Monday, September 23, 2013

..a night at the office..

 i don't usually stay back after working hours
it's my policy to give priority to my body needs; a lot of rest
if the work can wait, it shall wait
it it can't, like really really can't, only then i'd stay for overtime

**panjangnye mukadimah**

this happened the other day
iema stayed with me until 7:30pm
but after that, i'm on my own

my office is not an old office
in fact, it's still new
we moved into this building on april last year
and on one occasion, i've encountered an unexplainable situation
i'm not gonna dawdle on that
let's just say it's creepy enough for others to feel the chill

now, the other day
as i focused on finishing this demanding project
somehow i felt existence around me
but that could just be my over sensitivity
as i usually do, i ignored everything that happen
but things did happened

when i got back to my desk after maghrib
i typed 'm' to move the selection on my acad
but instead, it copied
i find it weird but not really creepy
since it's normal to mistyped commands when i go full speed

20 minutes later (or so) the pantry lights began to flicker
but i'm a stoical person, even more so when i'm alone
so i ignored that
eventhough in my head i kept trying to recall when (in this one year) had that lights flicker before (never! arghh!!!!)
i felt the anxiety rushed through my veins but i kept my pokerface
and continued working as if nothing happened

i performed my isya' after that
nothing happened for about half an hour
just my uneasiness chart going all over the place behind my pokerface mask

i thought of working until 10pm
but think of my need to rest and decided to wrap it up at 9:30pm
at 9pm i called abah to pick me up
around that time, i heard the tool works sound from the top floor
the drilling and the hammering
i thought they have started with their construction again
(the top floor been under construction for quite a while)
i began to wonder about my safety now constructions workers have accessed the building at night
human beings are even scarier that those entity, in my opinion
but i kept my pokerface and work on

when abah called announcing his arrival
i tidied up my desk and locked the office
i got into the lift and pressed the 'close' button
it closed and suddenly reopened - as if someone from the outside was trying to get into the lift
but of course nobody's there
i pressed 'closed' again and prayed it'd take me to ground floor and not necessarily opened somewhere else
as i reached the main door, i realized it's locked
so i unlocked it, got out, and locked it again
all the the while thinking of how could the top floor owner gave their key to those construction worker

i got into the car and thanked abah for picking me up
as abah edged into the driveway, the office building caught my eye
i stared at the floor above our office trying to identify any movement
but nothing
that pitch black floor was indeed empty the whole time
pokerfaced, i returned home

i know for a fact that i was scared
but i will without a doubt stay late again whenever required jeffrey archer books..

and suddenly this year i have a jeffrey archer collection
6 of the them were given to me by my boss who's a fan of him
(i can safely say 3 are new, 3 are preloved but i love them anyway)
i purchased Path of Glory myself at the big bad wolf booksale

there are 7 books in the picture
but the total of his books i read is 8 including
Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less
which my boss only lend to me
i hoped he'd give me that one too

i might just find myself another favorite author
thank you mister boss! 


Thursday, September 05, 2013


pagi ni kluar umah cuaca ok

smpai kat masjid jamek tengok da ujan lebat

nsib bek naik lrt

cuaca camane pon lrt tetap gagah beroperasi

sampai opis ade ema ngan misko je

misko satu geng lrt

ema ari ni nek kete

situasi bile abg-abg yg slalu g minum kat mamak baru masuk opis

abg am: ni mesti kantoi ni.(tunjuk tmpat apis)

abg madir: kantoi la, ahaha!

saye: hah? kantoi? kenape?

abg am: basah la

abr madir: aku pon nsib bek sempat.

abg am: aku duduk2 je baru ujan. selamat!


first time dgr perkataan tu mase skolah menengah

and selama ni faham maksud de mcm bocor rahsia

ponteng skolah pastu cikgu jumpe

bocor rahsia

mak jumpe rokok dlm bilik

bocor rahsia

kate tak suka tapi muka merah-merah

bocor rahsia

kate da kenyang tapi perut berbunyi

bocor rahsia

abes la basah baju

bocor rahsia?.... erk apekah

ade penggunaan lain utk perkataan ni rupenye

bahasa rojak pon takleh nak score


Tuesday, September 03, 2013

..r.i.p aqxeru..

it's been a while since my last post

aqxeru died

my loyal acer lappy
been with me since my green days

thank you aqxeru
for everything you made possible
thank you abah
for entrusting aqxeru in my care
thank you Allah
for giving me the best abah ever


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