Tuesday, November 20, 2012

..lantern o lantern..

old post
kept in draft
i asked for lantern from my chinese colleague
and she brought me quite a bunch
so i hang two at the office:

and played with the others at home:

not actually playing
basically just hang them to a tree
chitchatting with cousins who happened to drop by
and take them down soon they cooled down

i love lights
it gives hope in darkness

till then

Monday, November 19, 2012

..doodle: walk the cat..

i printscreen-en my CAD page
and draw images in in microsoft paint

i often see people walk their dog
and only heard of dog-walker
you know
people who were paid to take dogs for a walk

i want to take my cats for a walk
but since cats are different
they won't walk quietly
they'd be all over the place
and for that
i can only do it graphically
at least they're not 'orang lidi'

walk the cat

i love my cats


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