Saturday, June 30, 2012

.. be sincere..

i am feeling so overwhelmed by this whole situation
and i just need to let it out

here's the thing
some of my colleagues are in a rush for QS submission this monday
they got lots of drawings to finish that it ignites my consideration
i am working on a certain projects myself
but i am not currently in a rush
i volunteered to help them
we are, in fact, a team
failure to submit this monday would tarnish OUR names
our office name
not merely their own

but people keep on asking the same question
everytime i stated that i'm working this weekend
i am now in the design team
thus i can't claim OT
i know that my other draughtperson peers would earn lots by this OT
whereas i
do you know what i gain?
humility and self satisfaction
i offer myself sincerely
without even trying to butter up mister boss

but but but
all this comments about "work for nothing"
are really getting on my nerves
to the point that i begin to question my sincerity

why can't they praise me for my good doings
comments on how i can improve
acknowledge my effort
do you know how hard it is to let yourself be sincere?!!!

stop harrassing my intentions
society had wrecked too bad that they can't seem to do good without expecting something in return
and i despise that
i despise it so much my head blow up



dear alina's sketches,

i know i've been neglecting you
seems like the day of lazing around
and writing stuff just to humor myself have become a memory
i have achieved a life stage
where time is indeed hard to come by
i still love to write
trust me
even in my idle moments i'd structured of things i want to write
but hey
just like the problem i have in drawing
in stays as draft
my drawings always ended un-ink-ed
my writings ended un-type-d

i can't really promise you to write constantly
but i won't get rid of you
 a part of me is still hoping to live that memory again

Sunday, June 24, 2012

..being her patient part VII..

on my seventh visit
i was bombarded with a terrible news
one of my 'deep fissure' has escalated into a 'class one'
means that, between my sixth visit and this one
cavity attacked one of teeth
and won!!!


on a brighter note  
at least, i don't have to extract it

a tiny hole is discovered in one of my fillings
so that's another thing to tackle on my next visit
which would be next semester

hoping to win against cavity this time

there's my fav rubber dam

the boring bored assistant

Friday, June 01, 2012

..autocad ftw!!..

i am an arcitecture graduate
it's only natural that i'm fluent with autocad
sometimes in my drowsy moments
i started to doodle with autocad the way i doodle on paper

i did this before
during my previous job
giving facial expression to the people template
i was so proud back then
that i managed to do that
that i could spend a wee bit of time doing things i like most

when i doodle on autocad
somehow, i was inspired to do more than that
of course
my level of drowsiness have everything to do with this
i have to refocus my mind and not let it slip into neverland
that's the push i need
to focus, i need complexities
to make it conplex, i draw lots of lines
and from the lines, i created space
and in those spaces i filled with colors

i never knew i could do this with autocad

i am deeply impressed with autocad

again i was reminded by the quotes i posted before
of how i started to draw with microsoft.paint


"a great artist never blames the brush"
all one need is a great mind

thank you Allah for lending me one 26th birthday..

my birthday came again
this year's a bit below the level
maybe because kaklang and kin weren't home to celebrate it with me
and the fact that i go to bed before midnight
(we have a chorus-birthday-song-at-midnight tradition)
but nevertheless
i've been blessed with too many things already
it's already perfect as it is

the morning of my brithday
ira made me a bento
made me blush happily

ablong and kaklong bought me an apron from their guangzhou trip
in case you're wondering
i have fetish over aprons
therefore, an apron (my fetish) with cat decoration (my obsession)
is more than i can ask
i almost put it on and wear it with cardigan before irah stopped me
i think one day i really would wear it outside the house

kaklang, kin and ira have showered me with books months before
i haven't forgotten

thank you Allah
this year
like those years before
have been nothing but perfect

26, new obstacles are itching to make an appearance
toughen up
you are ready!

..sir coco final task..

we were in penang for a short while
mainly to attend sir coco or kaklang's exhibition
the art students had their final year project exhibition in penang pac
we (mum, dad, irah and i) have great difficulty trying to find the place
and since kaklang was busy explaining her project to passer by
it did seemed hopeless to track the place down
but thankfully
kaklang managed to buy some time
and kidnapped a penang friend to guide us there
(thru phonecall)

the penang pac or performing arts centre of penang
is inside the straits quay which we mistaken as a road name
it's not
it's actually a mall!!
which located further inside from the main road

we have arrived! :)

the whole crowd

thumbs up for kaklang's hardwork!
her concept is combining traditional media (shadow art) and new media
those behind me are the objects for the shadow
and she has little train carrying lights to project the shadow moving along the track she constructed
so that the whole thing moves in cycle
i'm so proud of her! :)

my new favorite dress

all the best for your exam kaklang!


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