Thursday, March 29, 2012

..movies watched these few months..

i now i still haven't finished my 30 post thingy
but i did not set any time limit for myself
so, mwahahahaha!!

i'm here to share some thoughts on movies i watched

1. underworld: awakening
i love underworld series
was surprised to know there's a fourth movie
since i have knowledge on the previous movies,
i find this one entertaining
but i still wonder how on earth she conceived and give birth while in custody
the daughter's acting wasn't really convincing
but since vampire is my bias (except twilight), 4 stars

2. this means war
i love reese witherspoon
and i rather enjoyed the trailer
but the movie ending is cliche
but still, all the fun stuff make it up for it
out of five, i reward this 3 stars

3. hunger games
i began to wait for this movie last year
when a friend posted the trailer on fb
i searched for the books after i watched the trailer
but unfortunately they're nowhere to be found
only recently when the movie hit the cinema the books became trackable
but now i've decided to lay off the book for this movie
and watch it as movie itself
the opening is really slow
i understand the need for those explanations since they're using different setting than reality
but the long wait before the game and the shaky cam style is really annoying
i love the plot; the story
but the movie didn't do justice to portray katniss' ability
i hope she fight more
and i hope peeta ain't as weak as it seems
for movie, i'm giving it 3 stars
i haven't read the book yet
but will soon
let see if what i hope for is in the book


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

..summer in malaysia..

spot this on my way to work
summer fun
ah well, we're in malaysia
our summer would be a wet one
coz we have unexpected rain frequently these days
whoever came up with this idea anyway?
:P beginning's beginning..

here's a few pict of my new office :)

this is my crib
coincidentally, the previous employee who used this computer was also an Amir
that's why my new colleagues felt somewhat reluctant to call me amir
i was introduced as alina
but they simply shortened it to alin instead
only mister boss calls me alina

here's my neighbor's crib

we have 3 drafters seated here; behind me

this is on my other side
where we have another 4 colleagues' crib
two plotters
and prayer room

i didn't sneak into the bosses' side of the office

here are a pict of my new colleagues
hafiz, kak zura and roza
the others had gone back already when this was taken

here's the drill
we're moving to a new office this friday
it's not far, just across the road
this friday!!
and it's still in this state
i hope they get it done on time

i'm sooo looking forward to my new crib

oh oh oh!
here's a pict of my lunch
since it is a RARE occasion we dine at the restaurant
(we girls usually tapau)

chill~ ;)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 current station..

it's been too long
waiting and wondering of where it'll take me
my destiny

i'm glad to inform that i have found a job
(although, like my previous job, it could be described as the job found me)
i was recommended by my lovely miss boss
my new boss was miss boss' senior in her uni
thankfully, after such drama, i  was offered a job

the thing was
i was also called for an interview after that job offer
this time by the infamous ibm
i was referred by my lovely bff a few weeks back
and it took so long before they finally call me

i was torn
at first i decided to present on my first day of work
and then take a leave to attend the ibm interview
which was two days later

it didn't go as planned

on the first day
i had an early job briefing with mister boss
and that's where he expressed his opinions
on the whole drama and yet offering me a job

you see
i was initially rejected
he sent me a long sms explaining his situation and decision
(because i didn't pick-up his call)
i replied a thank-you sms
and ponder on my bad luck with interviews
(i was not yet called for ibm interview)
two days later he sent me a surprise sms
"cik alina, can you start work tomorrow?"
i can't believe my luck
later that same day ibm called for that interview

continue where i left off
in that meeting room with mister boss
he said he likes my positive attitude a lot
and he thinks that i have been left hanging for a very long time
that it's time someone lend a helping hand and give me the chance i deserve
i was movedtotears
and at that instance i know where i want to be

what's more
all the other employees are very friendly and nice
it's a whole family concept in this office
they share everything
and welcome me as one
i was and still am deeply touched

i hope they'll gain more profit whilst i'm here
i hope
i won't let mister boss and miss boss down
and ultimately
i won't let Allah down
this is a great blessings You sent
thank You

