Friday, January 18, 2013

..mangsa buli..

saya tak pernah sangka
seorang yang saya percaya
yang saya hormati
sanggup mensasarkan saya sebagai mangsa
oh dramatic nye opening

kerja macam biasa je semalam
datang awal, punch card, breakfast kat ofis
pastu bila jam loceng berbunyi pukul 8:30
semua orang pun start kerja memasing

oh, ofis kitorang ade bunyi loceng untuk start keje, lunch ngan abes keje
macam sekolah je rase

saye sememangnye seorang pekerja yang dedikasi
buat kerja fokus (eceh)
jarang-jarang la nak pi gosip ke, fly ke ape ke kan (ecehcehceh)
and selalunya pagi-pagi ni tenang je
sumer orang tengah semangat nak kerja
dah masuk sesi petang kang baru datang ngantok gitu

dalam tengah semangat nak siapkan drawing nih

"alin, ikut akak jap."

eh, apsal akak ni? 
"gi mane kak?"

"ikut je la. jom"
lantas menarik tanganku dan mengheret terus ke dalam tandas perempuan

astaghfirullah, apsal pulak ni?
"nape akak?"

masuk je dalam tandas kakak tu singkap kain de

astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah
apsal ni? aspal ni?
fikiran agak serabut

"alin, tengok ni"

hah?!! tengok ape?!! boleh tengok ke?!!!!!!!

"ni...... mane eh?"
disingkapnye lagi tinggi kain baju kurung cotton bunga kecik-kecik kaler purple tuh

dengan agak kalut saye tanye

akak tu gelak
"hihi, dah hilang la alin. patut nye ade lebam. akak pakai roller pemecah lemak semalam ngan adik akak. hilang plak. malunye! hihihi"

suspen tak?
akak tu sebenarnye tengah ngantok di pagi hari
dan secara rawak telah memilih saye untuk menyegarkan de
dalam cara kongsi-kongsi cara nak kurus nih
dia sunyi kot diet sensorang
dari hari tu lagi dok ajak diet same
tapi serius memang terkejut tang angkat kain tuh

*identiti kakak tersebut dirahsiakan kerana dia seorang yang pemalu walaupun perbuatan yang diceritakan agak bertentangan*

Thursday, January 17, 2013

..the baby boy..

the boy my maklong babysits
he has grown a lot since he last featured here
but still charming as ever

he's so cute! top five thingy..

5 mins before bedtime
suddenly this weird desire to write these down came to mind
i guess in my case, i have to write down lists to sleep

top five weird sounds i like to use
1. ngeh ngeh
2. gyah!~~~
3. gyabon!!
4. huhu
5. nguu~

top five things i declare as my hobby
1. drawing (doodling counts!)
2. reading
3. petting and playing with ma'cats
4. making lists
5. keeping my teeth cleaned

top five vids in tweedledum that i wanna watch:
1. running man
2. kagi no kakikatta heye (jdorama)
3. delicious gakuin (jdorama)
4. akumu chan (jdorama)
5. arashi ni syiagare (takde dlm tweedledum kot?)

top five reasons i love my job (alhamdulillah)
1. my desire field (alhamdulillah)
2. awesome boss (alhamdulillah)
3. great colleagues (alhamdulillah)
4. near home (alhamdulillah)
5. expensive carpark area (alhamdulillah)
yup, even the expensive carpark
i ,literally, can't complain

top  five three pet names i like to call my sisters
1. awak
2. budak
3. baby girl
4.... ade 3 je kot ahahaha!

top five things i'm thinking right now
1. a renovation drawings i have to do tomorrow
2. a semi-d drawings i have to email tomorrow
3. brushing my teeth after i publish this
4. tanaka koki (just read the link sir coco gave me; thanks!)
5. have to sleep, have to sleep... go to sleep!!

top five four religiuos phrases to keep me on my feet
1. la tahzan. innallaha ma'ana
2. fainna ma'al 'usri yusra. inna ma'al 'usri yusra.
3. innaka la tukhliful mi'ad
4. fabiayyi alai rabbikuma tukaththibani
5.. ai, could only remember 4 right now

okie dokie
have to catch my dream flight
oyasuminasai minna 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

..random kyoudai..

just random picts of my sisterhood

you are allow to skip this =)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

..rimba jinbara gateaway..

our dearest kaklong (sis-in-law) texted me one morning
inviting us to join her to a waterfall somewhere in kl

what is mandi sungai called in english?
for a swim?
but we don't swim
we float
so, let's try this;
"hey kaklang, shall we go for a float?"
and i'll find us in a&w with rootbeer float before me
for a float
my english is so poor =_="

i texted the knights and they said ok
all apart of sir aki
who reported that she had an event to attend
no matter matter (kat-tun's song)
we went anyway
we searched high and low for the said waterfall
they said it's behind zoo negara
i've been up that hill before
searching for the atv place
and i did saw a river
so i thought the place i saw was the same place kaklong mentioned
but it isn't
it was kamensah waterfall
kaklong's friends' pictures showed a more modernized river
and it's called rimba jinbara
so we go back down the hill
and followed kaklang's intuition to take a different turn
we go and go and go
and we reach rimba jinbara!!!
the thing is
eventhough it required entrance fee
the place is crowded
so we decided to play around the free one
and play we did
moments before we jumped in
pretending to swim 
sir kei's weird gesture
pleasing the camera
fishies!! can u spot 'em? =)

kaklong prepared sardine rolls for us

the photographer:
sir aki's event was postponed
but eventhough she tagged along
she didn't jump into the river
some discipline

due to unexistence of toilet near the area
we changed our cloths in kaklong's car
which is very daring and scary
but no choice
i would like to imagine it happen in lighning speed
but the wet clothes stuck on like glue
imagine the energy needed! gyah!!
luckily the car was heavily tinted!
it was fun
let's do it again!! ^_^

being childish :P

Monday, January 14, 2013

..for misz jula..

