Thursday, May 31, 2012 loki mood..

weeks ago
after work
picked irah up from home
and went to wangsa walk to watch

the avengers

nah, i'm not writing any review here
the movie was great
i give it 4 out of 5
and i'm so totally in love with loki
he has such a charming smile
everytime he smiles, i'll smile at the screen
just can't help myslef
*dreamer sigh*


before the movie starts
irah and i browsed along the stores there and had dinner
while doing those things
irah and i had this one conversation

irah: nak beli popcorn tak?
me: taknak, nak ke?
irah: irah pon taknak

and yet

large lagi kau!

we are funny
(ppffttt, angkat bakul sendiri)

oh oh oh
i used loki's pict as my profile pict these days
and a friend commented

people has it, soulmates often resembles each other
this comment of her made me smile even wider
*toothy girlish giggle*

Thursday, May 17, 2012

..i want these..

i kept going back to them
keep on telling myself that i just bought 2 pairs last month
and they lasted for 6 month
have to wait for another four before i could fulfill my desire
how can they be so inviting?!

so desperately wanna but 'em
but so strictly against it as well
it's complicated

i.fairy hana pink

i.fairy tofi grey

i usually buy them at winkylens
i have a feeling that i won't wait 4 months for these
so much for being strict :P

we'll see

Sunday, May 13, 2012 do this month (may 2012)..


i was inspired by Cik Katak's list on her blog
so i decided to make one of my own
but my list is for this month only
and it doesn't include all those wedding invitations

1. send squirt for minor service
(he's demanding it but i have no confidence in bringing him to an unknown workshop on my own)
haven't done this yet; pending for abah's arrival
2. renew squirt's roadtax and insurance
(dateline almost near, this will definitely effect my budget)
3. visit kaklang's rintis exhibition
(ira, mum and i are excited to go but we have no clear directions on how to get there yet)
went with abah
4. watch avengers with ira and ifah
(on tuesday or wednesday)
watched with irah; ifah can't make it. we had fun, irah and i :)
5. finish a book (at least)
(been neglecting 'em these few days)
6. take those clothes to be tailored
(since kak ain's gonna stop taking order next month)
7. make an appointment with kin
(i miss being her patient)

that's for now

Friday, May 11, 2012

..i miss papa bear..

i'll let the pictures tell the story

did you see that?
it was posted by my ex miss boss
about the power of common sense
and there
papa bear
who's not active with facebook
dropped a line

it made me smile

i guess it has the same effect
as harry potter's cheering charm

i miss papa bear

Thursday, May 10, 2012

..lain orang, lain rasa..

saya dan irah ke pejabat pos gombak
(buka smpai 10 mlm setiap isnin smpai sbtu)
nak pos laju barang kaklang
orang tak ramai
terus ke kaunter
ambil borang, isi, dan kembali ke kaunter

abg pos ofis: ape dalam ni?
saye: speaker
abg pos ofis: oh, patutlah kedai sebelah dah takde speaker
saye: oh, ade orang dah report eh?
abg pos ofis terkesima kejap sebelum de gelak dan kata "mcm maharaja lawak.."
saya terkekeh-kekeh gedik
ira snort sikit tp de kekal diam sebagai pemerhati setia

here's the thing
walaupon kitorang adik beradik tp kitorang ade perasaan berbeza pasal situasi tadi

my thoughts were:

meanwhile, ira's was

ira mengaku dia memang selalu rasa seram sejuk bile saya buat lawak
at least i didn't leave abg pos ofis hanging

lain orang lain rasa
walaupon adik beradik
on a more general note
learn to respect, people!
we are ALL different
it's either we show it or hide it je

p/s: adik comel saya, ira, da ade kat umah


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