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

..what have i become?!..

my taste in music differs from my peers
i am fond of japanese songs
a bit of korean and english
and just a few of malay songs

and so
throughout the year i have built this reputation
my friends and sisters would know better than to ask me about latest malay songs
my english songs knowledge are limited to songs played on, and
those are my favorite radio station
i love listening to sarimah on my way to work
the all new red breakfast with sarimah and lil kev! :)

last saturday mum, kin and i spent the night in padang balang
while having dinner we had the tv showing big jam
i had finished my meal and was reading kafka on the shore
currently reading

and suddenly at one point
i started singing along to the song played on tv
it was so sudden kin and kaklong turned to me in surprise
serius muke kin mcm ni~ :P
"kakngah..." kin began
and i was "hmmm... ape?" still oblivious to what i just did
i looked at them for a few seconds
and it suddenly hit me
"oh! oh! tak!! sebab kat ofis dorang pasang all day..."
menggelabah kau! :P
and what's more
i don't even know the song title
later that night when i wanted to try and guess the song name
i can't even remember the lyric and the rhythm of the song
yes, i've forgotten everything about the song i sang along to
how weirdly extraordinaire!
things our unconscious mind can do!

but i have a strong willpower
i want to be sure of the song name
so these days i listen to more closely than before
trying to guess which of them caught my unconscious attention
and i think i found it
i started to listen to the song more intently
the song have the characteristic and features i adore
which is why the lyrics came naturally to my lips

it was this song:
nidji - jangan takut
(hah! not even a malay song! woot woot indonesian!)

now, my malay songs knowledge are limited to songs played on
which is not a lot because they LOVE to repeat the same song over and over in a day

p/s: kin, this song has made into my list of 'songs i'd like my man to sing for me'~ :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

..hari basuh tudung sedunia..

semalam telah diumumkan sebagai
hari basuh tudung sedunia
oleh saya!

tudung ni kan selalunya pakai kat luar
bawah tudung ade anak tudung
selalunya anak tudung la yang dok basuh
tudung dah pakai sangkut balik
melainkan ada anasir-anasir luar yang kelihatan
tudung tu tak akan dibasuh  selepas dipakai

sebagai seorang perempuan kan
of course tudung ade macam-macam kaler
sebulan tukar tudung hari-hari pon cukup
maka, tudung yang selalu pakai je akan masuk list 'perlu basuh'
tudung-tudung lain perlu tunggu sampai hari basuh tudung sedunia

memandangkan majority tudung mmg da lame tak basuh
saye decide basuh je semua semalam
jadilah macam kedai dobi kejap
berbaris penuh disiplin
siap berlapis lagi
banyak gile kaler itam
tudung jenis selendang sumer

koleksi ni termasuk ngan tudung-tudung my sisters
saki baki yang dorang tak angkut gi tempat belajar dorang
so, naturally, saye buat harta lah!
tak lah~
kitorang dah dididik budaya berkongsi dari kecik
dorang pon biase je amek tudung saye
main ambik, tp izin/bagitahu tu perlu
tu untuk tanam sifat respek barang orang

contoh mcm ni:
situasi: kaklang berminat ngan tudung saye lantas de amek pack dalam beg siap-siap
esoknye or bile-bile jumpe saye

kaklang: alang amek tudung ijau (kononnye) kakngah tau.
kakngah: ala, baru ingat nak pakai... takpela, kakngah pakai yang lain.

kaklang da ambik dulu
jadi walaupun saye punye
hak memakai berada di tangan kaklang
tudung kan banyak
jadi tak perlu lah nak bergaduh kerana tudung
that's what we're taught by our mum :)

ready to serve =)

Friday, March 09, 2012

..dear kin and kaklang..

hey guys
i just wanna let you know that
i read your blogs
there are some posts that i liked and intended to comment
i can't type in the verification code
their code nowadays demand a 'space'
and aqxeru can't do that
so everytime after i failed the verification test
i gritted my teeth (not that hard, kin) and click 'X'

i hope you guys understand

oh, kin
i appreciate your post about those cats
i appreciate your understanding towards my well-being
thank you

good luck on your fyp!!!

