Thursday, August 01, 2013

..sir kei childish remarks..

 lots of stuff happened this ramadhan
for one thing
sir kei's unexceptional remarks last week kept our dining room cheerful

this happened during our sahur
kaklang asked kei to pass over a snack
kei grab the whole box to pass it over and i said " bagi satu je"
that's when, with a cute little girl's voice, kei said
"kakngah kedekut!~ kakngah takut habis!~ bocor rahsia~ hee hee"

all of us broke down with laughter impersonating kei's cute outburst especially the "bocor rahsia" part
the way it sounded like tattle tale makes it hard to believe it came from a 20 years old young lady

and then
as we're tidying up after imsak, again kei surprised us

looking through the calendar,
in a dazed voice she asked
"lepas puasa terus raya eh?"

this is it
we're practically howling by now
after 14 years of practising puasa, only now she realized there's no gap between puasa and raya?!
what has medic done to your brain?? :P

she's so funny!


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