Wednesday, July 31, 2013 typo..

was somewhere buying take out dinner
while browsing the menu
sir aki spotted this

i pity the fried rice
tak pasal-pasal kena marah dgn ayam :P

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

..sir kei vs sir coco..

sir coco a.k.a kaklang told me about this incident
and this is how it's portrayed in my head
and i find it really funny
 i turned it into a comic strip =)

the blue one is sir kei
the pink one is sir coco

i call this
sir kei playing with sir coco's temper

..being her patient part X..

 as i said on this post
since i've undergone all the necessary treatments
the only job left as the patient requires me to keep my teeth clean and
make sure that my plague percentage is good (less that 20%) for three continual visits
so that they can pronounce me 'SELESAI' and close my case

side note:
i have little knowledge on sir aki course requirements
but it's enough to tell me how desperate she is to close her clients' cases
she oftens scowls at the mention of her clinic session, it has become a taboo issue at home

i sacrificed two days of my annual leave to attend oral education thingy appointment
(because they can't produce a time slip if clinic session don't take place)
my last plague percentage was 27%
and on this post i announced to start using dental floss
following that visit, my plague percentage have dropped 
from 27% - moderate (2nd visit)
to 11% - good (3rd visit)
to 3.6% - excellent (4th visit)
and on my last visit 0.9% (super duper excellent :P)!! (5th visit)

the power of dental floss!!!!

following these three continual good scores, my case have indeed been closed
they stamped 'SELESAI' on my name with sir aki smiling from ear to ear
more than the relief of having no more dental illness,
her smiles makes me happy

in these three years (kok lamer giler! :P) being her patient, i've learnt:
1. how to properly clean my teeth
2. understand how cavity is formed
3. a few dental terms for treatments, tools and whatnot
4. how hard these dentist students struggle to perform
5. how people often take advantages on them (i hate this the most)

sir aki and her loyal partner jeksyen
thank you

i made a something-something for them
i draw them in acad, colored in photoshop, have them printed and displayed in a frame
and a few burger king coupons
it's a lil token showing my appreciation
 the art
 in frame
i pronounce ..being her patient.. series closed


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