Monday, October 15, 2012

..knights rambling : ranking..

one fine day after supper
someone (can’t remember who) initiated this topic at the table
there were us knights together with mum and maklong
and so it began
knights ranking in the family
we started small like
“who’s the most hardworking one?”
and all of us threw names in
we usually on par with the first place
but it’s only official when mum supported the result

as for the most hardworking
sir aki won the title hands down
sir rash ended up as the laziest
phew, i thought i was doomed to have that

among all the traits and characteristics we suggested
sir aki took my title of being the hardest to wake up (haha!)
sir rash is the best in being generous
(mum voted me for the stingiest. why, mum?!)
sir kei is the funniest of all

we had this talk ages ago
so knights, i hope you guys remember the traits you guys won
because I can only remember mine and a few
if you want any particular traits mention here
let me know kay~

oh, mum vetoed on me for being the most useful daughter
at least i haven’t strayed away from my goal

..different opinion...

i'll be reviewing movies here
premium rush


to tell ya the truth
i never learned his name until i read it in sir rash's post about these movies
(kindly visit her post for her review bout these movies)
i mean, i recognize him from 3rd rock from the sun
but i don't know his name
sir rash claims i love both movies mention above because of this guy
i can't deny that
i love his nerdy look
he's totally my type!!!
but well
i have other reasons as well

Premium Rush

my main reason why i chose to watch this movie:
i love bikes
i love to ride
i always always always imagining myself being extreme at riding
(coz it's impossible to make it real hoho)
and in this moive
this joseph guy showed how easy it is to ride 'em
and heck, while not using gear nor brakes
i'm impress to see how he manoeuvred his bike
the plot is good too
*cough* eventhough they kinda promote illegal human trafficking *cough*
*cough* explicit bad cops exposure *cough*
but it has a story to tell
 but story-telling is a bit dull
so joseph + bicycle + good plot -  bad narration = 4 stars
hoho, my math is awesome :P


we decided to watch this movie because we received good review from sir aki's friends
sir rash was a bit dissappointed
i'm not
first of all, it plays with time
i love the whole future and current concept
how they capture the consequences the future-self have to face when something happen to current-self
and how the future becomes a "maybe" when future-self interacts with current-self
the complexity of the whole concept grabs my left brain attention
and then there's 10 % of the whole population are telekinesis thing
super power, who doesn't like 'em
just that most of them aren't strong enough to be labelled as superheroes
and lastly, it's the kid
subhanAllah, the kid is so over the top cute!
and super good at acting too!
and and
i just love how the joseph guy look in this movie
totally different from his nerdy look but so hot!
this movie answered all my questions
and they ended the movie with the possibilities of what the future could be
the way it should be
because the whole "kill them now because they'll kill you one day" is injustice
why punish for the crime that has yet to be committed?
but the story is a bit slow if you asked me
and the bed scene is totally unnecessary
so for that
4.3 stars

will be reviewing hotel transylvania next
if i'm rajin that is
i said "if"
hee hee

Sunday, October 14, 2012 23 - something i crave for a lot..

at this moment
i craved for pavlova
i really wanted to try making it again
my third time
people say "third time's a charm"
have to make it soon
sir rash sounds like she'd kill me if i didn't make it soon
but i lost all my motivation
help me

apart from that
sir rash also has asked me to make kek batik too
i don't like kek batik much
used to
not any more
so that means i have two things to make on my list

oh wait
i wanted to make tiramisu too
this one on me
it'snot another sir rash request
but i couldn't find philadelphia cheese these days
the usual place don't have them anymore

so there you go
three desserts on my to make list
i love desserts
who doesn't? ;)

..part of my work..

for my sisters especially
since i almost never bring my work home
i take it after my dad
because dad never brought his work home
home time is family time
it's good for quality bonding
but at the downside
we don't know what he did
we know nothing about his scope of works
i hope with this, my sisters will have general knowledge about what i do

made with sketchup
a colleague wanna see how his custom designed cabinet would look like in 3d
took about 10 minutes
nothing biggie
just edit the original component to match his design

after that i started to play around with it
trying different colors
and eventually threw people in it
i had fun

few months ago
my bosses send me for revit course
and with that knowledge
this was born
initial massing

a general view of the building

rendered with revit
i think this looks quite nice

i find revit a bit hard to learn
with all the tools and rules
but it's easy once you've mastered it
(yeah, everything does)
i thought of installing it in my laptop
so that i could practice at home
but this killed my intention:

aqxeru would die

apart from this, i do a lot of layout design with acad
most of them are housing
quite boring to post here in my opinion

..paint pleasure..

i have a new hobby at the office
especially when my eyelid felt as heavy as an elephant
i draw -wait for it- with microsoft paint
ok ok
it's not new
but i started to enjoy doodling with paint
here's some of them:

i tried to draw sir aki famous (famous ke) character
i think her free hand drawing is way better than mine

this was my desktop background once

made for sir kei with brush technique
turned out sketchy, not my favorite

made for a colleague who adores nemo from finding nemo
don't know how to draw nemo
drew this fish instead
it's her desktop background now

made for another colleague who loves red color very dearly
this is her desktop background

made for another colleague
i captured her hair and eyes in this
mister boss saw this and asked me to make one for him
i said it only accidental that i manage to make it similar to the person
it almost never happen and i turned his request down

i found drawing with acad a pleasure too
this was made with acad:

my current profile pict in fb
i think i should give acad more chance from now on
till then

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

..scribbling scribbling..

i love to write

back when i was working in malacca
i often see ex miss boss cross out the task/s she'd performed
i find the action itself comforting
satisfactory in fact, knowing a task is done
i like the habit so much i took it with me

here's my book

each page scribbled the date and the task needed to be done
and when it's done
the moment you crossed it out
you'll find relief
i find relief

sometimes when my work is not much compared to other days
i had time to play with colors
like this:

or better still
when i'm so free
like those days waiting for raya holiday
i'd be able to do it like this:

but honestly
i like writing a lot
that's how i can opt to organize this way
sometimes when i'm too sleepy or bored
i'd do something like this
can you guess what are those??
those are lyrics to eminem when you're gone song
i like the song and in drowsiness
i focus my ear to pick up the word
i got a lot of mistakes i bet

just to show how much i love writing
i have also changed my calendar into my diary
i list down my day in point form
and of course
it wouldn't be perfect unless they're colorful

that's how much i love writing

Monday, October 01, 2012 bed mate..

yeah people
let me introduce you to my bed mate
the one who makes me comfy and and feel safe
eventhough she'd dozed off to sleep faster
i present you
the most cuddly
most gedik


hik hik
isnt's she the cutest?!!



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