Tuesday, April 24, 2012

..universal studio singapore..

it was planned by a few mates i met in melaka
they planned it last year
invited me into an event on facebook
i didn't rsvp my confirmation
because i was jobless then

but they postponed the trip since it's hard finding one day that fits everyone's schedule
finally the plan maker decided a date
and made it clear that it won't be postponed no more
if you can come, come
if you can't, better luck next time
and thankfully by the time they decided the date
i already acquired a job and financially stable
universal studio singapore
here i come!

it was planned by ida the great
you can read bout all her effort to make it possible on her blog
at first there were 6 people confirm to join the trip
ida, 2 of ida's housemate, kak afra, myself, and my bff; syaqilah
i invited syaqilah at the last minute
and thankfully her parents and her boss let her proceed with it
but at the end
there were only four of us; ida's houmates can't make it

and so syaqilah and i depart from kl to jb on thursday
it was so last minute
syaqilah only made her passport on that very morning
we traveled by lrt from our house to terminal bas selatan(tbs)
and i was genuinely impressed
first, because of the lrt integrated system
it clearly showed how long have i neglected the public transport
second, because of tbs' like-airport-system
you have to check in first and get the official tbs ticket before you can proceed to departure hall
and only those with tickets are allowed in
and the place is so grand and clean, it wows me

we took an 11pm bus to jb
arrived at 3 am to find that our phones has no network whatsoever!!
the network system assumed we've crossed into singapore maybe
together, syaqilah and i find a public phone and informed ida
ida came and collected us and we slept till subuh prayer
i woke to find kak afra; ida had gone the trouble to fetch kak afra at 6 am
she is truly ida the great

we had breakfast and took a 10:30 am bus
it's a new experience going through customs
and we made it to uss at noon
people are already bustling in by then
i dragged them to those extreme rides
we started with the battlestar gallactica cylon first
the extremest of them all
i was ecstatic to the bones
we rode the human next, but it wasn't as extreme as cylon
but still terrifies kak afra and syaqilah
the blue track is the cylon; the red is the human
the human and the cylon depart together just as if we're battling
(pict source as shown on pict)
cylon seats are suspended, so your feet would be dangling lifeless
whereas human seat is just a seat without anything covering it, like a moving chair or something like that
(pict source: google)

we kept on moving then
rides after rides after rides
we skipped lunch due to time constraint
i felt sorry for ida whose been hungry like she could eat a lion
and yet silently followed me to queue for another ride

we ate later at 7pm when we left uss
there's a few restaurants nearby
but unfortunately the seats are limited
kak afra and ida ate while syaqilah and i wonder around
and found a beverages stall
we stayed there (ida and kak afra came join us) until around 9pm
imagine a pulpy drinks cost about rm8 a bottle and mineral rm5
this costs a fortune =_="
the bus arrived at 9:30pm and back to jb

it was an exciting experience
you get tired from all the rides but it's not really exhausting
we spent more time waiting than playing
eventhough we went on weekdays
imagine going on weekend? gulp!

anyhow, here are some tips:

1. take a 7am-7pm bus
you'll arrive early, ride the tranformers immediately, because the transformers ride is bound to have an hour queue, mark my words! and you'll leave at 7 pm (the time uss closes) so you don't have to wander aimlessly like we did.

2. the weekdays tickets cost less
but if you only can go on weekend, i strongly suggest you purchase the universal express ticket. which enable you to go thru an express lane and skip waiting. (although, i don't know how packed the express lane will be on weekends.:P)

3. bring camera
there are a lot of things you can photograph, and lots of mascots to take picture with, and they're extremely friendly (duh! it's their job :P)
with puss
shrek's house
madagascar gang
with the lovely gloria
Frankenstein scares kak afra
my personal favorite; in front of far far away castle

4. bring raincoat
there are some rides where you'll soak to the bones.
(pict source: google)

5. store some buns and water in your bag
they didn't strictly checked your bag, singaporean dollar is expensive.

6. bring energy
lots of it! you gonna need it.

7. enjoy enjoy jugak tapi jangan suka-suka sangat.

that's it peeps!
all in all, uss, 4.5 stars
and given the chance, i'd like to go there again

as always
dramaticness kicks in; palying with fog ;)

Monday, April 23, 2012

..knights' updates..

the knights refer to my sisters
it has nothing to do with knights of camelot or whatsoever
updates bout my sisters
so that i would always keep reminded of what we went through

i'm gonna start with the littlest first

ira is finishing her matriculation
she'll be home for good this thursday
mum and dad and kin are going to fetch her
i can't bring myself to ask for another day off since i'm not a permanent employee yet
thing was
ira was always in a bad shape after exam
especially after maths paper
after the first math paper she texted me
saying how bad she did, how she'd never get a 4 flat
(she aimed to take medic)
i called her
and on the phone, she cried, like she let all her regrets and disappointment out
she blabs, and i listen
these days, whenever my sisters express their emotions to me
i have trouble finding the right words to say
i am always afraid of making the situation worst
after her math second paper
again she texted me
saying that some of her friends are discussing the paper beside her
and she was struck with the thought of how much mistakes she made
i replied with one of albus dumbledore quote i like
"don't count your owls before they are delivered"
and of course i asked her to have faith in Allah
i miss her badly and can't wait to have her home
she said she'd make bento for me to take to work
and then we could discuss further bout her white-blood-cell comic she came up with
(she wants me to draw the comic for her)
stay strong irah

