Sunday, June 02, 2013

..reading list..

due to the fact that i visit big bad wolf twice
and have a bibliophile boss
(he kept introducing jeffry archer books to me; one after another)
i have a lot on my plate

i tried to finish a book in one week to no avail
eventhough i steal glances at them on the train everyday to and from work
and sometimes if the book captivates me
i would lie awake on my bed until sir coco gave me a warning
i still haven't finish all the books i so greedily bought ages ago

according to this pict, i am now down to 6 books
about the cats breeds book
i ticked it because i have glimpse through it which is sufficient enough to be ticked
and this is only from the first visit
i have only read one book from the second visit (no pict)
and all 3 books my boss introduced
(because he kept on asking if i'm finished
and eventhough it felt like an assignment, i enjoy the books)

i am currently reading book no.2 from the pict

which is how i ended up doodling this at work:

till then =)


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