misz jula is one of my colleagues
i drew this on her request
as always
my drawings hardly resembles the real ones
misz jula is her cyber name
she's already married
and currently blessed with a baby girl
her baby seems so small in my arms

Sunday, January 13, 2013

..being her patient part IX..

according to one of the supervising doctor
i have a good oral hygiene
therefore a few of my deep fissure can be exempted from treatment
thus let nature (read: me) take care of them

having said that
this visit was my last visit for treatment
if everything stays in place after 6 months that is
i had my last meeting with rubber dam
am hoping to not have to see 'em again after 6 months
that for sure

i feel sad a bit
since my case ain't big
thus can't contribute much to sir aki's marks
but she's glad i don't have big infection or anything
maybe she's proud i take care of my teeth? haha

i had my teeth scaled
clean, beautiful teeth

and therefore i thank you
dear sir aki

and her most loyal assistant

for making my dentist-o-phobia a mere fear
and not a phobic anymore
also for all the treatments i had for free!!
mwahahahaha!! XD

thank you
i shall come back again for that oral education thingy
will make sure i get good on cavity percentage this time
watch me!

..being her patient part VIII..

first of all
this happened AGESS ago
i just got infected by the laziness virus during those time
guilty, guilty

got another treatment for the first half
and went for oral education thingy for the other half

playing around with the cottons

thing was
my cavity percentage didn't drop as much as i wanted them too
so my dentist (read: sister) and the supervising doctor told me to floss
at least three times a week

since i loath dentist (no offence, froggy)
and hoping to reduce my meetings with rubber dams, drills and whatnot
i bought these:

yeah! i took it serious
these days
i brush my teeth everytime after meal
and have a combination of brush-floss-brush before bed
my dentist herself don't commit to this level
i am obsessed with cleaning my teeth apparently
wanted to show gummy to my grandkids one day
(gunmy is one of my canine)
such dream

Saturday, January 12, 2013 randomness..

just bunch of pictures i took

this is my workspace:
yeah, i love to fill every spaces with everything nice
that's Kon, the teddy bear sir coco gave me
in front of me is miss nemo
soon to be mrs :)

this happens when i'm the early bird:
by the office door
with any book i'm reading
i often have a book in my bag
it's an obsession

when she's in a good mood:
sir coco made breakfast
and tapau-ed 'em for me
i love these!
her famous cheeseburger sandwich

my companion at work:
yah, i do this often
grab Kon and use him as a soft cushion to rest my head
i put one earpiece on his ear for good measure
don't want him to miss out on great tunes

till then

..peace offering..

between you and me
i love you

Friday, January 11, 2013

..bye baby girl..

she was last seen the day before we all went to perlis
i pray day and night for her return
call for her
longing for her presence
but still
i know what to expect when she didn't return for 2 weeks

i have been blessed with your companion
thank you alpha
thank you

Sunday, January 06, 2013

..perlis outing..

while in perlis
between angah's solemnization and reception
and whenever we can grab a few seconds
we managed to enjoy ourselves and visit a few places

taman ular
entrance fee: rm4
i am fond of them
there are a few marked "boleh dijinakkan"
my pet soon?
that will bring terror to my cats :P
mum looks so cute
that's me trying to be boa hancock (one piece boo-yah!!)

taman anggur
entrance fee: rm 3
i remembered once in primary school
in bahasa malaysia essay
write a letter to a friend telling them about your experience at your kampung
and i elaborated on the local fruits in my fiction-grandpa's orchard namely APPLE and GRAPES
my teacher circled those words and wrote "LOCAL FRUITS" in red pen beside them
today, grapes can be planted in malaysia!! =)
technology, you're doing it right! :P
it's quite boring there though
you just walk around and witness that grapes are indeed being planted in malaysia
you can't pick them and eat them on the spot
guards follow you around
you can only eat the ones you bought from the shop provided
they're a bit crunchy
but tasty as well
the grapes aren't ripe yet
still in green color
one thing i love about that place
is the green surroundings
so peaceful

taman burung
no entrance fee
i had a one on one experience with a few birds
there's this HUGE cage where they plopped the big birds together
the carer let us touch a flamingo
their neck is so thin i'm afraid i could snap them
and then the carer let us stand below a certain bird of prey (burung hereng)
don't know whatsit called in english
it looks like this:
i got cold sweat just for being there for 5 secs
it was nerve wrecking
after that, i tried to touch an eagle, a small one
but it kept walking away
yeah, walking, doesn't even attempt to fly
then there's a couple of geese
and others that i just could observe from far

it was a short visit
the picts with the birds was captured by dad
i don't know where he put them
so, good luck with your imagination

bukit ayer
entrance fee: free
mum loyally waited on her wheelchair
with her beads saying praises for Allah
while the other lot soak themselves to their childish desire
i found leeches on my feet on our way home
two on my feet, one on each sides
and another already at my thigh
i didn't feel anything at that time
but they're itching as i'm writing this

before we left for kl
we drove along the seaside
we ramdomly chose a place to have late breakfast
they serve delicious meals
wandering on the rocks while waiting for our food

and then we stopped to buy mentarang
(again, i don't know whatsit called in english)
it's so yummeh!!

with that
our trip to perlis ended
happy days =)


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