Wednesday, December 04, 2013

..naming my new phone..

I've acquired a new phone
Before we move on with my dilemma in naming it
I'd like to acknowledge a few people

First and foremost
I'd like to thank the Knights for their continuous  support
Emotionally, as well as financially  *ehem ehem *
I would also like to thank my King and Queen
For being so understanding with my tight budget
And finally to friends and peers who never wants to let it rest
A lways, always pester me about my oldschool phone
Thanks to these people, I am now an android user

Now, as I was saying
this morning i have an urge to name my phone
Egoni was a lady phone
so i thought of making this android a boy
And i think to myself 'my boy' but that's too pathetic
So i thought of making it my pet
Like my cats
but that's just equally pathetic
Seeing that none of my cats like me anymore

So i think
maybe i should just stick with lady phone
it'd save me from all the self pity

so so so pathetic.....

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