Saturday, July 07, 2012

..haunted office tale..

based on my experience

it's my first ever experience of being disturb this way
i mean
i had nightmares before where i had to force myself to wake up
i had woken up to find my body stiff; unable to move nor to speak
i had heard the shrill cries while the source was unseen
i had seen glimpses whenever i find my body stiff
those experiences happened at night
never was i disturbed in daylight until i moved to this new office

wanting the details?
i'll post it in my next post

teaser la sangat
meh~~ :P

Friday, July 06, 2012

..weekend movie: abraham lincoln vampire hunter and brave..

** spoiler alert**

this happened last weekend
where i spent the day working my butt off
and the night in cinemas
for both saturday and sunday
a bit to compensate the wee working hours

on saturday
i took kaklang to festival city and watched
abraham lincoln vampire hunter
the plot is satisfying
it's no wonder there's a myth about it
it seems to fit in just right with the whole history

on sunday
i took kaklang and ira to wangsa walk to watch
i've been waiting to watch it
i enjoyed the trailer so much
and the movie didn't disappoint me
althought, i did expect lots more heroic stuff from merida
showing off her bravery and skills in battle
didn't happen
but still
the mum concept really grips my heart
the time her mum turned into a bear
and tried to protect her from the bear reflection
not knowing it was herself
gosh, it's a tear-jerker for me

and i'm so in love with them:

hamish, hubert and harris

all in all

abraham lincoln vampire hunter
3.5 stars

4 stars

cheers :)


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