mcm best je mende ni =)

..i am over him..

i was totally into him before
i said it usually be a long term fling
but not this one i'm afraid
it has only been 2 months and a half
but the time has come
i bumped into something that is SO fatal i cut clean right at that moment

it's a bit sad seeing him like that
i expected him to be better than this

i can't expect people to know my ground rules
therefore i won't hate him
i just can't like him any longer

mister crushing number-i-don't-know-23-maybe-?
starting today we are officially over
like you know we even started :P
bye-bye mister-crush-number-i-don't-know-23-maybe-?
i hope to find a new crush soon
or better yet
someone to love

Thursday, March 08, 2012

..being her patient part VI..

my 6th visit long, long time ago
like a month ago

i had another tooth fissure sealant-ed
and then
for the evening slot kin took me to another room
where she educated me bout stuff
i was literally shown the plagues dominating my mouth

from left: jeksyen the great, me, and aki the incredible
the chemical i splattered against my teeth + uv light
= plague in sight!!

kin scrutinizing my teeth

kin jot down my plague percentage
it wasn't at its best i admit
just average
therefore for my next visit to this particular section
i hope my percentage drop
the lesser plague i have means lesser probability of having cavity
thus lesser dentist visit

no offense kin
please be offended, cavity!

Sunday, March 04, 2012 20 - someone i see myself marrying/being with in the future..

i am a realist
even though i fantasized a lot
i never involve my exhilarating-journey-beyond-wonders
in my nearly-as-exciting-daily-lives

being truthful to myself and to you,
i see myself being single but as happy as i can be
having a few kitties
living with either kaklang or/and my bestie
in japan
that is what I think
but my future from someone else's point of view would be:
the granny-cat-owner thingy
who happens to love books
this doesn't seem like a bad option at all

Saturday, March 03, 2012 19 - in this past month, what have i learned?..

it's a coincidence writing this now
the beginning of march
so let's see
things i learned last month

my dentist sister taught me how to brush my teeth properly
and i was introduced to my teeth plague, literally
it was an exciting experience
(i'll post about it under being-her-patient series soon)

my decision making skills was tested
i was in dilemma for a week
wanting both but can only choose one
i made my decision and i am happy with it
i learned not to burden my thoughts with unnecessary worries
i just have to gather the knowledge
and let them fill in the spaces themselves
thus providing me with the answer

i was reminded yet again
that whenever any of the family members call or message me
respond to them
and whatever desire they may have, fulfill it
and never even once hoped for something in return

oh! a senior colleague at my new office taught me bout beams
about how to position them columns so the beams can connect
i misslook that factor when i was adjusting the columns
and my new boss taught me bout how to position sanitary units in the toilet
of how the wettest should be the furthest inside
another colleague taught me how to use the printer
and another taught me how to color plans

i gain lots of knowledge in the new office
i'll talk more about it later
i want to finish this 30 thingy first

see ya

Friday, March 02, 2012 18 - plans/dreams/goals i have..

i'm gonna get specific about this
but, pardon me, i won't be providing scientific details
these things are kinda private

i plan to secure my current job
*oh, i got a job, currently on probation, i'll make a post about it later*
have a solid financial savings
and rescue my family from debts

live in japan
yeah, seems like i can't let go of this dream
i don't know how i'm gonna get there
but i hope i will someday

die as a muslim
and not just a muslim by name

sisters or maybe peers who might wonder
i don't put marriage in any of the above for a reason
i believe it will happen when Allah wills it
if it happens, it happens
if it didn't, it didn't
anyway it goes, i'll always find my happiness

Thursday, March 01, 2012 17 - someone i want to switch lives with for one day and why..

switch life with
for a day

at this precise moment
i'd like to switch with my mum
i want to know what she thinks everyday
what she feels
what keeps her content
then maybe
i could be a better daughter

having said that
it'd do me good too to switch with my dad
but i'm gonna put mum as my first priority


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