatives don't even know my real name
in malay tradition, there's a hierarchy nickname for siblings
ngah is for the second child
kak indicates the gender

2. amy
mum gave me this name
she intended to name me amy at first
but it ends up as amir in the registration form
my older brother, my mum and some relatives did called me by this name before
but they later adapt kakngah
nowadays, there are only a handful of people who still calls me amy

3. amir
amir is the first two syllable of my real name
my peers in kindergarten started calling me this
i have no objection to it so i let the name grow on me
and it has stuck with me until my matriculation year

4. nana
my other nickname in matriculation
a friend started calling me this to tease me
because i teased her first
but since my non-malay friends found this name MUCH easier to pronounce
compared to amir
this name kinda stuck
but only to those special people
nobody else call me nana and i never introduce myself with it

5. hime
a day before i enroll into university
i decided to give myself a new name
people always asked why the hell do i have a boy name
some even thought my real name a combination of my parents'
but instead of making use of the other half of my name
i created hime
i was totally into japan at that time (and still am)
amir means prince in arabic (or leader)
hime means princess in japanese
thus the choice

6. mimi
it's funny how i got this name
during the time i worked in malacca
there was an old lady and her husband living next door
i call her nenek (grandma)
and she, due to my alien nickname i guess, pronounced hime as mimi
and so her husband, daughters, sons, her entire relatives
know me as mimi

7. alina
alina neko is my web name
i put alina as my first name in email address
and send resume with that email
my previous employer calls me alina on her own because of that
she later introduced me as alina to other co-workers
and i, wanting to save time from unnecessary explanation, let it be

too many? no lah~
i just hope it won't be like this:


Thursday, February 16, 2012 08 - define crush, like, like-like, infatuation, love, and in love..

there's a title like this?!
i wonder where's the need to define them
my definitions are usually referred from dictionary/ies
but for this post
i'm gonna come up with my own definitions
so please pardon my choice of words

a feeling of overwhelming warmth
which sometimes makes you giddy all the sudden
a comfortable environment which you rather pleased with
a friendly affection

the hell? english have kata berganda too?
urm, maybe, extra comfortable (?)
a feeling of extreme comfort that makes you relax kot~

due to lack of vocab, i have to oxford this word first
turns out infatuation ranked lower than crush
so i have to say this is the feeling you encounter
when you crush on first sight

a feeling of deep affections that are not bounded by any rules
that grows with time and could turn you insane if you're not careful ;)

in love
acknowledgment of a romantic relationship
all those can't eat can't sleep, reach over the stars over the fence,
world series kind of stuff
(it takes two quote :D)

just a gentle reminder
these are MY definitions
don't put it in exams without further readings kay

i'm out ;)

p/s: miss cuya,
i just realized my chosen 30-posts-thingy is a bit different from yours

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 07 - a pict of someone/something that has the biggest impact on me..

there are quite a few people who has a big impact upon my life
who has influenced my way of thinking

for starters
each of my family members had at least taught me bout life's lesson once
usually unintentionally
i picked the lesson up by my own, discreetly
from the way they react to certain circumstances
from the words they chose in answering something
list goes on
i observe a lot

and then
there're those fictional characters
those who portray quality i find admiring
who makes me think
"i should have done it like that"
(refer previous post)

but then
ever since i can understand it (from translations)
all my actions, my thoughts, my decisions
are bounded by the boundaries
by the tale of those before us
by the promises Allah made

i'm talking 
about the holy Quran

source: google

at the end of the day
it's Allah's will
that permitted the others' impact on me
wallahualam =)


Monday, February 13, 2012 06 - favorite superhero and why..

i made a post bout my childhood superhero before
but to speak of all time favorite

rock lee!

according to oxford dictionary

which makes rock lee a superhero too
he's a fictional character (from naruto)
he possesses superhuman power
he's very kind


on a serious note
rock lee is my most favorite character
mainly because masashi kishimoto's his famous saying

"hardwork can overcome genius"

his never-ending fiery determination to prove himself 
is a quality of him i truly admire

rock lee keychains on my bag :)

rock lee rocks!
konoha dai senpuu!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012 05 - most visited websites..

just to make things simpler
and a lot easier
here's a screenshot of my google chrome most visited tabs

the end
mwahahahaha!! 04 - a habit i wish i didn't have..

lets see
what is one habit i wish i didn't have?

i have quite a few unpleasant habits
but to name one here
i would say
my cursing habit

it's not cursing with swear words like those american movies
but cursing nevertheless

i love to say 'mangkuk' to everything and everyone
no matter what my emotion is at the time
excited, displeased, sad, etc
it's not that i love to say it
it's more that i am programmed to say it
it happens automatically
which, now that i'm older and thinkable, i think it's not appropriate
i am now in the process of controlling my tongue
so that i don't splurt out 'mangkuk' whenever i feel like it
same goes to 'ngok-ngek'

..most cheerful n cute blog contest entry..

oho! this is really unexpected
i was tagged by a fellow blogger
aisyah-chan, arigatou ne!

after considering for a while of the contest t&c
i have decided to put down my mark

the contest is hosts by hana
it only requires you to make a simple entry about it
display the contest banner in it
and follow her blog
oh, and also leave your link in her entry comment section
or else your entry will not be known

tagging other people is optional
but, let's see
since it's a cute n cheerful contest
come and give it a try

it ends on march 1st
plenty of time for those interested to join

Saturday, February 11, 2012 03 - a pict of me with my buddies..

during my unemployed days
i don't hang out with my buddies
i'm always at home
chillin' with my sisters

but since the post title didn't specify on when the pict was taken
i chose this photo below to display here

my architecture third year colleagues
taken during archiweek 2008
missing those torturous yet joyful university years
may each of you succeed in the path you chose :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

..junior and guitar's last pict..

i mentioned a new cat squatting in my lawn in this post
i said i'll upload his photo one day
well here it is
the most adorable caramel junior

here's a photo of late caramel if you're wondering of their resemblance

but the sad news is
when we got back from perlis
junior and guitar have gone missing

junior is extremely adorable
he's not shy with people at all
so i think he seek alternative attention in those days we're not home
and stuck with the new owner
i guess it's time junior's love is passed along
so that more people would know of what a great cat he is
hope you're happy

it might not be the same for guitar
believing she's safe elsewhere is wishful thinking
because guitar was born here
she never been missing before, not even a day
unlike her fellow siblings (biola and cello) guitar is petite
smaller in size, sometimes i think she's not growing
guitar was never spotted on her own
therefore seeing her other relatives at home without her
tells me only one thing;
expect the worse

i can't mourn her because there's no body
therefore guitar, even if it's true you're with genki and piano now
you are alive in my heart

missing you


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