Wednesday, April 24, 2013

..sir coco's spontaneity..

satu hari tu
saya, sir coco dan sir kei ke sebuah pusat membeli belah di kawasan wangsa maju
atas kehendak yang perlu dipenuhi
saya terus ke kedai A
sir coco dan sir kei memenuhi hajat mereka di kedai lain

agak kosong kedai A
hanya ade beberapa orang pekerja dan tiada pelanggan
lepas 15 minit membelek-belek barang di kedai A
nampak sir coco dan sir kei menghampiri sambil terkekeh-kekeh
dari desibel yang dikeluarkan
saya dapat mengagak puncanya bukan sebarangan
sir kei menjawab pertanyaan yang tak sempat disuarakan

"tadi tau kaklang cakap ape?" - sir kei
"ape" - saye
"tadi alang tanye orang tu (salesperson).....

nampak tak orang macam saye"
- sir coco

pecah ketawa kitorang

"serius? de kate ape" - saye
"ade. kat dalam." -sir coco
"apekah?" -saye
"yelah. tak nampak orang langsung." -sir coco

gelak lagi
ternampak salesperson terbabit turut tersenyum

comel la kaklang ni

kembar ke?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


cahaya is one of our new kitten
very hyperactive
always follows us around
he'll also escort us to the gate
as we left home to work

sweet kitten he is

Friday, April 12, 2013

..roja's e-day..

rozahalina rozlan got engaged on february 24th 2013
after years and years of trying to make it happen
it happened

congrats roza dearie!!

with roja and misz jula's baby girl

the hantarans

from left:
iema, roza, me and kak jula

and this is me
pretending to have twins
babies credits to misz jula and roja's sister
aren't they the cutest!! ^_^

Thursday, April 11, 2013

..umbrella for all..

one for all and all for one

we encountered an umbrella booth in ikea that day (see previous post)
they sell automatic foldable umbrellas
we were amazed at how the umbrella could be open and closed with just a single touch

we discussed
i need a new one
sir coco, sir aki and sir kei don't have one (and need one)
although we could get a normal one for 1/3 of the price but i decided to portray my generosity so the younger ones could learn
i bought four
one for each of us

sir coco's the yellow one
sir kei's the plain black one
sir aki's the plain green one

and this is mine
a white with cats and flowers unbrella
i love it!!

one touch and close instructions
seriously, just one touch!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

..a day at ikea..

eventhough i was born in kl
and live in kl
i have never step in ikea
until last february
yep, another event put on hold
ngeh ngeh

under my intense desire to go
which only grew intenser this year
we depart!

first thing we did was lunch
and i have to say
the meatballs aren't really as tasty as people declare
it's delicious but not "Allahuakbar! Sedap giler!" delicious
the whole self service system is new to me
i'm impressed but that imppression soon died down due to the fact that people don't include 'cleaning' into it
all the dirty table made a very bad impression of malaysian
my sisters and i clean after ourselves
it's a learnt behaviour we pick up after our supermum
and it'll be good if all the mums out there could influence their kids the same way
a cleaner future
how's that for a change? :)

afterwards we stroll along the departments
role-playing from start to end, obviously

the mirror picture is a must to include everyone
the knights

the twins wannabe

i spotted this pillow with my name
the kuning air could be applied to my skin maybe hehe

while we split
sir kei spottet another alina pillow
and pour all her confined anger onto it

later that day we spotted a 6d motion adventure booth
interested, we bought our tickets 
and proceed
we were very very satisfied with our choice of movie (the horror one)
i sat beside sir kei and she was screaming like hell saying things like "ape pulak ni?" and such
an entertaining player

what a good day ^_^

Monday, April 08, 2013

..mum's birthday celebration..

it was celebrated 2 days earlier from the actual date
which was on february 16th 
yup, february
that's how long have i been neglecting my urge to post this

thanks to Allah
everything went as planned

bro brought maklong to our house
and those who can't fit into my squirtle rode with them
we told mum a bit white lie, saying bro wants to treat us
and we drove to kampung baru lala seafood
kaklong's recommendation

the dessert were yummeh!
and so are the delicacies
we ate gratefully

and then while waiting for those slow eaters to finish
kaklang pretended to have lost her phone
and needed to search the car
so i accompanied her

at the car
we took the cake out from the box (bought the cake earlier that day)
arranged and lit the candles

yup, for my youthful mum

and parade off to our table
as we approach, the table chorused the birthday song
i was a bit dissappointed the other crowds didn't join in
but mum's blissful tears erased that feelings away
so we ate that bit of cake
and happily got back home

oh, i took the chance to strengthen our kyoudai (siblings) relationship
so we went to karaoke
all five of us united
mwahahahaha!! :P

till i find my fingers again

Monday, April 01, 2013


i know
i've left this blog untouched for far too long
same old same old
too much to write
too much other things to do

don't know when i'm gonna pick it up


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