Sunday, December 09, 2012

..annual leave granted..

i have a cousin getting married next week
thing is
her solemnization is on a wednesday
goodness me
just because of the date of that day
the couple wanted it to be on 12 12 2012
but since she's a close cousin
the king (read: dad) wants/have to be there
so he'll be taking the queen (read: mum)
the queen's gonna need a knight to escort her
and the only knight available won't go without me

instead of going for the reception on saturday
which is my original plan
with sir aki, sir kei and my brother's family,
i'll be joining my dad's trip
leaving on a tuesday
next tuesday

i'm gonna need 3 days leave
i was afraid my boss can't permit it
since we're kinda busy
but i ask him anyway
i decided to drop the question casually
he seems reluctant at first
i can see it in his face
but i keep on begging like a puppy
and eventually he said
"how can i deny you, after all you did."
i beamed from ear to ear
and gone to my desk, grabbed a leave form and bouncing back to him for his signature

he gave me a green light
together with a few jobs to do this weekend
that can't be help, i guess =_=

but leave's approved
perlis, see you on wednesday ;)

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

..rise of the guardians..

been anticipating this movie since the first time i watch the trailer
let's talk about the trailer first

the trailer was SO amazing
the way they hint about an epic battle
where all the fantasy character join in to defeat the darkness
the effect, the sound
since i love fantasy genre, and a maniac for animation
this is a must!!
congratulation trailer person
good job

so the movie?
the plot was okay
they have a story to tell
although it's quite sad to learn that jack became jack after he died
i would love more personal story of each character
like toothfairy
she keep reminding me of sir aki
i love sandman the most
he's like the strongest of the lot
so cute

the battle that i anticipate didn't meet my expectation
it ain't there
it's feels so easy
i was expecting an epic war
like braveheart war, or lord of the rings war
you know
that's how the trailer promotes anyway
then again
my sister and i conclude that maybe they saved all the gruesome war from younger viewer
they aimed for children anyway
what a pity

for me
3.5 stars
try harder, movie person

good game, good game :P

Sunday, December 02, 2012

..motivation booster..

i was put under lots of pressure for this certain project
the client and the majlis like cats and dogs
and we're stuck in the middle
plus, the planner ain't giving us any support

it was a hectic one
they often asked for last minute favors
but i don't complain
my boss did
a few times
he likes to share his thoughts with us
i appreciate that
makes us more like a team

i was forced to work on this project this week
they need 'em drawings for submission on monday
i already made plans
but i presented myself anyway and got them ready by saturday afternoon
so we could give them time for their part
it usually my boss who emails stuff
my boss seemed happy to see the drawings ready
he wouldn't let me go home until he'd sent evrything
so we chat for a while

finally the files were attached and sent
i bid my farewell and that's when he said these:

"Alina, every obstacle i put on you, you never fail me."

stunned, i said 'yay' and leave
now i kinda regretted it
i've been wanting to say these dialogues i learn from a drama
"aren't you glad you hire me?"
and when i finally have a chance
all i say is yay?!

that's for now
i vow to keep my reputation
hoping for the best, shall we~ ^_^

i love my job CUTE mum..

my mum is seriously cute!
over the top!!

it's a routine to message my mum of my arrival at the office
my usual text would be "da sampai"
but last thursday
in a way of trying to break free the norm
i texted her:

"Mengumumkan ketibaan Yang Comel Amirzalina Abidin ke Balai Rong Teknireka Architects. Hadirin diminta berdiri utk menyanyikan lgu Negaraku.. Hehehehe.."

i giggled to myself as i press 'send'
and a moment after that my mum called
i answered the call with 'Asalamualaikum'
instead of replying my salam
my mum burst into singing Negaraku!!!

that's when i howled with laughter
and she joined in
my mum is so cute!

i guess we can say we got the dramaticness from her gene :P

..that feeling again..

today as i logged on to fb
i saw sofia's wedding picts
and i say to myself
Astaghfirullah!!! is it today?!!
i missed it!!
because i seriously thought her wedding day would be next week
but it's today!

congrats sofia!
may it lasts till jannah =)


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