..alina neko..

 i take myself as a cat
and despite the pink outfit i decided to paint myself
i rarely wear pink
though i think i look really sweet in pink

despite the name i was given
i go by lots of names
choose what you'd like to call me
i answer to all of the above


was born in kuala lumpur
but was never a typical kl girl

 was the good kid in school
the ones whom teachers expect great achievements in exams
i am blessed with great minds
but wasn't quick enough to make use of it
i did not achieve good enough in school
and yet
with Allah's will
it's enough to land me in matriculation

first time ever in hostel life
it must have given me the jump-start i need
i scored
not as the best student
but better than most at least

i applied for architecture course for university
since i love to draw
and was accepted into usm
gone through the three years of hell
graduated with a part 1

was jobless for almost 2 years due to life circumstances
and maybe lack of determination
with Allah's will and blessings
a job found me

resided in malacca for a year and a half
while working at auosunpower construction site
with the best boss ever

and now working in kl, 15 minutes from home supposedly
but take 45 mins in kl normal traffic
in an architecture firm
dwells more with design
kinda missing visiting sites but it's ok
i got another superb boss too
i'm blessed, i know


i just love to draw
and my drawings never fails me
i am blessed with this talent
currently trying to figure how to make use of it

i am obsessed with cats
with animals in general
each and every one of them is special in their own way
i am blessed to have the eyes that can notice their greatness

i love self-defense art
took taewondo lessons in primary and secondary
and possessed a blue belt
 took silat lesson in university
was a trainer assistant when i graduated
love silat cekak so much
but unable to practice since graduated

i love languages
english and japanese particularly
studied japanese in university
am able to speak it but lack of vocabulary
my former boss tried to get me into mandarin
i could grasp the language well but after i move back to kl, i lost it
with only malay colleagues, my extra languages kinda waiting to sink down the ocean
and that's one of my concern


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