next up is my girlish-to-be-sister

kin never fails to cracks me up
one day she surprises everyone with saying the letter 'R' as 'are'
like a pure english (english is also used to describe people from england, not only as language, in case you didn't know)
even mum teased her with her 'are' tendency
and then there's a time she came up to me
acted very sweetly and you could tell she's asking for a favour
but unexpectedly
my hate-everything-from-jewel-to-make-up-sis asked me to apply mascara on her
i was like "what the hell?!" before i lol like mad upon seeing her kinda desperate plead
i put the whole eye set; maskara, eyeliner and eyeshadow on one eye
kin was surprised to see her own face
she admits it looks good, but it doesn't looks good on her
and then
there are times where she amazed me with her words
stuff she said sounds so pure and mature
i can't believe it was written by the same person who came to me and whispered
"pakaikan maskara..."
these days it seems that kin is the bigger sister while kaklang is the little one
kin's choice of words are really comforting
"i'm not sad because of the car, i'm sad because you have to face it alone, without any of us there with you"
i was speechless to learn that that came from her
you have grown
and i'm so proud of you
speaking of which, i think i need to continue my clinic session quick
there's a hint of stings on my tooth
one of the tooth that had been sealed
i'm scared to learn what lie inside but i have to get it over with
i'll contact you to discuss bout the session
missing your dental colleagues
missing the feeling of a superstar whenever i come to the clinic
everyone knows me

and lastly my surviving warrior

kaklang is in her final year in university
with the pressure of final year project
and the responsibility for all of her belongings
it sometimes eats her head off
we had a big shut-off
it's not a shout-out where you debate stuff in angst
it's a shut off where she cut her ties with us
it didn't take long before we made up
but it sure feels like eternity
even my bff was worried bout me, because this effects my performance at work
eventually we can continue where we left off
laughing with each other
it gave me something to remember
to open my eyes wider to any disturbance
no matter how minuscule it is
i have to train my eyes to spot them
so that we won't have another case like this
but kaklang's obstacle didn't stop there
the other day when acheh was alarmed with 8.7 richter tsunami
kaklang felt it
she was in penang and the whole usm felt the shakings
thankfully the warning was dismissed
it eases mum and dad's worry
i thought she had her worst
but clearly Allah wanted her to be stronger
to be physically and mentally prepared, whatever may happen
and thus
she got involved in an accident
it was bad
about half the engine damaged in the action
have to be pulled by a toll truck since the engine won't budge to serve
thankfully she suffers the minimum we could hope for
a fraction missed
if she didn't brakes on time
if the other driver didn't brakes on time
she would be the victim instead
we are glad to exchange those engines with her life
alhamdulillah today i can still speak to her
there's one thing keeps bothering me
the accident was on the day i was in universal studio singapore
it bugs me that i was unreachable
that i was oblivious to her disastrous moment
and spent my days as happy as i can be
it bugs me that i wasn't there when she needed me the most
i'm sorry wasn't there
but i trust in Allah's judgement
insyaAllah peace will be yours
all the best for fyp!


..post 22 - something i'm proud of in the past few days..

maybe my SketchUp skills
these days mister boss been assigning me with sketchup works
the first was a 35 storey condominium
which took all the effort to recall my sketchup skills
since the last time i ever mingle with sketchup was in my final year in university
in my previous job with miss ex-boss
i dwell more with construction drawings; drafting in general
thus i have an almost-zero experience in sketchup

but alhamdulillah
throughout these few days
my works came out good
i rate myself as good in term of modelling skills
improving for my design skills
and terrible on rendering skills
(need to study more on that)

don't have any pict since they're confidential
i hope to see my design in real life
one day maybe

Sunday, April 01, 2012

..post 21 - something/someone i miss..

i'm missing my knights

ira's preparing for her final exam
all the best with you kiddo
we'll discuss more bout that white blood cells comic when you're home
for the meantime
focus on your study
and bring glory to your family

kin's busying herself with her social life
she watched 3 movies this week
(if i'm not mistaken)
mum was like "movie again??"
but i guess her reason would be:
'while we (she and her friends) have time'
dental, like medic and other time demanding courses, demand time
so enjoy your hearts out
as long as you still have your feet on the ground it's ok

kaklang was home for a few days
from thursday till today
but since i'm busy moving office's stuff even on saturday
i didn't get to hang with her much
it's good seeing her
she gave me a skirt and a pair of shoes
(which she originally bought for herself, but, being generous and, i don't know, took pity (?) on my attire collection, she gave them to me instead)
she said that'd give her reason to go shopping again
oh oh
she also bought a polka dot cotton (not sure) sheets for the knights
different color
can't wait to have them tailored :)

oh knights
how i miss you so


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