Friday, October 10, 2014 twin sis and i..

it never ceased to amaze me
despite being different, we are alike

sir coco came to accompany me the other day
since my workloads are overflowing like the dam wall had just been bombed
(haha, i laugh at my simile)

i offered to buy some snacks
but she declined saying she already bought hers
so i went to 7-e to get my supply

when we're together at my desk
i noticed that we had bought the exactly same types of bread
not just the basic situation of one coincidence
all our bread are the same
(i said all eventhough there are ony 2 of them hihi)
it's just wow!!

due to my eagerness to watch 弱くても勝てますoverflowing workloads
i didn't take any pict
here's a potato

yeah, my head is heavily influenced by 9gag

p/s: thank you sir coco


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