Monday, February 04, 2013

..stuck in a lift..

those kind of things i always thought 
only occur in movies happened to me
no kidding

there we were, mister boss and i,
waiting for the lift to take us up to mister boss' car
the lift arrived
we got inside the lift safely
(it's just the two of us)
mister boss pushed the necessary button
the lift went up a few metres when suddenly
TOTAL darkness
and the first thing i said was

"okay, this is my first."
and i said it calmly, to which he naturally replied
"this is my first too."
and i was amazed at how calm we both were
as if it's normal to get stuck in a lift

we tried the bell button but it's broken
influenced by so-many movies i've watched
i grabbled my way towards the lift door
felt that it was ajar; pushed'em open
behind the door was a zink type of wall
so mister boss stroke on it and yelled
we heard a distant reply
and after that reply, mister boss continued his calmness
by surfing the net on his phone

stunned, i ask "now what?"
"we'll wait"
"you sure they heard us? they didn't even say they're coming"
"so we just wait? you sure i can wait in peace?"

in a way, i doubt my boss
so i start punching on the zink wall and 
yelled "tolong, tolong" when mister boss stopped me saying
"hey, don't yell like that. they'll get the wrong idea"
i laughed but i just can't seem to sit still

groping my way, i found a kind of assembled material at the wall that could probably be the external lift door,
so i asked him to help me open it
grabbing at a certain lever, the door actually opens!
behind that door was a dark lobby
"woah, the whole building blackout"
but as soon as we let go of the lever, the door automatically closes
so mister boss jumped out first (the lift was stuck mid level)
and he helped me out next (eventhought i declined his stretched out hands; it's not that high of a jump to make)
and we're safe

climbing the staircase to his car, he said "what an experience" to which i replied, "i'm never coming here again"


the next day however, having discussed our little adventure with an engineer friend, he told me that we ARE NOT supposed to escape on our own. if the building suddenly gain its power back, the lift would continue its task and took your halfway-out body up to the desired floor, which would CUT YOUR BODY IN HALF!
true story

so people, DO NOT follow my lead
(since i initiate the escape; influenced by movies -_-)
if you ever got stuck in a lift,



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