Friday, August 31, 2012

..aidilfitri 2012..

aidilfitri 2012
we celebrated in kl
i am really grateful to have escaped the traffic jam
i remember when we used to celebrate raya in perlis
once it took 10 hours to reach there
we wove our own ketupat this year too
i'm trying to make kaklang's wish for this to be our tradition a reality

woven ketupat


ready to eat!

our family theme this year is blue
except for our parents though
they wore green

one happy family safe at home! :)

pakteh's family

the usual crowd on first raya

that's maklong (in the middle) with her nieces and nephew
a lot of freestyle this year

we usually stay at home on first syawal
waiting for guests
but this year, we twist the norm
and visit relatives instead

bee line

my siblings and i
posing at a relative's house

and there's arya
surrounded by blue fairies :P

i love family gatherings


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