Saturday, September 29, 2012

..azie's wedding..

somewhere in syawal
i attended a dear friend's wedding
i like the simplicity behind the event
the invitation card in postcard form
and there's only one event for both sides
i like the whole idea, really

i'm not here to review her wedding event though
i'm here to share my thoughts on one of her post
a post about how she come to know her husband
it's actually started with a book
a book both of them read
and that's how the conversation between them started

i shared this story with my sister one day
and my sister and i have come to a conclusion that
any man who read the books i read
is worrying by itself
because the genre i like is deep and depressing
i heard somewhere that you can tell a lot from the type of books one reads
i don't want him any way similar to me
it'll be hard to balance
that's what i thought though

congrats azie!

..part time at the zoo..

on 3rd and 4th syawal
i accompanied sir aki kin to work at the zoo as
part time ticket checker
that's sir aki and i

basically we just have to tie the ticket around visitors wrist
and scanned the barcode on the ticket to the machine
which is a bit tricky

i can't believe the number of people who'd come to the zoo
maybe because i grow up in the vicinity
and has been accustomed to it
made me not impressed with it anymore

it was hectic but also fun
i always welcome new experience
my next target is to volunteer at the zoo
one day insyaAllah

sir aki kin taking charge of the information booth for a while

..departure of news, tamtam and arashi..

this pict taken one fine morning
the evening when i got home
he's already dead
i hope you find peace there

tam tam
judging by his activeness
and good to stranger behaviour
he's probably kidnapped
i hope you're happy
wherever you are

last but not least
it's been a week since i last saw you when i wrote this
since you're paralyzed waist down
it's a bit wishful thinking wanting you to be well and healthy
i will miss you arashi
especially your green eyes
may you find peace


Friday, September 28, 2012


another entry from ramadhan
our office received some hampers for the occasion

there's abg arm and roza with the hampers
we decided to open them after raya

and so on our second day after eid-ul fitr break
bunch of goodies floating my desk
by the time this post is published
about three quarters of them are gone

good stuff, good stuff
alhamdulillah :)

..thank you maza!!..

another event sometime in ramadhan
had iftar date with sopie, maza and dee


we went to mid valley
sopie had reserved us seats for manhattan fish market
it was super duper yummy
my second time there
my first was with sir aki kin
i vowed to take the knights there someday
soon knights, soon

maza gave each of us ketupat decorations
i put it on my desk
all my colleagues are jealous
thanks maza!

..iftar at d'saji..

so obviously it was taken during ramadhan
like ages ago
can't even remember the exact date it was taken
some of my officemates iftar-ed together
sponsored by abg os (read: contractor)

and just beside our table is this actress
i don't know who she is but obviously my colleagues do
and they requested to take a pict with her
pict taken by me
she seems sweet enough
my mates told me her name but i can't remember
there's lots of food
all you can eat
we left the place bloated like hell

from left: roja, nemo, the actress, kak jula


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