Sunday, May 26, 2013

..doodling fun..

i think by now people would know that i draw in autocad once in a while
woah bajet femes gitu
here's some of my recent doodles

i called this one ochibi
drawn and hatched in acad

made for iema
based on the character i made for her guestbook
drawn in cad, colored in photoshop

stay tune for more

Friday, May 24, 2013

..animated swings..

i took a liking at a tree in sketchup library
while admiring it
i thought of adding swings
and after that i put a person, also from library
and after that decided to try animate it

i capture the sequence one by one
combined them in photoshop and turned them into a gif
since gif plays endlessly

..may 22nd surprises..

the morning on may 22nd
i got an appointment with sir aki
so i went there first, have my teeth checked
my plague percentage dropped to 12%!!
another 2% off and i'll be excellent!
this appointment ended at noon
so i rushed to office for the second half
and find this items on my desk; 

a monument(?) from kak zura, iema and roza
(eventhough i remember folding those cats myself~ :P)

i smiled receiving this gift
and turn on my pc to find;
a wallpaper wishes made by roza
last year she made it blue, this year it's pink with cats!

my smile broadened
later that day i find this:
a handmade card made by apis
with his drawings

what a wonderful surprise!
i feel really blessed to meet you guys here in teknireke
thank you so much!!
love love love

..birthday lunch feast..

written in rojak language
reader's discretion is advised

so our office has this weird tradition
that the birthday boy/girl is to treat the entire staff a meal
tak kisah lunch atau dinner
tapi mostly buat time lunch la

as told on this post
apis and i belanje they all pizza
hoyeah hoyeah

let's dig in!

for this day
since dah lame tak ade gmbar bebudak ofis ramai-ramai
they decide nak pakai baju kaler biru
tapi just for the invitees
kitorang pihak penganjur pakai baju hitam
other male colleagues seemed to have dispersed by this time
leaving the birthday boy among pretty ladies

birthday girl and boy and abg osman
apis turned 26 on may 16th
while i turned 27 on may 22nd
we're both born in ramadhan as well

this year
i pray future plans fall into my path smoothly
insyaAllah~ =)

..birthday doodle..

our office have this unique tradition:
when someone's birthday comes
he/she is entitled to treat the whole office

may is my birth month
and since apis' birthday is also on may
we were permitted to share

out of sheer fun
i decided to make invitation cards
they love it

and days later i make a poll to see what they prefer to eat
*sorry the drawing line is a bit fine*

they all responded well
apart from someone who decided to vote for both
(takleh! takleh! undi rosak!)

since my current mobile phone doesn't have camera
i can't show you the end result of these things
maybe i should get myself a new phone?

p/s: made everything in acad, my new favorite medium

Thursday, May 23, 2013

..vray debut..

vray is a rendering software that was first introduced to me when i was in my final year in usm
i took no notice of it then since i was engrossed with drawing my perspectives manually

last year
since i keep designing with sketchup
a colleague encouraged me into using vray
i keep pushing that thought out of my mind
and keep on using sketchup image for my presentation

but a few weeks back
i decided to finally install it
and am impressed with result

i believe i would have to take a few extra minutes to render my sketchup from that day onwards
taking baby steps at the moment
will be another year before i start fiddling with the settings i think

sketchup images:
render with vray:

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

..iema's wedding day..

congratulations mr topan & mrs iema

this was during solemnization
we accompanied iema upstairs while waiting for the groom
giving misz jula's baby girl cool english moustache

her reception day was on the next day
the theme color is blue

in her room waiting for the groom to arrive
it takes forever

and last but not least
a picture of the bride and groom with teknireka officemates

yeah, i conquered baby zara throughout the event
cik khid even joked with me "since when?"
very funny cik khid
his endless attempts at funny remarks humor me

for the bride and groom
may your love never ends

..sir kei's blank side..

so here i am clipping my nails
with sir kei's on my side studying things on her lappy
and suddenly she thought about visiting the national library during her semester break
in my head i complimented the intention
but her next words struck me hard

as she open google to search for it
she asked:

makes me adore her even more

Monday, May 20, 2013

..what's in a name..

a notification showed a friend's birthday is today
i click on that notification and wish her a happy one
and she replied
"tq lina"

i've been known for lots of names
but lina is never one of them

this is awkward
i thought we were friends
eventhough we're not in the same clique in shcool
now it seems you don't remember me at all

that's a bit sad....

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

..dilema keinginan henset baru..

as always for rojak language post
readers' discretion is advised

people been asking me this a lot
"bila nak tukar henfon?"

so here's the thing
 i used to own a nokia e52 (read: e-go-ni)
bukan touch screen
and these days every non touch screen hp are considered tak cool
but i have hipster spirit so lantak korang la kan
i used my hp pun utk amek gambar bajet cute and layan sorang2
untuk dengar lagu yang best-best bila lonely
and utk call and text my mum on time

i don't online with my e52
once or twice je but that's not the priority of my hp
my hp is for pict, lagu and call mak. that's it.

e52 is perfect
but one day e52 stop working
i sad but i accept the fact that the time permitted for e52 to serve me has come to its end

with no hp i started to consider buying new one
 but hp nowadays mahal woh
and people keep saying if you want to buy a new hp buy the one with latest technology
coz technology is growing fast
so with that dilemma i didn't buy any

instead, i adopted sir coco's motorola
she bought this motorola at rm50 for temporary use when her phone broke down
she got her n8 now so the motorola no one use
so i use and i like
very very old school
lagu pon tak boleh assign individually to contacts
lagu pon lagu te-tenenet-tenenet tuh
but again, since i got hipster spirit i don't really mind
i got a phone without having to pay a single cent, i'm happy

but, sigh, here's the real deal
i begin to notice how slowly i'm losing contact with everyone
people connect with whatsapps, wechats, keeks, instagram and stuff with internet
they don't text nor call anymore
and since e52 funeral, i lost everyone's number
even if i online i'm always the one yang ketinggalan keretapi
hooohh, sangat sedih
tapi jiwa bajet hipster ni kental betul
even now i refuse to update my phone

because even with that horrifying truth i mentioned above
i also notice how these smartphones are taking charge of the people
everywhere i go people wanna know who we are so we tell them
we are the titanss~~ eh eh salah
everywhere i go i notice people poring over their gadjets
to the point it became irritating
some people said it was because i don't own one
because of that, i choose not to own one
i'm afraid to sunk to that level and prove them right
that'd hurt my pride

i can't lie though
i am tempted to buy new phone
but the price keep my money safe inside my wallet phonecase

someday maybe but not anytime soon
my eyes are fixed on wacom these days
will buy that first! :)


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